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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Filibusters

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pushed through a controversial change to Senate rules Thursday that will make it easier to approve President Obama's nominees but threatens to further divide an already polarized Congress," USA Today reported on November 21, 2013.

Controversial is reporter-speak for "I wouldn't do it if I were you."

Reid didn't care. Democrats were going to rule -- not govern, rule -- for the next 40 years.


"The American people believe Congress is broken. The American people believe the Senate is broken. And I believe they are right. The need for change is so very, very obvious," Reid said.

All 45 Republicans in the Senate voted against it.

"You will no doubt come to regret this, and you may regret it a lot sooner than you think," Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said.

Less than a year later, Republicans retook the Senate to go along with their control of the House.

And two years after that, they won the presidency.

But Democrats thought they would rule for 40 years.

"Americans sent us here to get things done, but in recent years, the minority has filibustered again and again — not to slow action out of substantive concerns, but for political gain. Any president — Democrat or Republican — should be able to make their necessary appointments," Democratic Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico said in 2013.

Now the little weasel is whining about Republicans confirming another Supreme Court justice without a filibuster.

"And now, today, Justice Kennedy has announced he is retiring. I had some very strong disagreements with his rulings, especially on campaign finance reform. But I thank him for his service. He was a thoughtful judge," Udall said yesterday.

"But I am very concerned with the process to replace him. The majority leader is trying to eliminate advise and consent from the process. We should wait until after the upcoming election. That will be a shorter time than Leader McConnell waited in 2016, the last election year."

If they don't stop crying, I am going to get drunk on their tears.


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  1. I said the Dems would rue the day they pulled that trigger.TG

  2. Believe me, I’ve had issues with Mitch’s inaction on other stuff, but the man knows how to get those judges through the Greatest Inebriated Body In The World. Let Mitch do it, Mr. T. Once again, the Demmie Libtards don’t like the bed THEY made. Send em there without supper.

    1. You're right on the "inebriated" part. Here's my former Senator in action. Since he was a Democrat, very few voters heard about it:

    2. Max is drunk off his ass. Shit, I could put 20 Budweiser’s in me and sound more coherent than him.

  3. The liberal DNC was so sure of their superiority and there ability to control and corrupt any election with impunity that they took great pride in their power. Everyone know ego falls before pride and Mr. Trump proves their egos are in the toilet and all of those power tools they created for there elitist use is now in the hands of the Trump administration.
    That is why they are having meltdowns today seeing their power tools used against the liberal elitist is heartbreaking so they must convince the people that you cannot use them or find some other whine to make it sound unfair.

  4. I wish McConnell would send the Senate Dems a funeral wreath with I TOLD YOU SO spelled out in calla lillies.

  5. Too clever by half, as they say across the pond.

  6. McConnell has already set a vote so he must have some confidence in it. Perhaps he will pickup some Dems who are worried about their Senate bids as Don predicts. However a 'solid' 5/4 is not as depressing as a hopeless, endless 6/3 so Armageddon may not arrive until Bader takes the fall. Riots then.

    1. Some Dems are totally unaware they are now the minority, Kamala Harris for one, talking trash on twitter, apparently thinks they're going to violate Senate Rules and Filibuster anyway.

  7. There's no one on the bench from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Trump's short list of candidates to replace Kennedy. Hahahahaha. For the near term at least, sitting on that court is a dead end for advancement. Quelle surprise!

  8. It was great that Trump ran using a list of potential SCOTUS picks. Any and all of them would be fine.

    Mitch has been great on judges, lousy (terrible? not quite) on most other stuff, because too slow. Even with judges, he could be movin' a bit faster.

    But it will be good to get a confirmation before the midterms -- I think.

  9. When USA Today calls a democrat ploy controversial, it is a massive indication of how bad it is.

    1. But for now, it was a fantastic move for PDJT’s nominees.

  10. People in government should ALWAYS consider how their plan might work if power is on the other side of the isle.
    Republicans, please take note.

  11. Kinda like the V2.

    The Germans perfected them too late to change the course of the war, and then the Allies come in, scoop ‘em up, and use them to kick off their respective space programs.