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Saturday, June 16, 2018

The real diplomat

President Trump doesn't know diplomacy, the experts said. President Trump is too impulsive, they said.  President Trump doesn't understand Korea, they said.

But after President Trump closed the deal on Tuesday -- a deal ironed out over the last few months, perhaps longer -- they said he did not get enough.

Writing in Vanity Fair, Abigail Tracy said, "despite Trump’s obvious glee, the denouement of the improbable months-long courtship, which began with the two leaders exchanging threats of nuclear annihilation, amounted to little more than a propaganda win for Kim and a legacy-builder for Trump."

President Trump is achieving something. Oh no! We cannot allow that. Why, people might see that he is the best president since Reagan.

Tracy quoted "a former State Department official who previously worked in the region," who said, "The photo op was the summit for our reality-TV president and for eager-to-be-accepted D.P.R.K."

Everybody got what they wanted. A nuclear war was averted.

So what was her headline?

“The Statement Is a Joke: North Korea Experts Bemoan the Trump-Kim Photo Op.”

Quoting diplomats who failed to do their jobs for a quarter-century while North Korea developed nukes, this woman implies that we would be better off dead than to have this deal.

Most of the big shots in Washington and Manhattan likely feel the same way.

That is because they feel they might as well be dead. They are out of power. Not only did Donald John Trump defy the odds, their cheating, and their spending twice as much money to become, but then he had the audacity to succeed despite the hobble of a witch hunt and sedition in the deep state.

President Trump is doing things that they said they would get to later just as soon as this Redskins-Giants game is over.

Regulations rolled back?

The corporate tax rate cut from 35% down to 21%?

Less than 4% unemployment?

The economy fixed, he is working on a new world order in which individual nations decide for themselves what is best for their nation.

Jeffrey Lewis, the director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at Middlebury, bashed President Trump.

"The statement itself is a joke. It is less than any statement that the North Koreans have ever agreed to in the past. On eliminating nuclear weapons, the North Koreans just reaffirmed the statement that they made with the South Koreans. The president continues to say that Kim is giving up his nuclear weapons. Kim continues to refuse to promise that. I don’t know how long they can keep fudging this," Lewis told Vanity Fair.

Really? A joke? Let us turn to what the statement says about nukes.

"Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula," the Singapore statement said.

On May 25, Kim blew up the tunnels in the mountain where he tests his nukes.

The grapes are sour.

If nuclear proliferation ever ends, guys like Lewis are out of a job.

And so he and the rest of them mock the agreement, as if three years of ridicule stopped Donald Trump.

They squeal like little piglets. They are being weaned. They hate it. They curse President Trump.

He laughs. The world laughs with him.

President Trump reminds me of Benjamin Franklin. The colonies sent Franklin and John Adams to France to get help in the revolution. Franklin arrived as a rock star at 72. He had discovered electricity after all. Adams resented it. In Paris, Franklin partied in the French salons with the women at night, while Adams spent his days copiously writing letters seeking aid.

In the end, Franklin got the aid. Turns out a Frenchman's mistress has more influence on a politician than a letter. Never underestimate a man who has figured out that lightning is electric.


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  1. Why, people might see that he is the best president since Reagan.

    people might see that he is the best president including Reagan


    In Paris, Franklin partied in the French salons with the women at night, while Adams spent his days copiously writing letters seeking aid.

    Franklin knew the way to a woman's heart was a grab on the ass.

    1. Ass? I thought the grab reference was going to be ... ummmm ... something a little more ... feline

    2. I hope and assume Don is not suggesting that for the sake of a great legacy PDJT should sleep around more. He's got Melania. At some point a man has enough.

  2. "people might see that he is the best president including Reagan"

    Best since Eisenhower

    1. Agreed. After dealing with Montgomery, Patton, DeGaulle and not strangling them, Eisenhower was well-trained to deal with the US government.

      -Mikey NTH

  3. I agree the squealing is over done. Every " expert panelist" I saw while the summit was on said " I would say to President Trump {do this}" Not being consulted is pretty depressing when you are an expert who thinks he should be and has devoted a life of wasted talent expecting to get the nod he so richly deserve.
    But diplomacy is full of lies and betrayals. No head of state will follow a treaty his country or even he himself has signed if there is some danger to his country's interest that occurs later. The history of the last 200 years if full of examples and here there is not even treaty. Will Kim give up Nukes? very unlikely in the short to medium term unless they prove more of a burden than a source of security, money, power, ego or all of them together. But what did Trump lose by trying to strike some deal? Not much. He hasn't lifted any sanctions yet as far as I know and he might impose more. Under Obama the prestige of the USA was low and held down on purpose. Trump has elevated it some just by not being like his predecessor. Korea did nothing to lower it further, much to elevate it.
    The squealers hate Trump's guts now just as they did before the summit, perhaps more so since there is yet no war to justify all those elaborate billionaire bunkers in Idaho. Their thinking is engraved in their 'amanuestic' FBI texts: He is dangerous and stupid and his supporters even more so. It is really a class struggle, one that has never quit from the
    time Vlad arrived at the Finland station in a train sealed from scrutiny to succeed in rallying his hopeful acolytes. Obama arrived in a similar fashion but failed utterly. Now his faithful want another chance to rule but Trump stands in their way like a mountain. Some like Mahr, for example, think any disaster for the US a reason for joy, say massive economic collapse, better, armageddon, as long as the mountain can be surmounted or even destroyed. They need to be bowed to, to see you crawl before them, beg for guidance and approval. They want to be like Kim. They envy his power. They don't want DT to win, ever.

  4. Being a real human being is a prerequisite for being a real diplomat.

    1. Cicero says humanitate, kindness, in a commander, is of the greatest importance in conducting foreign policy in peace and war.

  5. Things like this make me laugh: "The photo op was the summit for our reality-TV president and for eager-to-be-accepted D.P.R.K."

    Yes, Trump was one of the most successful reality-TV show hosts ever; he also was an extremely successful builder, author, and businessman. It's hard to succeed in just one field of endeavor, but Trump has done it across the board! That's supposed to be... bad?

    After trying to disparage President Trump, the statement mentions "eager-to-be-accepted D.P.R.K." Why would N. Korea want to be accepted? What would they get out of that?

    After all, Rocketman is already the wealthiest and most influential person there. Ah, but maybe he wants to be accepted by the world, so that he too can be the leader of a prosperous country- instead of "that weirdo who lives in the dark and makes his people eat grass." Nah, why would he want that, say the chattering classes.

    These "journalist" idiots are so full of assumtions you'd think none of them have ever heard the old maxim: "Assume makes an ass of you and me."

  6. If you want to irritate one of those so-called experts, just ask, “Where weren’t you educated?”

  7. I have complete confidence in President Trump's diplomatic initiatives. Seeing him flanked by Secretary of State Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton reinforces that confidence. - Elric

  8. Time to re-listen to Bob Newhart’s “Ben Franklin in Analysis”, I reckon .

  9. It was Clinton, Bush and Obama who gave the Kims legitimacy by allowing them to build nukes.