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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The neocon job explained

Robert Kagan is a neoconservative who openly supported Hillary. He is upset because President Trump is dismantling the obsolete foreign policy designed to contain the Soviet Union -- an entity that no one under 40 should remember. It died 27 years ago.

NATO and the rest should have died with it. Trade agreements designed to prop up economies struggling to rise from the rubble of World War II should have been buried alongside.

But George H.W. Bush decided not to rock the boat. It wouldn't be prudent.

In his monthly Washington Post column, Kagan wrote, "To ensure the global peace that Americans sought after being pulled into two world wars, the United States became the main provider of security in Europe and East Asia. In Europe, the U.S. security guarantee made European integration possible and provided political, economic and psychological safeguards against a return to the continent’s destructive past. In East Asia, the American guarantee ended the cycle of conflict that had embroiled Japan and China and their neighbors in almost constant warfare since the late 19th century.

Pax Americana.

Peace through stupidity.

The policy worked for 40 years, but the price America paid was a loss of much of its manufacturing.

The cry of free trade leaves out the word "loading" because our frenemies in Europe are freeloading off our military might.

"The security bargain had an economic dimension. The allies could spend less on defense and more on strengthening their economies and social welfare systems. This, too, was in line with American goals. The United States wanted allied economies to be strong, to counter extremism on both the left and right, and to prevent the arms races and geopolitical competitions that had led to past wars," Kagan wrote.

That's nice but 70 years of this, the deal no longer served American interests.

In 2016, our manufacturing was headed for Mexico, our ports were full of imports from around the world, and we were engaged in a long protracted war in Afghanistan, while terrorists were setting up a caliphate in the Middle East.

Kagan knows this is a bad bargain. All neocons do. But they are too dignified to be concerned about their fellow Americans.

Laura Bush and the rest of them worry about splitting children from their illegal alien parents, but give not a second thought to splitting children from their military parents. They signed up for this? So did the illegal aliens.

In neocon world we have no choice but to continue to prevent World War 3 -- no matter if it bankrupts us financially, politically, and militarily.

"To avoid a world of war and chaos, the United States was, up to a point, willing to play Gulliver tied down by the Lilliputians’ ropes, in the interest of reassuring and binding the democratic community together," Kagan  wrote.

But look at all the wars Gulliver suffered anyway. Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq...

President Trump's success angers Kagan. He said we had two options, to be engaged in the world or not.

"It turns out there was a third option: the United States as rogue superpower, neither isolationist nor internationalist, neither withdrawing nor in decline, but active, powerful and entirely out for itself. In recent months, on trade, Iran, NATO defense spending and perhaps even North Korea, President Trump has shown that a president willing to throw off the moral, ideological and strategic constraints that limited U.S. action in the past can bend this intractable world to his will, at least for a while," he wrote.

How shocking.

President Trump doesn't want Iran to have nukes.

President Trump wants allies to keep their promise on military spending.

President Trump wants North Korea to denuclearize.

That neocons oppose even one of those tells you what a sick lot they are.

Kagan opposes all three.

The neocons all do. They want war and a weak United States.

That is why they are With Her.


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  1. A pretty fair description of the "Neocons" movement often referred to as "Liberal Lite". They really have no love of country just pride in her history but no intentions of continuing that history.

  2. The test’s the same, geo-politically or locally.

    Who do you trust to have your back?

  3. They used to call a lot of these people Scoop Jackson Democrats.

    Scoop is dead, but they are still Democrats.

    Can't wait for the first neocon pride parade. Dildos shaped like ICBMs, warpaint.

  4. Trump announces he's actually a robot conceived, created and controlled by Obama. Then everyone proclaims Trump's actions as a new paradigm for peace and prosperity.

    1. Nice try. But making Trump a robot controlled by Obama all of a sudden merely contrasts him with Obama.

      This leads to the question as to whether you are upset that he isn't following Obama's policies already.

    2. I'll only be upset if he does. Could Obama be a robot?

    3. Robots require constant external inputs because of limitations in their ability to act autonomously. Consider his teleprompter.

    4. You're right. No way Trump could be a robot. I stand corrected for even floating the idea.

  5. The Resistance will take longer to collapse than the Soviet Union did. I hope VP Pence or some other warrior learns well from PDJT to continue his work in 2024 (25 after inauguration).

  6. Ronald Reagan won WWIII.

    As you say, 27 years ago.

  7. The US as helicopter parent to Europe and others is coming to an end. Trump is singling it is time they grow up and start being adult states. It is hard on those like Kagan who want a Peter Pan world.

  8. Russia's baby-free population is in free fall. Their GDP is stagnant. And pathetic. Its about the size of Spain's, less than Italy's, less than 60% of France's, or England's, and only 40% of Germany's.

    Worse, for them, their economy is absolutely dependent on oil & gas exports to Western Europe.

    We could abolish NATO tomorrow, move all of our troops out of Europe entirely, and no one in Western Europe would be the slightest bit less secure.