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Monday, June 18, 2018

Supreme Court upholds democracy

Elbridge Gerry (pronounced with a hard G) was a patriot and believer in liberty to the extent that he was one of three convention goers who refused to sign the Constitution. He said, "I am exceedingly distressed at the proceedings of the Convention-being ... almost sure, they will ... lay the foundation of a Civil War."

He was prophetic, and his reward was to have redistricting by legislators to be branded "gerrymandering" with a soft G. Nobody likes a prophet.

In recent years, liberals have convinced judges that appointed panels, not elected lawmakers, should draw the lines.

Today the Supreme Court voted 9-0 to shut this down. Districts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will stand.

Chief Justice John Roberts indicated that lawyers speaking on behalf of aggrieved groups no longer hold sway.

"It is a case about group political interests, not individual legal rights. But the Court is not responsible for vindicating generalized partisan preferences. The Court's constitutionally prescribed role is to vindicate the individual rights of the people before it," Roberts wrote.

Justice Elena Kagan explained her vote.

"Partisan gerrymandering no doubt burdens individual votes, but it also causes other harms," she wrote.

Yes, the party in power works to protect its power.

But the place to fix that is at the ballot box, not the courts.

Elections have consequences.

That is why we bother with them.


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  1. Man, Trump really wrought a change, didn't he?

  2. 9-0??? You mean to tell me even communist Ruthy wouldn't help their cause? CALL AN AMBULANCE! She is having a stroke! (hopefully)

    1. That's because Dems invented it.

    2. And the wise a Latina too. That is an amazing vote 9-0.

  3. U.S. Constitution, Article. I. Section. 4. The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof;

    That's pretty hard to argue against. - Elric

    1. I agree; but I'm puzzled. Why did Clarence Thomas and Neil Goresuch not join the opinion?

      This makes me uneasy, especially when the "wise Latina" and the anti-American mental case midget do join the opinion.

      Suspicious Cat is really nervous, and is checking his "6"!

    2. "That's pretty hard to argue against"

      So, how do you explain the fact that PA's Republican legisture map was completely redrawn by a single Democrat hired by the state's supreme court? Case went to SCOTUS and they wouldn't even hear it.

  4. Gerrymandering was never an issue when the democrats were the ones drawing the maps. I'm sensing a pattern...

  5. wasn't PA considered a swing state for house races because of the redistricting in favor of the left by it's leftist supreme court? this voids all that and the original districts stand. That is good news for Republicans in keeping the house. This I am sure will help Wisconsin also, my home state. We have real football teams.

    1. this voids all that and the original districts stand.

      That so? Are you sure?

    2. Fairly sure he's wrong.

      This current case was for WI and MD, not PA. SCOTUS refused to hear PA's case.