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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summit chanted evening -- how to tell Trump did well

This is, and always has been an opinion blog. But allow me to slip in some objective reporting from USA Today.

"Trump, Kim handshake, talk of peace sinks U.S. defense stocks," the newspaper said in a headline.

A revenue stream is about to shrink.

"While the broad U.S. stock market reaction to the historic agreement between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to establish a new relationship committed to 'peace and prosperity' was muted, shares of defense contractors took a dive," USA Today reported.

"Shares of Raytheon, which makes Patriot and Tomahawk missiles, closed 2.8% lower. Lockheed Martin, which supplies the Pentagon with air and missile defense systems as well as the F-35 Stealth fighter jet, tumbled 1.3%. And Northrop Grumman, which has increased its focus on cyber warfare and missile defense systems more recently, declined 1.5%. Boeing, which makes Apache helicopters and aerial refueling aircraft, dipped 0.1%. General Dynamics, a Navy shipbuilder, fell 1.6%."

Don't worry, amigos. We need to restock after Obama nearly depleted our supply of missiles and bombs.

Plus, there are other hot spots in the world, although getting Kim to give up his nukes allows President Trump to concentrate on the No. 1 threat to peace: Iran.

But the armament industry sees smaller growth, which is good as long as our military remains strong. Complacency can lead to war.


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  1. .1% to 2.8% - Oh ! The Humanity !!

    When one of my stocks "Tumbles" that far, I yawn.

    Sure enough, Trump may have averted a nuclear war, so this hiccup is what they're complaining about.

  2. “Sinks”? Jeez, they were down about a percent and a half. If that’s sinking, then gimme a life raft to pick survivors, while Celine’s My Heart Will Go On plays in the background. Hyperbole much?

  3. "Summit chanted evening"--Mr Surber, the experience gained from your years as a professional news writer shines through often. Gorgeous headline.

    1. Yeah, Jim it was pretty good. But that’s what I’ve come to expect from Big D.

  4. Not allowed to use “objective reporting” and “USA Today” in the same sentence.

  5. I served as a 3rd consecutive generation of my fam- 6 of us total. So I understand and support the concept of preparedness. What I have not supported is the insatiable thirst of the neocon war machine for perpetual war, which has cost lives and limbs of many good men, to little effect and often, for little good reason.

    So the less likely we are to be plunged into yet another neocon useless war, the happier I am, and if the war machine stocks suffer a bit - well hey! - they have had an unprecedented run of profits since Bush I.

    Not like they are going broke.

    1. I might add - two uncles were POW's in NK.

    2. Historically wars are usually a bi product of a Democratic administration. The RNC has just got into it recently.

  6. The major battlefield for the next big war will be cyberspace. Bombs and aircraft carriers will be the last resort by the cyber-losing side.

    1. Iap . . .

      It would be like the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand - something in cyberspace might kick things off - but after that?

      It will be the big guns that finish matters in the end, should that be the case. Destruction of physical targets will play huge if that scenario begins as you say.

      The one with the biggest guns will win.

      Let us pray neither comes to pass. POTUS is working hard to make sure they do not.

    2. War is inevitably decided in the trenches. All the big guns, bombs, ships etc only do the prep work. It is up to the lowly grunt to go over the top and take the position.
      Artillery prep and air strikes are mostly psychological. They make green troops break and lose hope.

    3. Men, machines, and allies.

      Choose wisely.