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Saturday, June 09, 2018

Still denying Trump's election

President Trump called for the G7 to reinstate Russia and become the G8 again.

Never Trumper Noah Rothman of Commentary magazine was upset.

"There is no way this is administration policy. The president just says things. But when he says things like this, it has real and adverse effects on America's geopolitical position," Rothman tweeted.

You almost have to be Martian to be that out of touch, but in their little world, President Trump does not set policy for the Trump administration.

As far as the impact, what "has real and adverse effects on America's geopolitical position" is the bitter clinging by the American press to the notion that even at this late date, they still can overturn the 2016 election and install Hillary Clinton as the rightful heir to the throne. They see themselves as Robin Hood defying Prince John.

Rothman and the rest are intellectually atrophied. They remain stuck with ideas they had in the first Bush administration. They confuse policy for principle. Principle dictates policy, not the other way around. If a policy does not work -- NAFTA, for example -- you modify or abandon it.

As for Russia returning to G7, it can take our place for all I care. The G7 is a bunch of socialist nags who fail to protect their own lands from terrorism, but wish to set the thermostat on my AC.


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  1. Noah's always been a little whiner.

  2. From a geological standpoint the US and Canada are more similar to Russia than we are to the European countries. We all sell the Europeans grain, gas and petroleum products. It would be nice if this trio could act in concert to negotiate with the consumers of our goods, rather than compete. I think the EU people are fully aware of this and do everything in their power to keep us at loggerheads.

  3. The new Italian government agreed with President Trump. They said it should be the G8 and Russia should be part of it. Remember this is how Trump reached out to North Korea. It is a way to bring rogue nations into the international fold through economics. Maybe Russia is the next Trump project and it isn't for Putin but the Russian people.

  4. What is the purpose of the G7 anyway? So that the American president has to pretend that five inferior economies of Old Europe are our equals (I count Canada as Old Europe), and that Japan is in Europe?

    1. The purpose is to have meetings at fancy resorts with fancy food, Brie and Chardonnay.

    2. Schlongvester -- yup. We need to host the next G7/8/6/15/whatever, but have it in Omaha, Nebraska. They have a nice convention center. (I just looked it up) and there's even some nice motels nearby with free continental breakfast!)
      Or, if they want to be close to NYC, have it at the Holiday Inn in Paramus New Jersey.

    3. Hahaha Dan! “Fought a few rounds with originals sin in the Paridise Lounge of the Holiday Inn”

  5. Does the "G" in G7 stand for "globalists?"

  6. Best idea of the post, Big D - put the Rooskies in, we get out. Why should we even be talking with people who basically hate our guts. Get out of this and get out of NATO. Let the Euroweenies deal with it.

    1. Just for fun, get with the eastern Europeans and form a military alliance. Sign the papers in Poland, call it the Warsaw Pact.

      That'll chap the euroweenies and dems.

  7. The media is having the vapors over DJT's refusal to sign the G7 "final communique." Quick: Can anyone tell me what is in any of the other of dozens of G7 "final communiques?"

  8. Trump is holding up the G-8 as a carrot to Russia in return for ceding the Crimea back to the Ukraine. Brilliant, but that’s only my opinion. Let’s watch and see.

  9. John McCall, BS, MBA, PhD, Mid'n USN (ret.)June 10, 2018 at 1:13 PM

    Trump's G7 critics, led by back-stabbing head Canuck Trudeau,have charged The President with violation of the "RULE-BASED INTERNATIONAL ORDER". RBIOs run the gamut from elder Bush proclaiming the "New World Order" in 1970, to Soros' funding of disorder, to Merkel's admonishing a (withering?) European Union to form a bloc in the UN to bring good to the world. All these are testaments to the weak brain cells of "Experts -


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