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Monday, June 04, 2018

Snow in June

Ten days after a shoveling a foot of snow from their streets, residents of Newfoundland in Canada dealt with a inch of snow this morning as temperatures dipped below freezing.

"In St. John's, softball games were postponed because of cold that saw people bundled up in winter coats and stocking caps to walk the dog," CTV News reported.

The last reported June snow there was 22 years ago.

"The snow was caused by cold air wrapping into a potent upper-level weather system which also aided in the development of a surface low-pressure system over the Atlantic Ocean. That area of low pressure off the coast has brought gusty winds to Newfoundland, resulting in subfreezing wind chills," the Weather Channel reported.

They are calling it Juneuary.

It is an odd weather phenomenon. Let us hope that all the recent volcanic activity in the world does not trigger a real Year Without A Summer such as occurred following the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in the Dutch East Indies.

Man's biggest fear should be winter, not summer. Winter is deadlier.


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  1. The Warmies assure us that the Earth is getting hotter, so if flakes of white are settling on the Newfoundlanders’ shoulders, I can only suggest a better anti-dandruff shampoo.

  2. It's global warming you uneducated dolts! There is absolutely nothing that it cannot do, including, but not limited to snow in June or July.

  3. Another Maunder Minimum type event is starting up with little to no sunspot activity. This occurs every 350-400 years in some form. The last one was the last part of the seventh century. It affects different areas in varying degrees. Northern Europe and probably northern Canada (which was not inhabited by scientific observers in the 1600's) were badly affected.

  4. All this warming is causing it to be this cold. If we don't stop heating The Planet(TM), the earth is going to get even colder! Pretty soon the entire earth is going to be covered in snow and ice all year long because The Planet has gotten so hot!

    Did I misstate the argument of pseudo-scientist Al Gore and the rest of the Warm Earth Society? I think I captured it accurately.

  5. Just imagine how cold it would be, were it not for Global Warming.

  6. Plenty of early June and late May chills when I was growing up.

    Of course, Kilauea might have something to do with it.

    After Krakatoa went, didn't the world have weird sunsets for something like 3 years?

  7. Fuckin aye, man. We’ve had like 7 straight days of rain up here in the EP, and the sun finally came out today! Cue George Harrison...

  8. In the last couple years and with lots of winter ice snow and cold across the US, we learned that global warming causes more ice snow and cold. Listening to the "climate experts" go through the mental gymnastics and contradictions in explaining this new phenomenon is hilarious and reeks of desperation. Trump is sucking the air out of this stupidity and their federal $$$ NSF/NASA/NOAA/DOE junk science gravy train is coming to a halt.