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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Rodman > State Department

The media has joked about Dennis Rodman's visits to North Korea. He was ignorant. He was a basketball player. What did he know?

Leave diplomacy to the experts. They have been negotiating with North Korea for more than six decades.

But Kenneth Bae never laughed. Rodman got him sprung after two years in a North Korean prison.

"I want to thank Dennis Rodman for being a catalyst for my release. Because of his rant, the media attention on my plight was increased. So if I meet him someday, I will just want to say `thank you’ for what he has done that really brought international attention to my plight," Bae said in 2016.

We should all thank Rodman for taking a chance and making all those trips to North Korea. He could have wound up in a North Korean prison himself.

On one trip, he gave Kim Jong Un a copy of "The Art of the Deal."

And now Kim will meet the author next week in Singapore.

"NBA star turned Kim Jong Un soulmate Dennis Rodman will be in Singapore during President Trump’s summit with the North Korean dictator next week," the New York Post reported.

Why not?

Rodman for years was the only person known to have talked to both Kim and President Trump.

Diplomats have been at this for 68 years.

Rodman gave Kim a book.

Now they will hold the first meeting between the heads of state of North Korea and the United States.


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  1. I always like the Worm. He's the one who made those great 1980s Detroit Pistons teams human.

  2. I read a story about Rodman before he became the character he is. It was about his upbringing in Oklahoma and being adopted by a white couple. He has more smarts than many and I am loving that he is involved in this amazing story.

    1. ...... And that John Fraud Kerry and the other diplomatic elites are not.

    2. i’d want our dachshund, Molly, for the ambassadorial post before John Kerry. Molly has spine, can be as stubborn as a mule, and is a past master at ignoring people. John Kerry has none of the above. She also hates James Taylor. Moll’s my choice if it’s not Rodman.

  3. If Rodman gave Kim "Art of the Deal", there's a good chance Kim sees this is the time to make N.K. financially sound and get involved in the world rather than being in isolation.

    If Trump could become financially stable he feels he could do that for his country, too........thus making himself their "hero".

  4. His ex was on Pawn Stars. Even though divorced she spoke favorably of him saying he had come up from nothing.

  5. Establish diplomatic relations and make Rodman our ambassador.

    A) He's earned it and B) Liberal heads will explode.

    1. If Rodman is an ambassador, it should be to Alpha Centauri where his weirdness fits in perfectly. I'm not saying he's an alien, but he's an alien.™

      Great BB player, I will admit.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Don - you need "edit" in your comments.

      Da Worm stands head and shoulders above all other "ambassadors" to NK. I am an old Celtic fan and hated Worm's rebounding prowess in the Piston's and Bulls' power years, but obviously he has stepped up his game, and to be a player on this stage?

      Mr. Donald - I've never seen Worm in a suit and tie. Make him our Ambassador the NK. But indeed, stand back from the exploding brain debris emanating from the commie left!

      Donald is deliciously outrageous - I wouldn't be the least bit surprised - he could invite Kim and Kanye to Worm's swearing-in.

      Iap - his weirdness worked. And it's okay to admit he "done good" with Little Kimmy.

    4. You imagine anyone that might be living on Alpha Centauri could be weirder than Whoa Fat the Rocket Man?

      When dealing with someone like that, who better than someone with an actual track record of representing our interests while demonstrating an ability to not just befriend the unpredictable Dictator, but to be able to get him to respond and take action based on his suggestions?

      What are the odds that ANYONE the State Dept picked to send could manage any of that, even with an entire lifetime to try? Zero?? Less???

  6. Rodman likes Rocket Man. Rocket Man likes Rodman. Why start back again at Square One with somebody else? Dennis Rodman for Ambassador to NK.

  7. Rodman ran rings around the state dept idiots. That agency should be emptied them rebuilt at about 25% its current size. They are a bunch of f ups and most fed bureaus are just like it

  8. Rodman engaged in more actual diplomacy with NK than the entire Obama administration did in his full eight years disgracing the office.

    Rodman isn't just the only person on the planet to have spoken with both Kim and Trump (prior to these negotiations), he's actually friends with both.

  9. A) Dennis Rodman is a loose cannon, and sometimes a jerk.
    B) His many contacts with Kim Jung-Un and NK have made me, and a lot of others, not feel good about him, and laugh at some of his antics.
    C) Any good that comes from Kim & Trump does credit to Rodman -- and I now thank him for his perseverance and hope.

    D) A lot of people were probably like me, wrong about the silly futility of Rodman getting buddy buddy with Kim. I was wrong on this. I hope others admit they were wrong.

    It's better that Rodman, Kim, and Trump all come out as win-win-winners -- and I sincerely hope they do.