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Friday, June 22, 2018

Republicans vote to oust Republican governor

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice -- a billionaire tax cheat -- switched parties last year, but I and many Republicans wish President Trump told Justice to pound salt. Besides refusing to pay his taxes, Justice refuses to live in Charleston.

That refusal may be his undoing.

"The Wood County Republican Executive Committee voted unanimously this week to support pursuit of impeachment articles against Governor Jim Justice," radio talker Tom Roten reported.

"In a resolution, passed at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting Tuesday night, the Committee recorded its support of efforts to remove officials incapable or unwilling to fulfill their Constitutional duties."

The state Constitution requires him to live at the Governor's Mansion. Not living in Charleston while he attends his business has hampered governing. Aid to flood victims has been slow two years after the flood devastated the state because he is not governing.

"More than just the growing bipartisan scandal on our Supreme Court, the absence of our Governor from Charleston has clear victims in 11 or more counties who relied on his administration to get them housing and help after the deadly flood two years ago," Wood County Republican Chairman Rob Cornelius said. 

"This scandal, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in the RISE Flood Relief program, is only beginning. News is pending that will make this failure seem far worse. Real families are hurting, while this Governor refuses to come to work and handle the business of the state as our Constitution requires. Much as with the incompetent and negligent A. James Manchin, who was impeached in 1989, this Governor's refusal to do the job for which he ran is more than sufficient justification to seek his removal."

Manchin was state treasurer. He was an uncle of Joe. Lawmakers impeached him for losing $279 million in state money through reverse repurchase agreements. His top aide, Arnold Margolin, went to federal prison for lying about this and covering it up.

The West Virginia Republican Party had a long eight decades out of power.

Republican Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughrey's abuse of public office for which he was indicted this week is bad enough, but taking in Justice -- who was elected as a Democrat -- was really too much.

Toss him out.

Loughry too.

Senate President Mitch Carmichael would take over as governor. He's honest, pays his taxes, and would live in the Governor's Mansion.


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  1. The day that Jumpin Jim served up a platter of bull manure to the WV legislature (including my girl Saira Blair) was the day he lost me. Pompous asshole. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. Reverend Al may be a big supporter of JJ and will lead riots if he is ousted - as his protest chant fits perfectly.

    No Justice, No peace. No Justice, No Peace.

  3. I avoid going to Charleston unless absolutely necessary, and I certainly wouldn't live there. Well, maybe if I had a mansion and 24-hour State Police protection. That being said, with modern communications technology you can "be" almost anywhere at anytime. But hey, if it's part of the job requirements, you gotta do it. If you don't like it, change the West Virginia Constitution. - Elric

  4. Is there any way to kick someone out of a political party?

    1. I'm not sure about that, but I keep getting letters from the Republican Party asking me to send money to "reinstate my membership." I wasn't aware that members were obligated to pay dues to vote for party candidates. - Elric

    2. Money?

      You sure Jim Justice didn’t write “Please send junk food”...?