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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Press in 2016: If Indicted, Hillary Could Pardon Herself

"If Hillary Is Indicted, President Clinton Could Pardon Herself and Congress Might be Helpless," Law and Crime reported on October 28, 2016.

The piece came as Jimmy the Weasel Comey re-opened Hillarygate v7.0.

Presidential pardoning is in the Constitution.

Chris White wrote, "Based on the language of Article II, Section 2, the only limits placed on the power are that pardons may only be issued for federal offenses (not civil or state crimes), and a pardon cannot override the Congress’ impeachment power. Presidents have used this power to issue pardons in a wide range of matters throughout the country’s history. However, no president has ever attempted to pardon himself."

Ah, but she could have been impeached and impeachment trumps pardon.

"In Clinton’s case, however, the conduct underlying this hypothetical indictment occurred prior to her taking office. The House of Representatives, as far back as 1873, has determined that a person cannot be impeached based on conduct prior to them holding office. In other words, House precedent says a President Hillary Clinton could not be impeached as president for crimes related to the e-mail server or the Clinton Foundation," White wrote.


The election occurred before Trump's presidency. This limits Mueller's witch hunt to anything post-inauguration.



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  1. "Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal." - Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit

    No, wait. It was President Richard M. Nixon. - Elric

  2. And Muh-ler continues to double down, now going after Manafort’s iCloud. This is completely not funny any more.

    1. It’s one thing to compare Muller with Inspector Javert, but he’s serving a totalitarian ideal. He’s really Felix Dzherzinsy; and he has his briefs for which men he should show the crimes for.

  3. Trump's apparent strategy to make the midterms into a referendum on impeachment looks like a winner. The psychology involved benefitted Bill Clinton before.

    Replacing a bunch of deep state Republican senators and congresscritters would help, too.

  4. It hasn't been funny for a long time - Trump needs to get Sessions, unrecused, to go stronger after Hillary's illegal server.
    Indict her.

    Then start indicting the FBI agents who obstructed justice and/or destroyed evidence.

    Tho, maybe following Huber's reports and indicting those he's investigated is a wiser choice; my emotions want more indictments of the Deep State.

    1. IG over justice was supposed to release report on Hillary related stuff and it is being delayed. Pretty obvious Washington insiders desperate to stop anyone looking into them, but want Trump destroyed by the same methods.

      I think most people can see through the double standard, and want regime change. And Trump is the leading edge of that.

    2. As I have posted before, no one should expect the IG report to see the light of day anytime soon. I cannot fathom why people expected the report to come out within a matter of weeks. Legal matters, especially high profile ones like this, always take a lot longer than people assume. I never expected the IG to go public before the end of summer. I hope he does, but if it happens it will be an astonishing achievement for a bureaucrat.

    3. One of the reasons for the delays is that as the investigation progresses the IG keeps digging up new things to investigate. The Clintons and their enablers are the gift that keeps on giving. - Elric

  5. Mueller was appointed to investigate collusion with Russia which is not a crime. Now he is apparently investigating PDT's use of constitutional authority under Article II. The President is executive authority.

  6. “However, no president has ever attempted to pardon himself.”

    Not even after chili?

  7. The rules are different for Dimocrats. If it weren't for double standards Dimocrats would have no standards at all. - GOC

    1. And their standards change by the minute to better mask their corruption.

  8. PDT: Hey, Mike! You want to be Pres? Pence: Sure. What's up. PDT: Just agree to pardon me for everything, and it's yours. Pence: Sure! Consider it done.

  9. B-b-b-b-ut that's different, Don!

  10. We've grown used to arbitrary and capricious application of laws and standards for way too long.

    The fact that there is an apparent protected class that really *is not* subject to the law or common decency is frustrating. That the same class holds the rest of us in contempt, and will prosecute us for *our* misdeeds, is enraging.

    I'm beginning to see how "death squads" evolved.
    There is evil, they perpetrators aren't punished through formal, official methods, and when they get off scott-free, they look at us with sneers and they laugh.

    We want justice. We want them punished.