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Friday, June 15, 2018

Press discovers human rights

Mary Kissell, a member of the Wall Street Journal's once-esteemed editorial board, spent Wednesday afternoon looking for signs in the Asian newspapers that President Trump was duped in Singapore. She posted them on Twitter. It must be nice to make large piles of money for acting like a teenage girl trying to get back at that boy who ignored her in English class.

The rest of the press in America discovered human rights abuses in North Korea, something they had shunned earlier.

In fact, in January, John Cassidy of the New Yorker mocked evidence of human rights abuse in North Korea, an issue President Trump raised during his state of the union address.

"After hailing Fred and Cindy Warmbier, the parents of Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student who died after being imprisoned by Kim Jong Un’s regime — they were also in the spectators’ gallery — the President pointed to yet another guest/prop, a North Korean man named Ji Seong Ho. After being tortured by the regime, Ji had escaped to China on crutches, Trump said, and he still carried them with him. On cue, the visitor raised the crutches above his head to loud cheers," Cassidy wrote.

Ji still carried those crutches because that is how a man who lost a leg walks.

But in June, the New Yorker suddenly had a change of heart. Trump got Kim Jong Un to give up his nukes? Big deal. What about those watchamacallits, you know, human rights.

"Compared with the expectations for the summit — or with previous agreements — there was much that Trump failed to get. There was no exchange of liaison offices and no pledge to improve human rights," Evan Osnos wrote.

I get the Clap On/Clap Off media concern on issues.

For example, when Obama was in charge of border patrol, separating families was no big deal. But now Trump is president, and the press is apoplectic about separating families. Some reporters tweeted pictures of such separations — deleting the tweets once they learned the photos were from 2014 when Obama was president.

And so it is with human rights in North Korea. The press who dismissed his parents as guests/props back in January suddenly concern-trolls about Otto Warmbier.

Guess what? His parents are pleased with the summit, and their son is not forgotten.

"I think without Otto this would not have happened. Something happened from that day, it was a terrible thing. It was brutal. But a lot of people started to focus on what was going on including North Korea," President Trump said.

Meanwhile, in Pyongyang, the propaganda effort is in full swing to rehabilitate the image of the United States of America, as I predicted.

"North Koreans 'see Trump pictured for the FIRST time' as state-run media lauds Kim Jong-un's meeting with the president as a resounding success and highlights concessions on 'war games,'" the Daily Mail reported.

I dare say, President Trump received fairer treatment in Rodong Sinmun, the official paper of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, than he did the Wall Street Journal.

But Kissell should keep tweeting. That is where her skills really lie.


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  1. The NYT signaled this attack approach to it's slaves in the WSJ and elsewhere when it promoted a staff member book on the hidden greatness of Jimmy Carter. They knew Trump could not get any deal on HR so the path to attack would be open. The WSJ editor, Gigot, also said on his TV show he thought Trump was getting"rolled" in Korea, contradicting one of his smartest reporters who said otherwise. This reporter mentioned by Don was just on a mission from Gigot, who considers himself a sort of Cardinal in the Church of NYC elites.
    But all this doesn't matter. The WSJ has no influence in the political world and the NYT is just handing out resistance party directives to its propagandists for handy reference. Results count among the masses, or at least they do after awhile, and DT has had some good results so far.

  2. Don't you know inconsistency is the hobgoblin of little minds? And these minds are really little.

  3. The liberal journalist will always find something to whine about Mr. Trump. He has already accomplished more in 2 years than Obama did in eight, has had many successes that they will never acknowledge, it is just the standards of the liberal agenda.
    They still try to claim their hero Obama had no scandals during his administration even when they see and report the evidence.
    They then wonder why most of America doesn't believe them anymore, they threw their credibility and integrity into the toilet and flushed it to defend the liberal lies.

  4. You can't be a good leftist without moral preening. Easiest trick in the world. Just judge your enemies by some utopian standard and ignore defects in yourself and your friends.

    There's not quite anything like people who totally lack judgement and discernment going around saying, "Judge not, lest ye be judged" all the while passing judgement on everyone and everything and at the same time having awards banquets for meaningless crap.

    1. “You can't be a good leftist without moral preening.”

      The only biological rationale behind preening is vermin removal.

  5. When you inhabit the Left Pole, everything else is to the right of you.

    The WSJ and all the other odious apparatus of the Western Leftist elitists are now officially to the Left of the North Korean media.

    That’s quite a trick.

  6. Big D, you’re a warrior, buddy. You actually get up every morning and read that bullshit garbage. Damn, you need to get a tip jar started. I’d toss ya some Jacksons for putting up with that pain.

    1. Or we could pay off the tab on the swear-jar at Chez Surber.

    2. Tip jar? I am flattered but donate to Mountain Mission and the Salvation Army instead.

      Books and ads keep me afloat.

    3. Didn't realize that about the ads - just unblocked ads to this site.

    4. No need to do that but thanks.

  7. The mainstream media left this planet a long time ago...

  8. We will believe the media loves America when they show it, not when they just say they do.

  9. From the minute Ol' Bucketmouth made "human rights" the centerpiece of his "foreign policy", it's been nothing but a vehicle for virtue signaling.