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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Obstruction of justice is the new battle cry.

Democracy dies in darkness, and the Washington Post exists solely to cast shade. Its latest shady deal is to cast Bumbling Bobby Mueller's witch hunt as an "obstruction report." Revisionist journalism has erased the Russian dossier and allegations of President Trump hiring hookers to pee in Barack Obama's bed.

Obstruction of justice is the new battle cry.

Fake News reporters Carol D. Leonnig and Robert Costa wrote that Mueller wants an audience with President Trump.

"If the president agreed to a sit-down, the special counsel has told Trump's lawyers that he could finish within roughly 90 days a report on whether Trump sought to obstruct a probe into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, according to two people familiar with the discussions. A separate report outlining Mueller's broader findings on Russian attempts to bolster Trump's candidacy is expected to take longer," the Post reported.

How has President Trump obstructed justice?

As the chief of the executive branch of government, the Constitution gives President Trump the right to fire Mueller and stop the problem.

There is no crime to obstruct from justice.

This is nonsense. This is Washington. This is a federal government so big and so corrupt that it allowed Hillary as secretary of State to sell the country out to Russians (who now control 20% of our uranium supply) but wants to imprison President Trump because well, just because.

The real story is the Democratic Party inventing a scandal so that it could spy on President Trump, bankrupt his associates, and undermine world opinion of the commander in chief.

If the press were concerned about holding people accountable, you would not be reading this in a blog.

Instead, the Post runs rubbish like this in its story, "The confidential obstruction report, which would be delivered to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is expected to contain the prosecutors' conclusions about whether Trump engaged in any criminal wrongdoing by trying to derail the investigation into his campaign's contact with Russians, according to the people."

The people?

What people?

The swamp critters are getting desperate. Mueller cannot find a parking ticket on Donald Trump.

Eventually, they may find something on Trump. Maybe he didn't clap hard enough for Tinkerbell in the 1957 showing of "Peter Pan."



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  1. If Trump refuses to do an interview with the Müeller Witch Hunt team they will site that as an example of Trump's "obstruction" of their investigation. The whole "obstruction" thing is just something for the Great Blue Wave Leftist House to use as an excuse for impeachment.


  2. The victims of each tactical tweet/ will soon know strategic defeat/ when all the swamp critters/ are carried out on litters/ then victory will be complete

  3. The comPost is guilty of obstruction of truth and obstruction of facts.

    And happy Father’s Day to all posters and Big D

  4. The real story is the Democratic Party inventing a scandal....

    I disagree. The real story is the concordance of (D) AND (R) politicians in their joint desire to stop Trump's reform agenda--small as that really is.

    This is NOT a partisan political matter.

    1. It's an elite matter. The elite bipartisan fusion party of Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, McCain, Romney, etc., is angry that the working class have been refusing to listen to their betters lately. They want to send a message to us non-cooperative non-elites that they will thwart our will if we try to act contrary to our instructions. Destroying Trump and his agenda is part of sending us a message to shut up and swallow. Fortunately, we chose wisely. Our chosen vehicle for sending a message to the elite is himself enjoying giving it right back at 'em long and hard.

      Damn it's fun to run with the alpha dog for once.

  5. Let them run this "obstruction" bullshit up the flagpole. Let's see the entire left work themselves into a frenzy about how obstruction is "worse than Hitler."

    Then let's talk about redactions in documents that Justice and the FBI produced through FOIA or Congressional Committee requirements. Specifically, let's talk about redactions that have nothing to do with national security but were blacked out to save government officials from embarassment or even blatant self-incrimination.

    After that, we can talk about both Comey's and Horowitz's neat little trick of laying out all the ugly, incontrovertible evidence of gross misdeeds and then concluding with a non sequitur exonerating summary not even remotely related to the facts. "These are not the droids you're looking for."

    Then we can talk about physical evidence that investigators failed to secure or perhaps even destroyed while in their possession. That would also be a good time to revisit the witnesses' negotiated responsibilities under the immunitiy agreements so liberally granted.

    These assholes are practically begging for a reprise of the Reign of Terror.

  6. "Democracy dies in darkness" sounds like something Doctor Doom would say before releasing the doombots. It should be followed by "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

  7. Dudes like Mueller resort to "obstruction" when they got jack squat in the way of evidence for their primary case. As Glenn Reynolds says it's a ham sandwich nation.

    1. A smart lawyer can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. A wise one knows better than to try.

  8. If hiring hookers to pee in your bed is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  9. I'm a guy who thought Romney was going to cream Obama. Heck, I thought bottled water would never catch on. But I know for sure Trump will not be outboxed by a bum like Mueller. And with the old mafia buster Guiliani in his corner, well, pass the popcorn and let's get ready to rumble.