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Thursday, June 14, 2018

NYT knew its reporter slept with a source

Before she began work, the FBI tried to warn the New York Times about the problem it had in hiring Ali Watkins. The Times ignored the warning.

This month, the federal indictment of James Wolfe included an allegation that Wolfe, 58, passed classified information to Watkins, 26, when they were lovers.

Now that the public knows how the Times gets its scoops.

"New York Times Examines Work History of Reporter in Leak Case," the Times reported.

Paragraph 5, "Mr. Wolfe was one of the highest-ranking aides on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which Ms. Watkins covered extensively at Politico, BuzzFeed News, The Huffington Post and the McClatchy Company, where she started as an intern in 2013. Her reporting for McClatchy on the Senate Intelligence Committee led to an investigative series that was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. At The Times, Ms. Watkins has covered federal law enforcement."


So she almost won a Pulitzer in coverage of national security, but the Times hired her to cover federal law enforcement instead. That makes no sense. All her sources were in national security, why was she switching beats?

Which informs me as to how important dating Wolfe was to her career. Once they broke up, she had to find a new field to cover because she had no other sources for information.

It also makes me wonder who she sleeps with now to get stories about federal law enforcement.

The Times story said a year ago, Jeffrey A. Rambo, a Customs and Border Protection agent, confronted her about her relationship with Wolfe and sought help in ferreting out other leakers and the reporters they sleep with. The agency is investigating this.

She then told her bosses at Politico (where she worked at the time) that she was sleeping with a source.

The Times quoted a Politico spokesman, "Ms. Watkins did not disclose the personal nature of her relationship early on in her tenure at Politico, but she was managed accordingly once that disclosure was made."

The Times story also said, "Ms. Watkins declined to comment on Tuesday. Her lawyer, Mark J. MacDougall, also declined to comment."

Newspapers in particular and news organizations in general are terrible in reporting on themselves. Their attitude is transparency is for thee, not me.

The Times very publicly suspended and then reassigned reporter Glenn Thrush last November for hitting on female reporters half his age. He also lost a lucrative book deal.

There would be a moral to that story if journalists had any morals.


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  1. Lefties can't do anything original. This is a reboot of Gamergate, only with government secrets instead of video games. They'll now do anything they can to defend this little slut, and say we're bad people for calling her that. You already know where this is going.

  2. This is why you don't trust outfits like the Gray Lady and Politico.

  3. A true Presstitute!

    1. So glad I had already swallowed my coffee!!

  4. We all know the acceptable route to reporting fame is to trade sexual favors to Rupert Murdoch...maybe become Bill O'Reilly's loofah buddy? Makes you wonder how Sean Hannity gets so much airtime, or why he had to engaged Michael Cohen. Speaking of which, Mr Cohen seems to be warming up his singing voice. Sure hope he has nice songs about his clients--not just stuff like paying for abortions or trying to get Russian financing for Trump Tower Moscow.

    1. You can only wish - and dream a little - anon.

    2. Sorry, should read "sexual favors to Roger Ailes"--Not sure which would have been better for Megyn Kelly or Gretchen Carlson formerly of Fox und Freunde.

    3. Boy, you are dumb. Anything that involves Cohen's legal representation of Trump is protected from disclosure by client-attorney privilege. The privilege is not the attorney's but the client's. Unless the client consents, the attorney is not allowed to reveal his dealings with his client and law enforcement is not allowed to use any of it in their investigation or in court. This breathless fake news item is going nowhere.

    4. Facilitation of a crime is not privileged. But please take the American Bar Association's word for it.

      Based on the sheer volume of documents seized and not deemed as privileged by the Special Master, you should be a little worried.

    5. Does this stuff not get reported over at Fox & Friends?

    6. In Anon's world, being President While Republican is a crime. Fortunately, the law doesn't see it that way.

    7. Envy is the ugliest deadly sin.

  5. DC really is HollyWeird for ugly people. Casting couch versus leakers government issue desk. Yuck.

  6. Looks like Wolfe had heard of Donald's supposed locker-room comment, and it worked!