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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NYT columnist attacks Trump for fulfilling his wish

Last fall, the New York Times sent columnist Nicholas Kristof and three others to North Korea. His October 5 column was ominous, "Inside North Korea, and Feeling the Drums of War."

Nuclear war is near, he warned, blaming Kim Jong Un and President Trump equally.

"Far more than when I previously visited, North Korea is galvanizing its people to expect a nuclear war with the United States. High school students march in the streets in military uniform every day to denounce America. Posters and billboards along the public roads show missiles destroying the U.S. Capitol and shredding the American flag. In fact, images of missiles are everywhere — in a kindergarten playground, at a dolphin show, on state television. This military mobilization is accompanied by the ubiquitous assumption that North Korea could not only survive a nuclear conflict, but also win it," Kristof wrote.

He did not say World War 3, but he implied it.

"I told Choe Kang-il that my visit gave me a sense of déjà vu, reminding me of a trip to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq on the eve of the American invasion. The difference is that a war here would be not just a regional disaster but a nuclear cataclysm," Kristof wrote.

"Choe was unimpressed by my warning. He said that Iraq and Libya had made the mistake of giving up their nuclear programs; in each case, America then ousted the regime. He added that the lesson was obvious, so North Korea will never negotiate away its nuclear warheads."

A-ha! It is America's fault.

Of course, Hillary and Obama bombed Libya. She bragged, "We came. We saw. He died."

And Hussein did not exactly give up his nukes. Israel took his nuke program out.

In his October 5 piece, Kristof said there was only one solution.

"First, Trump should stop personalizing and escalating the conflict," Kristof wrote.

"Second, we need talks without conditions, if only talks about talks: I’d suggest a secret visit to Pyongyang by a senior administration official, as well as discussions with North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations.

"Third, human rights have to be part of the agenda, backed by the threat of suspending North Korea’s credentials at the United Nations.

"Fourth, we should support organizations that smuggle information on USB drives into North Korea; this would be cheap and might contribute to change in the long term.

"Fifth, increase cyberwarfare, which the U.S. has already used effectively against North Korea.

"Sixth, let’s enforce tighter sanctions, but only if harnessed to a plausible outcome."

President Trump not only sent senior officials -- they do not get much more senior than the secretary of State -- but President Trump met Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

Kristof should be jubilant.


Of course he isn't. He's a fake. He's a fraud. He's dishonest. After all, he's a liberal.

So he tweeted, "So sad that the Trump is meeting with the most totalitarian leader in the world and won't let the words 'human rights' past his lips. This betrays Otto Warmbier, Megumi Yokota, and 100k prisoners."

President Trump made the release of three prisoners a condition for the summit, as well as blowing up tunnels at Mount Mantap, where the nukes are tested.

And President Trump did this: "Although the issue of denuclearization was the biggest topic during the meeting of President Donald Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump told the media that he did bring up human rights abuses with the leader of the Communist nation."

The story from Singapore is simple. President Trump and Kim came. President Trump and Kim saw. President Trump and Kim closed their deal.


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  1. That short video the White House put out is interesting, in that it would likely play equally as well in NK as in the US.

    1. A second thought (half a beat behind) is that when that video gets played in NK, a lot of the Norks will see that Trump is not some sort of ogre.

      Of course, it’s easier to break through seventy years of North Korean Communist propaganda, than two years of Western Leftist pathology.

    2. Let’s show the short video at the beginning of the next White House Press briefing. The press corps[e] might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the USA is not such a bad place after all, and they might take a breather from trying to destroy our country. OR, we could always give them a one way ticket to cover North Korea in person. Jim Acosta goes to the front of the line. JC

    3. That's going to play really well for a domestic audience without TVs, or electricity. SMH

    4. If you don't think the propaganda isn't distributed to those who do, you're stupid.

  2. Face it, America, the left wants nuclear
    war Russia, Iran, (I think that has been slowed down too with now Kim's defunct Missile and Nuke program. I think thye acutally believe such a thing is winnable. Or the NWO rises above the radioactive slag to control what's left.
    BTW i give the Mullahs to the end of July..TG McCoy

    1. It's entirely believable that the left might wish a nuclear war. After all they believe Earth is presently severely overpopulated, possessed of scant resources insufficient to support even the current populace and that we are in imminent danger of human-caused global warming destroying the entire planet. A true believer on the left burdened by those heavy belief might easily conclude that it is necessary to reduce the human population in the near term by any means necessary, nuclear war being but one option.

  3. Yeah, Big D, hordes of Lib Coms are crying in their Chardonnay. “We were SO close,” they sob. Look, I’m gonna put it out on the table. Christof HATES this country. So do most other journalists and about half this country. Do not think for a minute we could not have a Second Civil War.

    1. Given that even the thought of Quaker guns gives Leftists the conniptions, ain’t that going to be a rather one-sided Civil War?

    2. Oh, Dave, it’ll be over a heartbeat. But some blood will be spilled. Most all of it, theirs.

  4. A lot of the crap the NeverTrumpers and other Democrats are spewing is true, but so what? We either deal with Kim now, keep waiting for change to magically occur, or go to war.

    If this all goes for naught, we haven't lost anything.

  5. The meeting between Trump and Lil Kim has a chance of ending the reign of terror inside NK. Even if a full agreement fails, wouldn't progress on that front, to relieve the suffering of the North Korean population a bit, be a good thing of itself? I mean, it would be almost as awesome in Leftist thinking as letting millions of poor South and Central Americans illegally cross our southern border to invade the US in a search for prosperity and a better way of life. Isn't that what Leftists always argue?

    So, I gotta ask, what has Kristof done lately to foster world peace? What has he done to punish dictators around the world? Does he think talking or writing about them counts for anything? Yeah, what has he actually DONE, other than climbing up on that there there soap box called the NYT?

  6. Did you mean the NYT FIFTH Columnist? - Elric

  7. The internet is a liberal (or never-Trumper) columnist’s worst enemy. Bringing up their old words in seconds to expose their hippocracy and shallowness. Thank you Don for doing the research most Americans won’t.

    1. Actually, I kinda think their worst enemy is Trump’s ability to stick them with a memorable nickname that you just know they’re going to hate.

      Leftists might want to think twice before they follow “Punchy De Niro” down that path.

    2. Hmm, have just seen De Niro’s response to Trump’s counterpunch.

      He bursts into tears. No fooling.

  8. It is the New York Times the liberals reference to everything and the leading "Fake News" (fish wrap) of the print media. Did you expect honesty, factual reporting or even integrity from them.
    They are liberal and 100% anti-Trump you do not hear any good news about this administration there only gloom and doom and how the country is suffering because of Trump. and of course Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi and the far left is our only hope of survival.

  9. Google "Nicholas Kristof, North Korea, and pizza".

  10. More proof NYT reporters are dumb as a box of rocks.