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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Nowhere Man Liberalism

He's as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see
Nowhere man, can you see me at all
-- John Lennon
"Nowhere Man"
I thought I heard that song as I read Gabriel Debenedetti's essay in New York magazine, "Where Is Barack Obama?"

In his opinion, Obama is "the most popular American" and Debenedetti misses him.

He begins his piece with President Trump's speech to the Boy Scout Jamboree, in which he said, "You remember that incredible night with the maps, and the Republicans are red and the Democrats are blue, and that map was so red it was unbelievable. And they didn’t know what to say."

Debenedetti described Obama as cautious before that about confronting President Trump -- ignoring Obama's drop mike on the Jimmy Fallon (or was it Jimmy Kimmel) show in which the Big O snipped, "at least I'll go down as a president." 

If you are blind to Obama's smugness, you can see him as humble. And Debenedetti does.

"But the Boy Scouts speech really troubled him. Kids their age are the most impressionable group there is, Obama reminded friends at the time, likening them to sponges. If the president shoves a divisive political argument at them, that’s what they will absorb," Debenedetti wrote.

He failed to mention that Obama was so concerned about impressionable Boy Scouts that he became the first president to ignore the quadrennial Jamboree since its inception. He skipped both that were on his watch. 

The column is a paragon of ignorance, and by that I do not mean that the author is stupid; he simply ignores basic facts to portray Obama as our savior.

"Earlier this month, weeks after news first came out of thousands of immigrant children being held apart from their parents at the border, and after Laura Bush had published an article excoriating her party’s policy, Obama and his team chose to make a rare foray into the news cycle," he wrote, blissfully unaware that President Trump merely continued Obama's program.

Ignoring facts liberates one from critical thinking. This allows liberals to think like, well, liberals.

Former presidents by and large stay out of politics. John Quincy Adams was the first to seek elected office again, serving in the House of Representatives mainly in opposition to slavery. He was the lone voice of abolition in the United States because no one else but an ex-president could get away with anti-slavery diatribes on the House floor.

(A reader reminded me that several ex-presidents sought the office again. Only Grover Cleveland succeeded.)

Obama does not have a moral issue to champion.

Actually, he has no moral issue or morals, having presided over the most corrupt administration in our history. His first secretary of State took in millions in bribes from foreign governments laundered through a fake charity.

Liberals ignore this. And when you ignore scandals, you can say that a president had no scandals.

For example, Debenedetti wrote, "Trump even accused Obama of wiretapping him, against all evidence."

If you ignore the FISA warrants on Trump Tower, yes, you can say there was no evidence.

Also ignored in the article was the fact that Obama was in over his head. All the talk about President Trump not reading or knowing issues is really a subliminal projection of Obama's failings.

Debenedetti wrote, "Obama’s reticence is more than simply a matter of communications strategy. He has mostly opted out of liberal America’s collective Trump-outrage cycle. Though he reads the Times and other newspapers, he doesn’t follow daily Trump developments on Twitter or watch television news."

He doesn't follow the news. Why should he? He didn't before. He watched Sports Center in the morning.

"Even when we were in the White House, he wasn’t interested in discussing the day-to-day of politics, whether it was Speaker Boehner or Speaker Ryan or Leader McConnell, or whatever was the news of the day. Wasting time on things he can’t control is not of interest to him. Getting sucked into a conversation over someone who he has no ability to influence? What’s the point?" Valerie Jarrett told Debenedetti.

That made me laugh. Obama was not interested in things he could not control. He was, at least in title, president of the United States, and yet he felt he had no control over anything. Small wonder that the press panics about President Trump's involvement. After an empty suit as president, we finally have one who took charge of the White House.

But ignore all that and you can make the case that Obama was truly great.


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  1. Our elites pay these journalists to tell them what they think they want to hear; but instead of doing it in a direct way, like the kings of old with their ministers and other sycophants, our "top men" do so via the various media that they underwrite and put out there for all of us to see. This way when they do something as stupid as the kings of old, they do so knowing that we all know that they got the best advice from the best people when they disturb our lives, fuck up our country, and steal our money.

    See? The echo chambers serve a real purpose.

  2. I see B.O. more through the words of a different Beatles song.

    “His head in a cloud
    The man with a foolish grin is talking perfectly loud
    But nobody wants to hear him
    They can see that he's just a fool
    But he never gives an answer

    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning round”

    1. Or how’s about:

      You’re thinking of me
      The same old way
      You were above me
      But not today
      The only difference is you’re down there
      I’m looking through you
      And I don’t know where

    2. Living is easy with eyes closed
      Misunderstanding all you see.
      It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out
      It doesn't matter much to me.

  3. Sotero also rarely held a cabinet meeting. PDJT starts his off live on TV.

    An empty head in an empty suit.

  4. "The column is a paragon of ignorance, and by that I do not mean that the author is stupid; he simply ignores basic facts to portray Obama as our savior."

    Hmmm, I've always thought conveniently ignoring basic facts was the epitome of stupidity.

  5. Soetero? Humble? Oh, puh-leeze. Muhammad Ali was more humble than Barry. Again, thank you Big D for getting through that article. I would have clicked out of it in disgust after the first paragraph.

  6. Face it, Zippy was lazy. All he wanted to do was gold or shoot hoops (until we saw him shown up by a couple of 5th graders).

    And now he pursues his other main activity while in the Rainbow House - vacations. How can he participate when he's never here?

    As for humility, he honors every holiday and anyone who has died with a selfie.

  7. There's only one thing you can say of barry and that is he wears a suit well.
    The rest is empty.


  8. He was was writing for his airhead Manhatten audience of mostly women and gay libs. For them Obama was the end of all virtue signalling, the androgenous half white half black Harvard grad only Manhattan could produce, who was born already the world's greatest man. To them he lived the life of Christ and really was him reborn actually except that would be a religious statement and they are all agnostic athiests sort of you know? But yes let's admit it, he is really God, now just diverted from the perfect world he created and lovingly left as a proud father to its own devices. But lo, it is now a pagan Gomorrah ruled by the Golden Calf, a world really unworthy of his concern now, having fallen away from his Holy guidance, so beneath his mind's SupraEisteinian capacity that mortal communication always was a waste of time for him because it diverted him from his most important task, making sure Space Time is expanding symmetrically, other wise we will all implode in only 16 Billion years.
    No, dear reader, Obama is not away packing loot into a train of Semis to build a new Abu Simbu for himself on Lake Michigan, no he is not sharing the crystalline insight of his Megaloplastic brain at board meetings of giant corporations called to approve the Megaloblastic salaries of the filthy capitalists who are paying him off for future favors as a Divine lobbiest, no he is waiting to reappear as leader of the Divine host, for he is also Gabriel, the hidden name of God engraved on his Titanium shield, and he will lead the LBGQ Socialist armies of the righteous, their arms on armor crashing, riding high above the raging wheels of brazen chariots flying against the Red Haired Satanic forces of fly over darkness, assembling even now at the black tower at Fifth and 56th, meet them on the field of Amageddon, and crush them forever.

    1. Pretty Tripp’s, dude, but good writing.

    2. Y'really should sign stuff like this. Claim some credit (and credit is due).

  9. I don't think the everyday schmuck Progs read the editorials. I think they are mass produced filler. Other professional Progs read the talking points put out on their private discussion forums to be regurgitated into mass media which is increasingly ignored and increasingly laughed at. The echo chamber is emptying. Their audience is tuned into early morning White House tweets instead.

  10. I think Obama is keeping a low profile because Spygate is far from over and he is ultimately responsible. Sooner or later the stench will be all around him. - Elric

    1. Oh? Wanna know what he's up to? See this:

    2. Yup. But Iapetus' theory that he's keeping a low profile due to his active management of the spying during the campaign is also correct.

      Low-profile does NOT mean "inactive."

    3. Good points. I would hope that "our" intelligence agencies are keeping tabs on him, but somehow I doubt it. He's probably learned morse code by now and is working with Nellie Ohr's short-wave transceiver. - Elric

  11. None of us can be sure what Barack is up to these days, except that with ValJar living with the Obamas, it's probably nothing good. I suppose he is working a bit each day with the ghostwriters of his upcoming book. But in the meantime, perhaps he is engaged in a struggle behind the scenes with the Clintons over control of the Democrat Party. There's a lot of dirty work to be done, and he has only 24 hours a day to do it. Not that the press would ever let us in on a power struggle that could be fracturing the Jackass Party.

  12. Don, TYVM for being willing to wade through this stuff; no way could I do it.

  13. "John Quincy Adams was the only one to seek elected office again, serving in the House of Representatives mainly in opposition to slavery."

    This is incorrect. Andrew Johnson was elected to the Senate again after his presidency.

    1. Which, come to think of it, ignores other former presidents who ran again for the presidency with varying degrees of success. These included Martin Van Buren (Free Soil 1848), Millard Fillmore (American 1856), Ulysses S. Grant (unsuccessfully sought GOP nomination 1880), Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive 1912, after failing to win the GOP nomination from Taft), Herbert Hoover (unsuccessfully sought GOP nomination in 1936 and 1940), and, of course, Grover Cleveland (re-elected President in 1892).

    2. Thank you. I forgot and I shall fix.

  14. See no scandal, hear no scandal, speak no scandal -- the Dem press bully strategy on ignoring Obama scandals.

    Obama also seems to ignore the many teachers and songs for Obama, and the indoctrination by Dems in schools. It was terrible.

    I doubt that Trump's speech was so bad (but haven't seen it).

  15. Genius is born and made.
    He, who mastered by infinite pains
    His trade,
    Was born a bastard.
    J.V. Cunningham