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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Now that you Manchin it, he is two-faced

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is in trouble. He could become the first incumbent senator to lose his seat in West Virginia in 60 years.

We know he is in trouble because he is pretending to be a conservative. Again.

As Donald Trump Jr. said, "No one is buying it."

Not after 2010 when he promised to repeal Obamacare, stand up to the EPA, and support gun rights.

In eight years, he has done none of that. He even introduced legislation to restrict the Second Amendment.

Manchin voted against the tax cut and has voted against the president 40% of the time.

Politico is trying to pump up Manchin, with a story this week, "Manchin goes full MAGA."

Manchin claimed Trump "man bumps" with him.

Trump's son is having none of that.

"What a joke. You can’t go 'Full #MAGA' in WV while voting against Tax Cuts, voting for excessive regulations, and voting with Bernie Sanders more than you do with POTUS. It’s time for someone who will vote with DJT! Vote @MorriseyWV," Trump Junior tweeted.

Fact Check: Joe Manchin opposed Donald Trump's election.

Manchin backed Hillary even after she said she planned "to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business."

Now Manchin wants a do-over.

"It (endorsing her) was a mistake. It was a mistake politically," Manchin said.

But now he said he is open to endorsing Trump next time.

Big deal.

Trump won without Joe Manchin. His support of Trump is as fake as his daughter's "MBA."


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  1. It's going to be a red wave. Then, in January 2019, we kick MAGA into high gear.

  2. This guy would say virtually anything to remain in a city he says sucks.

  3. His next move is to run as a Republican...

  4. A Manchin term appears to be 5-1/2 years of hard-left voting in the Senate followed by six months of lying through his teeth about his conservatism and independence.

    Please, West Virginia, don't fall for this guy's BS in November.

    1. We won’t. Us hillbillies are a lot smarter than you think.

  5. Saying that endorsing Rodham “was a mistake politically” shows how phony Manchin is. It doesn’t matter what his core beliefs are (supporting Rodham), just the politics.

  6. Let's not forget his political connections got his daughter the job of president of the company that makes Epi pens, got her company the contract to have Epi pens in every school and then she ran up the cost of a generic drug that costs pennies to $500 per pen to save kids from allergic reactions. Her connections made certain that the patent for "delivery vehicle" for the drug gave them a monopoly by refusing to approve any patent of a similar delivery vehicle.

    Manchin is a dirty a swamp creature as they come.

    1. Medicine and medical care are expensive because of the regulatory environment. The whole house of cards is held up by one piece of string: medical licensing. Abolish medical licensing and the whole thing comes tumbling down.

    2. If I remember correctly, Manchin's wife was on the board that mandated stocking EpiPens in all schools, thus setting the stage for the price gouging - at (primarily) taxpayer expense. - Elric

    3. His daughter runs the company but his wife has nothing to do with it

    4. Au contraire, Pierre!

      - Elric

    5. Here is the clip from link,
      "Gayle Manchin took over the leadership of the National Association of State Boards of Education in 2012, and the group’s efforts led schools to purchase the EpiPen from Mylan — boosting the company’s sales, according to USA Today, which first reported on Manchin’s efforts."

  7. I hope that clip of Manchin at the SOTU gets played a lot between now and November.

    1. Hahaha IQ! That ad would be riculously easy.

      Joe Manchin, standing up for West Virginia.
      (Show vid clip)
      Joe Manchin, standing up for West Virginia?
      I’m Patrick Morissey and I approved this ad.

  8. "Open to" doesn't mean "i will."

  9. Wearing one’s uniform backwards doesn’t turn a retreat into an advance.