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Sunday, June 24, 2018

North Korea makes USA great again

On the day of the Singapore summit, I wrote, "USA needs Kim to propagandize." My argument was that that after 70 years of anti-American propaganda, Kim Jong Un's regime had to rehabilitate its image of America.

Twelve days later, evidence shows the rehabilitation has begun.

"The North Korean government is erasing much of its anti-U.S. propaganda following dictator Kim Jong-un’s forays onto the world stage," the New York Post reported.

"Gone are the posters depicting the U.S. as a rotten, diseased, pirate nation and promising merciless revenge on American forces for an imagined attack on the totalitarian country.

"In their place are cheery messages touting praising the prospects for Korean reunification and the declaration Kim signed in April with South Korean President Moon Jae-in promising lasting peace."

This is how wars end. Enemies become less monstrous.

German atrocities in World War II became Nazi German atrocities afterward, as if Germany was a victim of the Nazis. To make that odd case, we found an anti-Nazi dissident -- Konrad Adenauer -- to head the first West German government in 1949.

So now Kim is sailing his paper moon of MAGA over his cardboard sea of peace.

"All the anti-American posters I usually see around Kim Il-sung Square and at shops, they’ve all just gone. In five years working in North Korea, I’ve never seen them completely disappear before," Rowan Beard, a tour manager at Young Pioneer Tours, told Reuters.

Already, the DMZ is becoming a tourist attraction. Well, people visit Auschwitz.

Meanwhile, in America, the war continues with no let up in sight as corporate media continues to churn out anti-Trump propaganda. They refuse to concede the 2016 election. If this keeps up, Pyongyang may wind up more pro-American than Washington by 2020.


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  1. I'm dumbfounded. This is something I never expected out of Trump. Get ready to remodel Mount Rushmore if things like this keep up.

    1. Agree.
      If the GOPe Swampers would just help, or at least get out of the way. The People are ready and have found a leader to get behind.

    2. If Trump keeps this up, we'll need something grander than Rushmore, something on the imposing scale of the Crazy Horse Memorial.

    3. Trump gets his own mountain...

    4. In the olden times of monarchs, the true memorial was the adjective their historical name attracted.


      “Alfred the Great”... but there’s always a butcher’s bill associated with that adjective.

      Aristides the Just ... but that one gets on people’s nerves.

      The best you can hope for as a ruler is what Elizabeth the First got from the common folk ... “Good Queen Bess”.

    5. Hellz yeah, Doc...complete with Mr. T’s two thumbs up logo. That would be beyond badass.

    6. Mount Rushmore? Crazy Horse? Stone Mountain?
      How about a string of Trump Towers across the world!!!

    7. Call them Mount Trumpmores.

    8. The more Trump the better.

    9. How about Donald the Restorer? And don't forget the signature golf course. - Elric

  2. There are people who take tours to North Korea? Are they insane? It has been too easy for Americans and Europeans to be arrested on false charges and end up spending life in prison. It is not one of the places on my bucket list to go to.

  3. You can’t help but wonder whether there’s some actor out there who will soon follow in the footsteps of Sergeant Schultz and McHale’s Fuji.

  4. How about Lady Liberty doing benediction on young Trump.
    Takes years to develop such character.

  5. Forget mountain.

    Anybody know of a mountain range nobody's using?

  6. Imagine the fun we'll have watching Democrat media spin this as "bad news".

  7. "...Pyongyang may wind up more pro-American than Washington by 2020."

    I think it already has.