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Thursday, June 21, 2018

NFL cannot find one person to pardon

President Trump on June 7 offered an olive branch to NFL players demanding social justice. The president of the United States said he would consider pardons for anyone the players requested.

Two weeks later, not one NFL player has come up with one victim of injustice to be pardoned.

That is amazing. That shows two things. One, our criminal justice system is nearly perfect because despite millions of trials and plea bargains over the years, not one social justice warrior in America can find a case of injustice to present the president.

Two, it shows what a load of claptrap the NFL protest is.

It is marketing by the NFL to expand its fan base. It is like playing games in London, or wearing pink in October. Disrespecting the flag appeals to the greatest minority in the nation.

Hillary supporters.

President Trump called the NFL out.

The New York Times ran a piece today signed by Doug Baldwin, Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins and Benjamin Watson -- former or current players -- under the Fake News headline, "NFL Players to Trump: Here’s Whom You Should Pardon."

Not one name was listed.

Instead, the Times threw a bunch of numbers at us.

"A handful of pardons will not address the sort of systemic injustice that N.F.L. players have been protesting. These are problems that our government has created, many of which occur at the local level. If President Trump thinks he can end these injustices if we deliver him a few names, he hasn’t been listening to us," the Times column said.

They cannot find one example of an injustice to correct.

Not one.

Think about that. In a nation of 326 million people over a set of 10 years (or 100) all these college-educated millionaires could not find a single soul worthy of a presidential pardon.

Or even clemency.

Instead, the Times column offered the boiler plate rantings of the social justice warriors.

"These injustices are so widespread as to seem practically written into our nation’s DNA. We must challenge these norms, investigate the reasons for their pervasiveness and fight with all we have to change them. That is what we, as football players, are trying to do with our activism," the Times column said.

It is so widespread that they could not find one person to recommend for a pardon.

Injustice is so pervasive that they could not find one person among 185,000 federal inmates to recommend for clemency.

The president did a fact-check on them and they failed. They speak untruths to power. Useless. Utterly. They should stand up like men and show respect for a nation that has given them so much.


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  1. The norm that is really being challenged is the one where some ingrate who is good at knocking people down or messing with a ball has any right to talk down to the rest of us.

    You are over, boys. Get used to it.

  2. Who didn't see this cop out coming? You can bet that PDJT did. He's going hit them with it hard, like L.T. taking down a running back. Over and over again. And PS, football guys, presidents can't issue pardons for state and local crimes, only federal crimes. The solution of local "problems" rests with local governments.

  3. Pardons are actually written into our nation's DNA, but they don't concern themselves with reality

  4. You can never satisfy the perpetually offended.

  5. But you can offend the perpetually dissatisfied.

  6. To satisfy the perpetually offended will perpetually dissatisfy the non-offended.

  7. I'm reading this and wondering ...
    This offer of Grace is indeed generous.
    If no 'nominees' from the 'Federal Prison' system, then are State Prisons excluded?
    I don't know if there's a difference.

    1. The president can only pardon federal crimes, not state.

    2. What about Rae Carruth? Hahaha! Another brilliantly executed move by Mr. T.

  8. The “non-Caucasians” should wake up and smell the coffee. But they won’t. Cause it’s much easier to do the race hustle than it is to get something actually done. Revs Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, and Farrakhan immediately spring to mind.

    1. Oh, and add all four of those names to my People Who Oughta Be Dead list.

  9. In a nation of 326 million people over a set of 10 years (or 100) all these college-educated millionaires could not find a single soul worthy of a presidential pardon.

    Remember, the world's most glaring oxymoron is athletic scholarship.

  10. "These injustices are so widespread as to seem practically written into our nation’s DNA." This is telling. They not only don't want to solve anything, they want to present the narrative that the problems they whine about cannot be solved- except, of course, by overthrowing the US and establishing the People's Republic of America in its place, which is what they really want.

  11. “Instead, the Times column offered the boiler plat rantings of the social justice warriors.”

    Whenever those egg-sucking dogs start yapping about justice, I put my hand in my pocket, because I know I’m about to get it picked.

    1. Good move, Dave. Right hand on the pocket change and left hand on the wallet. Good to go.

    2. Left hand on wallet and right hand on carry piece might work better.

      Don't let the jackals get close enough to steal the change out of your pocket, a lot of 'em are rabid!

  12. If I look at the national crime statistics broken down by the race fo the perpetrator and the race of the victim, I do have to admit there is a strong correlation with DNA. There's nothing the president can do to repeal the laws of genetics.

    1. Shhh! We're not supposed to know about the bell curve, and it's certainly not to be discussed!

      Now repeat after me, "Everyone everywhere is just exactly the same as everyone else anywhere." Say it loudly, the PC Police are listening!

  13. Genius level trolling by POTUS.

    This issue is a loser for you, NFL guys. Give it up. I like Watson a lot, strong Christian family guy, a leader type, thinking man, but he's wrong here.

  14. Surely some of them know someone, an old high school buddy maybe who made some mistakes and could have benefitted from a pardon and a chance to start over. It's a crying shame that none of them took the President at his word and put forth a name. It makes me despise them as much as the kneeling bit itself.

  15. Trump's instincts / thinking is so sharp, so PR-sensitive great.

    Trump wins another round. Good.