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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Meet the Republican justice who was indicted today

The U.S. attorney charged this Republican state Supreme Court justice with 22 counts related to fleecing taxpayers and stealing antique furniture from the state Capitol.

It's pronounced "law free," which apparently means he thought he was free from the law.

Every newspaper in the state endorsed him because he said he was a reformer. After all, he wrote the book on corruption. Journalists did not realize it was a do-it-yourself tutorial.

I wrote about this earlier. He has four law degrees.


  1. This looks like another case of the smartest guy in the room turning out to be rather amoral.This has happened several ttimes in medicine where the smartest, most promising fellow you ever met is found to have dry-labbed his research and you have to start questioning everything in his two inch thick CV.

    Sometimes smartest and most qualified isn't what you think.

    1. This guy had four law degrees? From where? Close attention needs to be paid to where their diplomas are from. There are still a number of diploma mills out there. They move around clandestinely. - Elric

    2. The guys I'm talking about were mostly Ivy League. Eye opener.

    3. I used to work as a Research Officer for Harvard University and couldn't agree more. All they really want is a permanent parking space. And Obama and Crew put paid to the myth of Ivy League superiority. - Elric

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  3. Four law degrees? Just one is a license to steal, but four?

    That seems like overkill; I'd ask an honest lawyer what he thinks about it, but haven't found one yet.

    There is one honest lawyer I've heard about, but he's not available. He's on retainer to Diogenes, who's looking for an honest man. He tells Dio where to shine his lamp!