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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Look who is mad at DeNiro and the C-worder

"Anger isn’t a strategy," Frank Bruni of the New York Times wrote.

And with that he took on Robert De Niro and Samantha Bee (the woman who called Ivanka Trump the C-word).

His complaint is not that they demeaned Trump and his daughter.

"You’re demeaning yourselves. Many voters don’t hear your arguments or the facts, which are on your side. They just wince at the din," Bruni said.

"You permit them to see you as you see Trump: deranged. Why would they choose a different path if it goes to another ugly destination?"

Please note that Bruini did not condemn dropping the F-bomb on live TV or calling a woman the C-word in a scripted and taped TV show.

Mind you, he does not say he disagrees with their statements. He just does not want them to say it publicly. Democrats need to fool people into believing they are not a bunch of raving maniacs.

"Enough with Hitler, too. Has Trump shown fascistic tendencies? Yes. Is he the second coming of the Third Reich? No. Nor are the spineless Republicans who have enabled him Nazi collaborators, not on the evidence of what has and hasn’t happened so far," Bruni said.

"I’m not urging complacency. But when you invoke the darkest historical analogies, you lose many of the very Americans you’re trying to win over. What you’re saying isn’t what they’re seeing. It’s overreach in their eyes."

Note, he did not call it overreach to call the most gay-friendly president -- the first to have a Jewish daughter -- Hitler. No he says the left has to ixnay the itler-hay talk.

For now.

"The more noise, the less discernment. The more fury, the less focus. Proportion and triage are in order, and that means an end, please, to the Melania madness. Floating the idea that she’s a victim of domestic abuse merely supports Trump’s contention that his critics are reflexive and unfettered in their contempt for him and that all of their complaints should be viewed through that lens," Bruni wrote.

His complaint about De Niro saying F--- Trump was not because it is unAmerican to not accept the results of an election.

His complaint about De Niro saying F--- Trump was not because it is wrong to expose children to such language. 

His complaint about De Niro saying F--- Trump was not because disrespecting the president is disrespecting the American people who elected him.

No, Bruni's complaint about De Niro saying F--- Trump was because De Niro was too honest about his feelings. 

"He made the blue wave look iffier and Trump 2020 stronger," Bruni wrote.

Liberals once again believe they have to lie to win in November.


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  1. But they DO have to lie to win ANY election. They have to pretend they care about ordinary Americans. GOPE does, too. And they hate having to do so. -- BJ54

    1. And, of course, when lying doesn't work well enough, the go back to that old stand-by election fraud.

  2. The problem for the left is that they ARE deranged, reflexive and unfettered in their contempt. They can't argue based on facts or actions and the only way they have value is to hate someone else more than themselves.

  3. Bruni is staking out some high ground for himself on the unbagged garbage dump the media has become under DT. Times readers like to 'think there shit don't stink' as a poet of truth used to say to me on occasion.

  4. Lying is the only way the liberals can win a race. They have no new thought or ideas just the same old failed ideas from the past and have noting new to offer a changing country but complicity and agenda driven stupidity.

  5. Reminds me of the democrats getting advice from linguistics professor Lackoff on how to speak son as to fool the unwashed masses.

    Compare that to our President who speaks plainly and clearly. MAGA.

  6. Let them try dispassionate argument on rational grounds to convince a public studying their options. Have they ever won on that basis? Good luck with that.

  7. As this article shows, pretending to be something else, that is, lying explains why actors like DeNiro are liberals. He and all his fellow actors are professional liars.

  8. I dunno why any liberal would bother lying anymore in 2020.

    Trump tweets go through liberal lies like a buzzsaw through balsa.

  9. Bruni is fooling nobody.

    And they always think they are.

  10. Fragile snowflakes still upset about mean ol' De Niro? I'd be more worried about the standing ovation. Outside the echo chamber of Fox & Friends, De Niro is far from alone in his sentiments. No Rasmussen poll is going to fix that.

    1. Sweetie, the term "snowflake" doesn't mean someone who talks about an issue and its ramifications (or, in this case, someone else who commented on it). It means someone who melts down when confronted with facts that don't agree with their worldview. You know, much like you when your girl lost in 2016. Or like will (G-d willing) happen again after the midterms, and in 2020, when you realize that the audience at the Tony Awards is the very definition of an "echo chamber" and doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to the thoughts of the American public.

  11. Apparently Bruni thinks that the filth publicly spewed from his lib brethren's execrable mouths regarding the President of the United States and his family's would be perfectly acceptable were it not for the unfortunate reality that it in fact helps him while detracting from his less profane, more effective efforts to hurt him.
    In the brilliant vomitus of DeNiro F_ _ _ Bruni where the sun doesn't shine with a rotten pineapple.

  12. Does anybody know what kind of a viewer share the Tony awards got? Imagining that it will be far lower next year.

    1. Does anyone know the names of any Tony award winners this year? Or did deNiro overshadow all that? (hint: Yes, he did.)

  13. It's too late, Frank. The cat's out of the bag, because your side is populated primarily by petulent children with no impulse control. They feel the urge to throw tantrums, and their urges are all they care about. Good luck in November.

  14. Personally, I don't want De Niro or anyone who shares his worldview (i.e., ALL Democrats) running this country. Every day they prove that they're too juvenile to do an adult job.

  15. Apparently Bruni wants actors to act, instead of revealing their actual feelings (thoughts aren't involved; that requires thinking.) Most of them can do that, and it would be in their best interests to do so; their audience is shrinking all the time.

    Long ago I was excited about plays and musicals; my grandparents took me to see Mary Martin's "Peter Pan" when I was six, and that hooked me for life. I still enjoy a lot of musicals- but I've noticed that newer ones don't interest me.

    "Hamilton" is a good example; it's PC to the point of insanity and SWJs flock to it. Sorry, not my cuppa tea, I'd rather throw it in Boston Harbor. Nowadays the "indians" who threw tea back in 1775 would be hauled up to the PC court for cultural appropriation, and I'm sick of it!

    Dan's comment above made me check up on what the Tonys were all about this year: a Harry Potter play and revivals of My Fair Lady & Carousel were on the list. That's edgy! Not.

    Oh well, I guess I'll go back to the old movies that I've been watching. "Nancy Drew" (1938) is lots of fun!