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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Living like President Trump

Few men would not wish to be married to a model and live in a three-story penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park. If you must live in Manhattan, that is the way to go.

How do you get there? Daniel Greenfield outlined President Trump's five rules for ruling the world.

His column is a tutorial on living the life D. Trump.

The first rule is "Act, Don’t React." Obama's moronic punch back twice as hard helps explain the failure of his presidency and why his resistance flounders; the resistance is an annoyance, not a movement. Their escalating calls for violence shows how frustrated they are with their impotence.

This rule also covers picking one's battles. President Trump only fights battles he can win.

The second rule is "Try Everything." President Trump often beta tests his ideas at rallies. His rapport with the audience is such that he can use a speech as a trial balloon. Others do that too but this is his rule as well.

Early on in the battle to elect President Trump, a reader put his four bankruptcies in perspective. He was swinging for the fences. For every failure, he has 10 successes. Consider the chance he took on hosting "Celebrity Apprentice."

The third rule is "Chaos Is Power." That is something I had not considered but it explains why he insists on a small staff of ever-changing personnel.

Daniel Greenfield applied this to President Trump's international negotiations.

"That’s how he got North Korea to the table. After decades of the Norks intimidating previous administrations by creating chaos with their threats, Trump topped those threats. The media warned that a nuclear war would break out. Instead China and North Korea chose a peace summit," Daniel Greenfield wrote.

The next line was the killer: "The summit may come to nothing, but Trump had already broken the Nork ability to intimidate us."

The Fake News media told you Kim Jong Un won simply by having President Trump show up. But who begged whom for the meeting? Remember President Trump cancelled which forced Kim to beg.

So chaos is power. And you thought it was knowledge. This explains why every Democratic city over time turns into opium dens and human shooting ranges.

The fourth rule is "Never Show Your Hand." On Friday, for example, he threw Republicans in a tizzy. Thursday night, he led them to believe he would sign an immigration bill.

Friday morning, he tweeted, "Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until after we elect more Senators and Congressmen/women in November. Dems are just playing games, have no intention of doing anything to solves this decades old problem. We can pass great legislation after the Red Wave!"

The Fake News media reported that as changing his mind. Foolish people. This was his plan all along. Keep them guessing.

The fifth rule is "Don’t Be Afraid to Be the Bad Guy."

Self-explanatory. It got him the nomination. It won him the presidency. It serves him now.

"Past presidents valued their personal relationships with foreign leaders. But Trump is willing to throw a punch at the boy band leader of Canada if it gets a farmer in Wisconsin a better deal for his dairy," Daniel Greenfield wrote.

Apply these rules to your life -- 1. Act, Don't React; 2. Try Everything; 3. Chaos Is Power; 4. Never Show Your Hand; 5. Don’t Be Afraid to Be the Bad Guy -- and maybe you'll marry the model and live in a Batman penthouse. Maybe not. But you can have a better life.


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  1. With all the drama going on this week here's a great reminder that it's all about playing the long game. Thanks for sharing Don.

    1. When we need someone to negotiate a deal with a foreign leader, should we send the one who wrote The Art of the Deal?

      Or should we send the swizzle stick that wrote Dreams From My Father?

    2. Is Bill Ayers available?

  2. I'm thinking a lot of this is in Sun Tzu.

    1. He's Sun Tzu fighting. His quips are fast as lightning

    2. In fact it is a little bit frighting
      But he fights with expert timing

    3. Whoa oh oh ohhhh
      Whoa oh oh ohhhh

  3. Our Master Persuader and Very Stable Genius makes all of the difficult tasks look like child's play. I can't wait for the Red Wave in November. There will be a flood of liberal tears. - Elric

    1. Another flood of liberal\progressive tears. And may we see many more of the same!

    2. Another flood of liberal tears and we may yet see the oceans rise.

  4. In Donald We Trust.

    We might as well. He's our only chance left.

  5. Give Trump a chance (apologies to John Lennon).

  6. Daniel Greenfield is a fantastic blogger - very pro PDJT and he sees the fraudulent left for what they are. Very glad you posted this Don. Lessons we all can use, besides better understanding how PDJT operates.

  7. There is a problem with chaos as policy. Too much of it can make life as difficult for the people who are working FOR you as for those who are working AGAINST you. The people on your own team shouldn't be allowed to become complacent, but terrorizing them won't get the best out of them either. It's one thing to sow uncertainty externally, but internally a leader needs to show a steady hand to ensure that policies and programs are properly executed.

  8. I'd say #6- never interfere with your enemy while he's making a mistake.
    attr. Napoleon Bonaparte .
    Example : Hillary and the "box of deplorables." TG.

  9. Mr. T is reshaping and disrupting what the expectations of a Presidency should be. The Old Politics is dead. Long live the New Politics!

    1. But let’s be clear...

      Nobody does it better
      Makes me feel sad for the rest
      Nobody does it quite the way you do
      Donald you’re the best

    2. Trump or Surber? Or both?
      Mike A.

  10. Remember Mattis' preferred nickname is CHAOS -- Colonel has an outstanding solution.

    1. Yeah, however killing everyone in the room is kinda counterproductive in about 99.999% of situations. . .although the thought is oddly calming at times.

    2. Yeah, but making sure the rest of the room knows that it's an option puts you in a better position to get them to do what you want them to 99.999% of the time.


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