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Monday, June 04, 2018

Left comes to grips with Obama's failure

I have written before that Obama destroyed the Democratic Party, turning it into carrion for the vultures on the Left to tear. Democrats tried to use his race as a shield from criticism as they fundamentally transformed the country into the Soviet Union.

Instead voters fundamentally transformed the party into the Whigs. James Carville's 40 years of rule collapsed. Obama built his legacy on sand.

Donald Trump's tsunami presidency wiped it out.

The Iran deal is dead. Obama's end run around the Constitution allowed Trump to end it without a congressional vote.

The Paris carbon dioxide deal is dead. Trump withdrew, and it looks like the deal collapsed because the goal was to restrict the United States by using a Fake Fear about the weather.

Obamacare's mandate is dead.

DACA may die as well.

Not only is Obama's legacy melting, but Trump is starving the liberal beast.

After 40 years, the federal government has stopped funding Planned Parenthood.

And the president -- Our President -- is bringing peace to the world by standing up to tyranny while negotiating their surrender. Make no mistake, North Korea wants out of the business of being China's puppet.

Trump is everything Obama is not. Trump is patriotic, experienced, and successful outside of politics.

As the economy perks up and the Democratic lead in the polls evaporates, Maureen Dowd threw shade, finally, on Obama.

"What if we were wrong?" Obama said on Election Night -- after it was clear that Trump had won. Excuse me, had carried more states than Obama.

Wrote Dowd, "But in his next breath, the president made it clear that what he meant was: What if we were wrong in being so right? What if we were too good for these people?"

Gee, why would he think that?

Maybe it was the decade-long free ride Democrats gave him. His ties to terrorists were airbrushed, as were his drug use, his college transcripts, and even his birth certificate. He was, as they say in Texas, a post turtle, which is a creature that is on top of the fence post but has no idea how he got there.

While Obama filled out his NCAA brackets, Valerie Jarrett ran the government, turning law enforcement and the intelligence services into spies and plants in political campaigns.

Really, you think that Obama did this only to Trump? How precious.

After promoting Obama for 14 years -- going back to his overrated speech to the DNC -- Dowd is saying in her Emily Litella voice, never mind.

"It is stunning to me, having been on the road with Barack Obama in the giddy, evanescent days of 2008, that he does not understand his own historic rise to power, how he defied impossible odds and gracefully leapt over obstacles,"she wrote.

By impossible odds, she means the skids were greased by George Soros money and a cheerleading media.

"He did it by sparking hope in many Americans — after all the deceptions and squandered blood and money of the Bush-Cheney era — that he was going to give people a better future, something honest and cool and modern," Dowd wrote.

"But by the end of his second term, he had lost the narrative about lifting up people, about buoying them on economic issues and soothing their jitters about globalization. They needed to know, what’s in it for them?"

We know what is in it for us: getting nothing and being called racist if you complain.

Dowd dumped on Hillary, writing, "He pushed aside his loyal vice president, who was considered an unguided missile, and backed a woman who had no economic message and who almost used the slogan, 'Because It’s Her Turn.' Then he put his own reputation for rectitude at risk by pre-emptively exonerating Hillary Clinton on the email issue, infuriating federal agents who were still investigating the case."

Wait, I thought there was no crime and besides Comey made that decision on his own. Now Dowd tells me Obama obstructed justice.

But it wasn't his fault.

"President Obama could be deliberative, reticent and cautious to a fault, which spurred an appetite for a more impulsive, visceral, hurly-burly successor. He got tangled in a cat’s cradle on the twin F.B.I. investigations into Hillary’s emails and Russian meddling; in retrospect, he probably should have been more transparent about both," Dowd wrote.

It wasn't his fault.

Which means he was an incompetent boob as president.

But he got a Nobel Peace Prize, and in the end, we got the best president of my lifetime.

Best of all, Obama destroyed the Democratic Party. That's his legacy.


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  1. Here we have the first admission by a New York Times insider that Obama was in on the "Russia" conspiracy, and personally made the call on exoneration of Clinton's felonious mishandling of state secrets.

    I know the Republicans don't want tompress an investigation for fear of two things, personal backlash and a diminished deep state apparatus.

    But look, guys. How about you start aggressively investigate this and get to the verge of prosecution, then Trum can magnanimously pardon both Hillary and Obama.

    Democrat party beheaded. Maybe it comes out stronger and more patriotic than before, who knows? But wouldn't that be better for the country, too?.

    1. Wasn't thinking about it, but he could bring this all to a close in one fell swoop and just pardon everybody.

      I wonder if anyone on the team has considered this option.

    2. Muller would need to look more egregious than he has so far for Trump to have the upper hand in such a move. M would have to make some direct challenge that looked threatening and reckless which he has been careful not to do. There is a theory he is trying to provoke DT into such an action to spring a trap of some sort. I do not think this is true but I personally don't know anyone involved and the media lies. Your proposal, to ignite a judicial firestorm provoked by something like mass pardons,will be represented by the media as panic to avoid indictment or impeacment so as to have it all out at the Supreme Court which is slanted towards DT, they will say. The left might want this since it will direct all energy away from actual actions by Trump to help the country and weaken his Support in the Senate. I don't think he will do it or at least right away. Muller must be made to appear to the country as no different than Yakamoto attacking Pearl Harbor.
      So far Trump has been very successful in doing great work even with Muller plotting, which makes people feel he isn't that important. I agree with Kevin McCarthy that the documents that created Muller should be forced out into the open. This will hurt him deeply. But In the end if Trump is backed into a corner without Support from his political allies, such as they are, he should do what the sacred document says he can do and have it out once and for all in front of the people. The left hates the Constitution. Trump should then make Americans defend it or watch it used as kindling by their enemies for a bigger conflagration.

    3. This is for TPD.

    4. uuuummmmm…no. drag them all out in front of the cameras in cuffs. try them, and if convicted; sentence them all to lengthy prison terms. let the chips fall where they may. it's the only way to get integrity of the govt and law enforcement agencies back.

    5. treason carries a sentence of death.

  2. "Make no mistake, North Korea wants out of the business of being China's puppet."

    Exactly - Un is not dumb. He had no trust or faith in Obama, that is why he is reaching out to Trump. He gets that Trump is a winner, fighter and a good human. Un knows Trump is his best chance to get away from China and keep himself safe.

  3. I wonder if Dowd will get called a racist for her wailing. Yes, Obama let them down. Will the left now have a cathartic moment? No. These things would have never been said or written if HC was now directing billions in bribes to her foundation accounts. Fear, admiration, anticipation would be the emoticons of the day. The left always looks for the strong man to do the hard work it's philosophers are too dainty to take up, but they prefer the brutal sort. Obama was just too naive and worse took bad advice. But Soon some other candidate for the banderilla Rosa will appear. He must learn from Obama's mistakes and not listen to anyone other than the philosophers at the NYT. He was too nice a guy, you know. He didn't realize the power he had been given for true revolution and fiddled it away. Next time the enemy must be siezed by the throat and his neck broken immediately. And there will be a next time. Only the "toon", as Dowd called him in her piece, stands in the way. Such are the hidden voices in her essay. They never give up the idea they were right all along but the other guy just wouldn't listen.

  4. The Leftist media would have us believe that Obama had the strength of a bull, the nobility of a horse, and that his rhetoric soared like a bird of prey.

    But all his presidency to me was bullsh*t, horsesh*t, and chickensh*t.

    1. He surely heavily damaged the dem party.. that is his lasting legacy... also being one of the most ineffectual presidents. But black. Not a good representative of that race...

  5. Thanks, Mr. Surber. Thanks for reading Maureen Dowd. So I don't have to.

  6. BEST feel good thing I've read this morning!!

  7. By the hushed and trembling tenor of her words, Miss Doud reveals herself as a Post Turtle, also.

    1. I think she went as far as she knows her cocooned NY Times audience would let her.

  8. As usual, I love your insight. It is like a spear thrown into the heart of the lie and dies on the spot.

  9. this blog post and all the comments are very interesting. i will share this to my friends.

  10. But Trump is not negotiating surrender of tyranny in defeat, but as a path to joining the modern world and leaving behind the early 20th century transition of society where Marxist government's prevailed for a time (and murdered millions).

    The Marxist operates that anyone who thinks differently must be destroyed. Trump is simply offering the opportunity to join a diverse world based on cooperation and competition in markets.

  11. Surber wrote "While Obama filled out his NCAA brackets, Valerie Jarrett ran the government, turning law enforcement and the intelligence services into spies and plants in political campaigns."

    I remember a story early in his administration that said that the way he made decisions was that staff prepared a brief then listed 3 or 4 options for him to choose from. This explains why he was so bad off the cuff - he didn't know what he was talking about, he was trying to remember what the briefing said.

    1. Perhaps not a bad way to operate but if you have poor decision making skills... a disaster. It is a shame our first black president turned out to be among our worst

    2. He's so bad they'll be blaming it on his white half.

  12. Socialism and Communism never fail because the concepts are flawed, oh noes, it's always the failure of implementation.

    This is the same excuse Dowd uses for Obama, writ small. Very small.

    1. Nice point. Obama claimed he just wasn’t getting his message across. No. Nobody liked the message.

  13. Dowd's column is the journalistic version of PoundMeToo: after ten years of intimate relations and infatuation with her lover boy, she's now saying it was all rape...not "rape rape" but nonetheless rape because she was too intoxicated to give consent. He will insist it was always consensual. Accuse me if you want of victim shaming, but I say she was asking for it.

  14. Love the economy of your writing. How did I know you were a retired newspaper guy?

    When journalism was still a thing.

  15. Great post. So many well-worded observations. I have felt that I've kept a pretty clear head in all this distorting political spin from the left, (they're so aggressive about how they "frame" the national conversation) but your writing has a sharpness that pierces the spin even further, and makes me realize that I actually am still somewhat mentally constrained or mesmerized by the constant heavy spin. Your sharpness is not the cheap kind of sharpness, which the left has cultivated and perfected. The left's sharpness is a combination of a lie so outrageous that it takes your breath away, and a verbal meanness so sharply honed it crosses into viciousness. There's more to this than I can put my finger on in this post. But my sense is you've kept your head above water in all the spin, and therefore your writing can help to pierce it. I appreciate what you're doing; it helps our country.

    1. Wow - quite a well thought out appreciation for the article response. I wish I could actually write as effectively as either this response or the author. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  16. In the words of dear, departed R. Lee Ermey, "Out-fucking standing"