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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kim to destroy missile site

Having destroyed tunnels to his nuclear testing facility last month, Kim Jong Un has identified a missile test site he will destroy, as Kim scrambles to keep the promise he made to President Trump.

"Bob Carlin, a former North Korea intelligence adviser for the State Department North Korea, tells CBS News it is significant that the North is destroying this testing site because it is one of the largest in the country," CBS News reported.

Kim promised President Trump at the summit in Singapore that North Korea would destroy a missile testing site soon.

CBS reported, "The disclosure of this site, along with the confirmation that North Korea will be returning the remains of the about 250 POWs who could be American service members from North Korea, demonstrate that portions of the discussions at the Singapore summit are being acted upon."

The next paragraph in the report was a hoot:
Working-level officials charged with carrying out commitments made at the summit have not have the easiest time planning the way forward because the agreements were made at the top levels. The Trump administration's approach is "flipping the whole thing on its head," said one official. Traditionally, it is the working level where negotiations begin and agreements are made before they are escalated to the higher levels. This was not the way U.S.-North Korea negotiations have so far played out between Mr. Trump and Kim. And now, the process is not being filtered down to all working levels. Some officials are frustrated, though others say that this may still have been the better approach in the long run.
Yes, we should stick to the usual State Department protocol, which created this mess that President Trump and Kim are trying to eliminate.

The deep state bozos are frustrated?



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  1. May God bless and keep the deep-state bozos far away from us!

    1. Amen! Another "Fiddler on the Roof" fan? - Elric

  2. How many times in history has success depended on cutting out the middle man? The diplomatic class isn't just worried about how this deal was worked out. This is an existential threat to a lot of them.

    1. They can make a pretty good career managing crises; not so much solving them.

      -Mikey NTH

  3. There is something brave and true and clean in a race to the top.

    In a competition to see who can be the bigger, most regular guy.

  4. The “working level”! What a load of crap. These government bozos are seeing what hard work is by watching PDJT.

  5. One thing-this hurts Iran too. The NorKs and Iran have been working hand and hoof
    on Nukes and Rockets. This is the major test site that Kim is destroying. Iran has nothing quite like this testing rockets is rocket science. Iran loses.
    IMHO they already lot with that tunnel collapse,I'm convinced there were Iranian Nuke people there. along with the Nork Military hierarchy-that may have been keeping Kim from doing a
    peace deal.. TG

  6. Kim's coming in from the cold.

  7. "Deep state bozos" is the phrase that pays! LOL

  8. Maybe Trump should've let Rocketman land one on Foggy Bottom before nixing the rockets.

    Too bad, that opportunity seems to be lost!