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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Kardashian > Obama

"Kim Kardashian Meeting Donald Trump in the Oval Office Is a Nightmare We Can’t Wake Up From" read the headline from the increasingly May 31 tabloid-style New Yorker.

Writer Naomi Fry wrote, "The image appears before us like something out of a bad dream. He is seated behind the Resolute desk, his Chiclet teeth exposed in a rictus of extreme jollity. She is standing slightly behind him, considerably more sombre. In buttoned-up black, her long, dark locks tumbling in abundant waves, she is Botticelli’s Venus as channelled by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark — an icon of the Calabasas Renaissance. Her pose is stiff, her jacket sleeves pushed up in a gesture of can-do, eighties-style power-dressing. The familiar colors of the Oval Office appear newly garish, as if reflecting back to us those posing against them: the golden drapes and the gold of the man’s hair, the salmon chair and his ruddy skin, the flowing flags and the woman’s flowing mane. In an era rife with unbelievability, here was another near-unbelievable moment: the reality-TV mogul Kim Kardashian meeting with the reality-TV mogul Donald J. Trump, at the White House — an 'American Gothic' for the age of gaudy, late-capitalist spectacle."

For the record, Fry likely mocks "American Gothic," a painting by Grant Wood depicting a farmer and his wife. Oh those hicks.

Never mind the celebrities who showed up at the White House for previous presidents, the sophisticates are appalled any time a Republican has a celebrity in. Think Nixon and Elvis. And with Trump the loathing among the snobs is ugly.

Kardashian was there to lobby for prison reform, and to ask President Trump to commute the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, 63, who had already served 21 years of a life sentence after she was convicted on charges of conspiracy to possess cocaine and attempted possession of cocaine.

Today, President Trump commuted her sentence.

Or to put it in terms the media understands, President Chiclet Teeth agreed with Miss Elvira-Wannabe and commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson.

Barack Obama turned her down.

Trump now has more credibility among America than the media does.

That is stunning. Perhaps this is the consequence of calling him a liar all the time — even to the point of deliberately misquoting him. The constant mocking also does not help.

President Trump is fulfilling the decades-long goals of conservatives.

With prison reform, he now sets his eyes on the parts of the liberal agenda that are good.

But the deep thinkers keep criticizing his style, which frankly, I like.

But I like the substance even more.


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  1. This is a way for Trump to engage the audience of the fake media world and force them to defend their own turf with little or no actual expenditure of energy on his part. They then have an attack of the vapors over it and when they wake up from their fainting spell suddenly realize that they've fallen for it again and given him a boatload of free press.

    I wonder how many times they've sworn off this only to be seduced over and over again, like the "good girl" whom everyone in school knows is a ditzy slut being played by all the players.

  2. Last I looked, the Queen of the Cardassians was an American citizen and has as much right to talk to the President as the press.

    PS Like the orange.

    1. It's not just orange. It's Trump Orange.

  3. 'chiclet teeth'? Right.

    That'll get you More Trump.

    Keep on writing that brand of stupidity, The New Yorker, you're doing great!

  4. this alone will get Trump 25% of the black vote, next election.

    1. I sincerely hope you're right about the 25%, but it will be a combo of this, Kanye West, Candace Owens -- AND the lowest unemployment rate for blacks since WW II.

  5. Donald is a master . . .

    The Eagles try an end around? He tackles their whole squad at once - behind the line line of scrimmage!

    He's having a great month with "Kim's" - the short pudgy one from NK, and the darling of the left who met with the "Terrible Orange" in his own den, and had good things to say about POTUS and even better things when Donald commuted the sentence of the 63 year-old woman Kim had asked him about.

    He lives rent-free in the MSM's mind. It is a fine things to watch

  6. Wow. I haven't seen prose that well crafted since sophomore English composition class in high school.

    1. Yes, I meant Naomi Fry's.
      (I was expecting her to flower it up a bit more by mentioning a recalcitrant garage door in there someplace.)

  7. Kardashian will make a fortune from this picture, and Trump, while he will make no money, may reap some political and personal popularity gain from his "good deed", especially since Kanye will now definitely be allowed to show up to praise him again without threat of conjugal lockout.
    Meanwhile the New Yorker staff is trying to unionize, claiming poverty wages from their owner, Conde Nast, owned by a billionaire liberal. This seems to be the nettle under Ms Fry's blanket. She, an elite wordsmith forging shining copy in the furnace of the Gods, is worthy of honor, respect and great coin, yet she beholds these two gaudy creatures, crowning each other with golden laurel, smiling together behind the throne unjustly stolen from her deposed mistress, while she herself, poor girl, can only afford a pizza slice for lunch, and that in the company of blue collar rabble, who are always tearing up the street outside ,and give her no preference in line.

  8. 20 years of incarceration for a first-time drug offense, even a serious one, seems more than enough punishment to warrant a commutation. People serve less time for manslaughter or even murder. And as the article said, the sentencing law changed a lot after Johnson was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Good decision by the Prez. Let's have more of them. There should be compassion served with justice.

  9. Trump has done more for Blacks in 500 days than Obama did for them his whole life. That must prove Trump is a racist?

  10. Mr. T: Doing the right thing. Would that Liberal blowhards would do the same.

  11. Same "media" clowns that thought this visit outrageous were openly cheering when Obama hired, for a full time job at the WH, Kal Penn of the "Harold and Kumar" juvenile 'comedies'.

  12. The elitist meltdown continues, they hate the fact that Trump is already more successful then their god, all hair Obama or the Queen of Darkness Hillary would ever be.
    Tear, gnashing of teeth and huge head doctor bills.

  13. Gee. Not one word about how Trump recycled the Clinton's drapes rather than sticking the taxpayer with a bill for a new set.