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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Iranian revolts. U.S. media sleeps

The American news media blackout of the Iranian revolution continues. People who promote themselves as the world leader in news are ignoring the problems the mullahs of Persia face in the wake of President trump's sanctions, and the passive-aggressive efforts by the Gulf states to end the regime and its sponsorship of terrorism.

So we must use non-mainstream reports. Less reliable.

"Tens of thousands of truck drivers across Iran continued a nationwide strike on Friday, marking its 11th consecutive day," a pro-revolution web site reported on Friday.

Taxi drivers are joining in.

"In recent days Snap taxi drivers – an agency affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards – also went on strike in the cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Yazd, Shirvan, Isfahan, and Shiraz," the site reported.

Let that sink in. That's big.

If true.

Another pro-revolution web site put this in perspective.

"The strike is unprecedented in its scope and strength of unity. Though this is not the first trucker strike in recent years – the largest was limited to just four cities in March of 2016 – none have reached the extensive and broad reach of this one. The current strike has spread to over 249 cities in all of Iran’s 31 provinces. Footage of striking truckers resisting security forces, encouraging unity, admonishing strikebreakers, parading empty loads on the nation’s highways, has spiked on social media networks such as Twitter, Telegram, and other platforms," that site reported.

Economic sanctions work, the site said.

"US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear accord (JCPOA) and the kicking in of US sanctions will further force Iran to face up to its internal contradictions, expediting the socio-political process of change in Iran. Lacking the slush fund provided to it by the JCPOA and foreign business investments, Iran will have to make hard choices. Protesters earlier this year chanted: “Leave Syria alone, think about us” as they admonished the regime for wasting resources for domestic development on warmongering adventurism in the region. The slogan pits ordinary Iranians against a government that is increasingly isolated. So much so that recent sanctions on the regime garnered 'Way to go Trump!' graffiti in Tehran, however surprising that may seem," the site said.

Meanwhile, the Teamsters are standing with the Iranian truck drivers.
But CNN has ignored the story in favor of breaking news that a woman who just had kidney surgery isn't leaving the house.

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  1. Not usually a big union fan, but that tweet by the Teamsters was damn good. Now, we gotta put words into actions. I’d give those Iranian truckers some money in a heartbeat, but...where to send it? Who to send it to?

    1. “I’d give those Iranian truckers some money in a heartbeat“

      What those guys most need is a roll of Iranian quarters (fitted neatly inside the fist) for when the mullahs send the Pinkertons in.

  2. The upside is, if they were reporting it, they would be rooting for the mullahs.

  3. Did you really write "less reliable" than the msm? Dude!

    1. My thoughts as well. How do you get less reliable than CNN? But then I realized there is a difference between reliability and honesty. If it is on CNN, you know it aint so.

  4. Gee CNN- Melina has had serious, major surgery! Give US a break...
    Iran is about to hang the Mullahs and no one cares.
    BTW they will be gone by mid-July...TG

  5. There's a fellow on Twitter who goes into deep analysis of what's been going on in Iran and the mid-east based on local reports. @ThomasWictor is worth reading. He's been reporting for months that the mullahs in Iran are losing control.

    1. YES! I get Thos. Wictor unrolled Twitter threads via email. First thing I check every day to see if there's a new one. Most amazing stuff anywhere. I love that weird guy.

  6. A union affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards is part of this?

    If true, that is a game-changer.

  7. Pressure. Constant pressure. If every other country would strictly adhere to the sanctions, regime change could be achieved in short order. Too bad we can't depend on France or Russia.

  8. "But CNN has ignored the story in favor of breaking news that a woman who just had kidney surgery isn't leaving the house."

    Yes, and she has a young school-age child who is probably going through final exams. But yeah, she should be out getting on TV like the Clintons and most politicians would.

  9. Why are Melania's possible health problems getting so much attention from the media while Hillary Clinton's serious health problems (as suggested by the heavy jackets and large scarfs she has been wearing) are ignored?

    1. HiLlARy doesn't have a health problem, America has a health problem. What ever is killing her is doing it too slow.