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Monday, June 25, 2018

Iran is cracking up

Two months ago, President Trump said on Fox News that Obama gave Iran "$150 billion, giving $1.8 billion in cash — in actual cash carried out in barrels and in boxes from airplanes."

Instead of using that money to buttress Iran's economy, the mullahs spent it on anti-Israeli terrorism. Iran's mullahs invested unwisely. Israel is stronger today and Iran's economy is collapsing before our very eyes.

A nationwide truckers strike began a month ago, which brought the economy to a standstill. The Iranian rial has collapsed, dropping in value from 30,000 per $1 to more than 80,000 per $1. Then it rose to 90,000 in a single day, and they halted the foreign exchange market.

"Protesters angered by Iran's cratering economy confronted police officers in front of parliament on Monday, with security forces firing tear gas at them, according to online videos, the first such confrontation after similar demonstrations rocked the country at the start of the year," the Associated Press reported.

"The unplanned demonstration came a day after protests forced two major shopping centers for mobile phones and electronics to close in Tehran and after demonstrators earlier closed its Grand Bazaar.

"It also signaled widespread unease beneath the surface in Iran in the wake of President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw America from Tehran's nuclear deal with world powers."

Obama's final legacy is being nuked by the people. They are rising and throwing off the yoke of Obama's death-to-America friends.

Losing the Grand Bazaar is a big deal.

"Tehran's sprawling Grand Bazaar has long been a center of conservatism in Iranian politics and remains an economic force within the country — despite the construction of massive malls around the city. Bazaar families opposed the Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and supported the 1979 Islamic Revolution that saw him replaced by the Shiite theocracy and elected officials," the Associated Press reported.

"At the end of last year, similar economic protests roiled Iran and spread to some 75 cities and towns, becoming the largest demonstrations in the country since its 2009 disputed presidential election. The protests in late December and early January saw at least 25 people killed and nearly 5,000 people arrested by authorities."

After weeks of having to follow this story through suspect sources, the Western press finally is able to report on the subject. They face many dangers and obstacles.

The Bazaar merchants wanted change 40 years ago for the same reason they want it today: their government failed them.

Come to think of it, that is why so many of us voted for President Trump.


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  1. Thomas Wictor has been reporting on Twitter for months that the mullahs have lost Iran. He links to reports our media deliberately ignores because it would support President Trump.

    Previous demonstrations took place only in the large cities and were quickly put down by the Iranian guard. Months ago demonstrations started breaking out in smaller towns and villages all over Iran - too numerous for the mullah controlled guards.

    Wictor also argued that the Israelis could not have gotten half a ton of documents from a high secured facility without the help of those Iranian guards doing the securing.

    1. Yep. Encouraging stuff. I hope Thomas's assertion that Iran will flip soon without war unfolds. Even if quietly. Peace in the ME would be awesome, even if our media would be determined not to give any credit to the Gulf Council and Pres Trump... and Israel. Even though all 3 pieces are integral. We'll see soon enough I guess.

    2. I read Wictor too and believe in what he says. It makes sense and there is some evidence to back it up. Hope he is right about this one.

  2. Who cares? Once the mullahs are overthrown, these barbarians will just replace them with another maniac hell bent on a war with Israel. These people don't understand democracy or peace.

    1. Iran got along nicely with the world for a long time before David Rockefeller bought the Presidency for Ol' Bucketmouth.

    2. I have Iranians in my family.
      They are quite civilized. they had a monotheistic civlization (Zoroastrian)based while Europeans were worshiping Oak trees.. Acutally I see them changing the name back to Persia.. TG

  3. The plan was Saudi Arabia first, North Korea second and then on to Iran. Plan is to have that settled or in serious progress by Thanksgiving. Two down and one to go.

  4. It's just a matter of time. Most Iranians like the U.S. My VA doctor is Iranian. President Trump said we will help if they ask. Hmmm, two countries, North Korea and Iran, both needing a helping hand, both already being gently guided toward self-determination by the U.S. Sounds like a major geopolitical realignment - and a major investment opportunity. - Elric

  5. I have a feeling you take out the mullahs, the Assads collapse by themselves.


    1. Nope. I'm getting the exact same gas mileage. Except to add: maybe Hezbollah in Lebanon, too? Although maybe a little more slowly than Assad.

  6. In Iran the shiite has hit the fan!

  7. “A nationwide truckers strike began a month ago, which brought the economy to a standstill.”

    I wonder what’s Farsi for “We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done”...?

  8. Iran has had economic sanctions on it's Islamic theocracry close to near the religious jihad against fhe Shah.

    In 2009, the people stood up and the Green Revolution occurred. Obama did nothing in support and took a long time to even respond to the blossoming of freedom in Iran.

    In other words, per official US policy led by our President, overthrowing a tyrranical Islamic government in Iran was wrong.

    Fast forward to 2015. Something occurred. Someone reached out to Obama.

    Obama and the ONLY US Secretary of State to have once denounced America as akin to Ghengis Khan hatched a plan to prop up the Islamic thugs in Iran.

    If Obama had not sent $$ to Iran and got rid of the sanctions, would have freedom blossomed in Iran?

    Whose side was Obama really on?


  9. God bless those truckers. I’m sensing there could be a Lech Walesa somewhere among them.

  10. Trump is on pace to maul and malign Mullahs, Muellers and Mullets (if Jimmy Fallon decides to wear one).

  11. You give the population in Iran way too much credit. Give it prosperity and you would see terroristic fundamentalism across its entire social strata. It's what they do.

  12. It's what Islam does.

    What did women do an wear under the Shah?

    There ya go.