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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Illegal labor hurt restaurants

The reason Sarah Sanders and other administration officials are being kicked out of restaurants is economic, not virtue signaling. The restaurant business relies on imported labor, particularly the illegal kind.

Cheap labor carries an economic price, which Democrats did not realize in the antebellum South, and do not realize today.

Consider the thresher. Before Cyrus McCormick popularized the machine beginning in the 1850s, vast armies wielding scythes were used to harvest grain.

Sales were slow at first because he lived in Virginia. He sold seven reapers in 1842, 29 in 1843, and 50 in 1844.

There was no market in the South because slaves worked cheap. You fed them some rice, clothed them in rags, and housed them in shacks. The big cost was in buying them. Given the choice between buying a machine and buying a slave, these fools bought slaves.

In 1847, McCormick moved to Chicago, opened a factory, and made a fortune selling machines throughout the North and the Midwest. The plains of the original Big Ten became the breadbasket of the world, not the states in the Southeast Conference.

The reason was labor, which cost money in the North and was an incentive to mechanize. Putting aside the horrible immorality of slavery, upon reflection, slavery retarded the Southern economy throughout its existence and for a century afterward because of the resistance to integrate former slaves and their descendants into society.

The exploitation of human labor in the coal industry was bad as well.

One of the goals of John L. Lewis, the legendary president of the United Mine Workers union was mechanization. Using machines was safer. Also, a fellow who can run a machine gets more money than a fellow whose skills are limited to a pick and shovel.

Likewise, the auto industry has mechanized as well.

Machines simply do a better job than men. This is one of the reasons behind the push to have self-driving cars.

Consider the self-order kiosks that McDonald's is installing. The push for a $15 minimum ($30,000-plus a year) is an incentive to automate. For customers, this will greatly reduce the odds of the crew messing up the order.

But slow-food restaurants have no such incentive. Labor is cheap because many hire and exploit illegal aliens.

Well, the labor is cheap to the restaurants but not to society.


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  1. I, for one, welcome our new burger maker overlords.

  2. Andrew Jackson was a Dem president. When the Dems decided they didn't want Indians in America we got the Trail of Tears.

    When Dems decided they didn't want Blacks in America, we got the Klan.

    When Dem president FDR decided he didn't want Japs in America we got internment camps.

    Now that Dems don't want white conservatives in America ... well, what do you think?

    1. ^^^ hahaha You got that right zregime! Locked and loaded here in SW FL

    2. They have no idea what they are bringing down on themselves. Sad. But if they insist. - Elric

    3. Saw a report that there are an estimated 400 million firearms owned by the citizens (much much more than the military or law enforcement). I think the estimate is low. I would bet the farm that these radical liberals own significanty less than the MAGA Americans.

    4. "Lots of dead Dems, Jim."

      Blew my beer on that one!

    5. Deplorables ain't just white conservatives.

  3. 13 mill by COB tomorrow! Roll that Train, Big D.

  4. I just read that the American public has more guns than the US military. - GOC

  5. Coal made it possible to free the slaves, everywhere

  6. How awesome is it that when the cover comes off we see why the left is really into illegal immigration: exploitation. Whether it be potential votes or real labor it leads back to exploitation. Glad to see more and more black folks are figuring out the democrat's game too.

    1. The upper class playing the lower against the middle. Nothing new. Their problem right now is that they are losing so much of the working lower that they have to import more.

  7. Until they automate football (and baseball) players, the SEC will continue to dominate the Big 10.

  8. Not just the Dems, Hoss.

    The Chamber of Commerce types (long stalwarts of the GOPe) want that cheap labor. Houses won't frame themselves, bricks don't lay themselves. Plus, chickens aren't going to process themselves, y'know. And *someone* has to pick the veggies.

    The Dems want to keep the poverty rolls filled, thereby keeping their buddies on the payrolls of the various "helping" agencies and filling the teaching positions and providing fodder for the "helping" educational enterprises.

    Plus, lots a folks want Pablo doing the landscaping and Consuela watching the kids and doing the housekeeping. Off the books, of course.

    There's much blame to go around.

  9. So Krissie hasn't schedule an ICE visit at the Red Hen yet?
    What's the bloody holdup?

  10. crops rotting in the fields....

  11. A massive amount of automation happened in US industry during the Great (FDR) Depression. The artificially held high wages provided incentives to industry to introduce new technologies that had been slow to infiltrate during the booming '20s. Of course, that kept some unemployed, but it also meant the economy was primed for the production needed for the war and afterwards.

    It pained me when I realized the South didn't really escape feudalism until after WWII and really not until after the Civil Rights act. It still took 35 years or so to die out more or less.

    Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to spread feudalism (under the branding, socialism)

  12. Importing cheap labor makes for a Balkanized country. How did that work out in the Balkans?

  13. “Dirty on the outside, dirty on the inside”.