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Friday, June 15, 2018

IG report? I want indictments

Thursday's release of the Inspector's General report on the FBI's mishandling of Hillary's email case opened a few wide eyes wider.

Apparently she set up her private server not to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests but to dispense State secrets in her donations-for-secrets scheme in which she raked hundreds of millions of dollars in emoluments from foreigners and foreign governments, money that was laundered through her Fake Charity.

There is your Russian collusion

The 500-pages-plus report shows not only did the FBI cover up her crime but made up a scheme to spy on President Trump.

"The communications show favoritism towards Hillary in the agents' personal views, but also in how various aspects of the investigation should be conducted. They also reveal a rancid contempt towards Donald Trump as well as Americans who support him," J. Christian Adams wrote.

Among other things, they called 63 million Americans pieces of shit.

The FBI is run by people who think they are above the law.

They may be right.

Missing from this document are the indictments.

Jimmy the Weasel Comey should be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and sundry other crimes like the common criminal he is.

Arrogant Andrew McCabe, Peter the Politician Strzok, Lisa Page, and a whole slew of other agents need to be arrested, jailed, and charged with every crime possible.

This calls for a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization prosecution because these boys and girls turned a federal agency into their private protection racket.

We know this was going on for years because there is a casual, business-as-usual air to the way they conducted their crimes.

The record shows this.

They prosecuted Democratic Senator Robert Menendez -- a rap he beat -- because he publicly opposed the Iran deal.

They prosecuted Republican Senator Ted Stevens in order to taint him and get a 60th senator so Obama could pass Obamacare without a filibuster. His conviction came only because the Department of Justice broke the law and withheld evidence that would have cleared Stevens. By the time his name was cleared, Democrats had their 60th senator.


Ray Donovan.

The FBI is a rogue agency that has the power to thwart the democratic part of our republic.

As nice as the report is, it is meaningless unless someone goes on trial and is convicted and given enough prison time to put him away for life.

In fact, many, many people must be tried for their crimes and shown no mercy at sentencing so that the message is clear: the FBI is not above the law.

Do not count on this happening. Prosecution is in the hands of U.S. Attorney John Huber of Utah.

I have absolutely no faith in Huber's desire to clean out the stables of the FBI. He was appointed by Obama with the blessing of the longest serving senator, Orrin Hatch.

But we shall see. I would love to be wrong on this.


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  1. The whole problem with the left wing view of things is obliviousness to the fact that a thing cannot be greater than the sum of its parts. They think that the federal government can exceed the sum of the people and states that make up that whole, and act according to that assumption. That conceit is the reason that our union may have to be broken up in fifty years, or perhaps earlier. And it is the arrogance born of that kind of thinking that produces people within the government who think that they are above the laws that the rest of us are expected to live by.

    This cannot be allowed to stand.

    Keeping things the way they are means that anyone running for office or engagingnin any kind of activism whatever, on the right side of the spectrum is walking around with a target on his back.

    Either we get indictments, or a major issue for conservative candidates going forward is going to be dissolution of the FBI itself.

  2. Now the public knows what the Feds think of them. This is the difference.

    Watch who makes ads out of all this and runs on them. All of the Whigs who retired can now be replaced by real Republicans.

  3. "The FBI is a rogue agency that has the power to thwart the democratic part of our republic."

    And it always has been.

  4. Actually Don, Huber was appointed by B-43,
    held over by 0. He has little in his record that shows his hand. There is evidence that here are at least five grand juries impaneled. Keep an eye on
    Prestap and Page-someone is singing.
    Also the Summary is completely different from the report. This is the "end of the
    beginning." TG

  5. Is this the spin over at Fox & Friends?

    Your Russian collusion has Manafort locked up...tampering with witnesses...

    IG dinged Comey for bias in releasing Hillary details, but not even peep about the investigation into Trump campaign Russian collusion. So much for bias against Trump, the bias is obvious for Trump. His glass house was untouched.

    If it's porn star payoffs funded from oligarch funded slush funds managed by Cohen or Trump claiming he has no Russia connections while trying to get Russian financing for a Trump Tower Moscow, the hits just keep on coming.

    Trump was clear on why he fired Comey. There's tape--the idiot confessed to obstruction to Lester Holt.

    1. You may someday develop an intelligent thought but unfortunately it isn't today. Keep babbling the talking point and drolling in the corner.

    2. Your lies by a corrupt special council to an Obama corrupt judge have an innocent man locked up...


    3. Anon!

      Our pet troll!

      As to your comment above, I would suggest remedial reading of your own comments.

      However - were you actually above-board, you'd have a handle instead what you use, and you would engage others with logical, constructive criticism.

      But that is not your forte. You like your little, cheap potshots, as though you have descended from on high to correct us mere plebes. It might be a fanciful way of looking at things for yourself as an SJW Gamma, but mostly, you just read like your very average troll.

      But I kinda like you. Reading the news each day, one needs a good laugh every so often. To that end, I find you quite consistent.

      Thanks! ;-)

    4. Manafort has nothing to do with Mueller's "prime directive" of uncovering evidence of Trump/Russian collusion. Manafort was simply a bone from long ago that Mueller threw out into the public domain to give the appearance of really accomplishing something. Obviously you fell for that.

  6. This is what I thought when I first read about her "bathroom" server. She'd sell her own mother to the Russians for a nickle if they would take her and then pay Hill the shill

  7. What we do kn ow from this tepid IG report is that the mishandling of classified documents in the Obama-Clinton State Department was so rampant that if the DoJ had indicted Clinton they would have had to clean house and indict one hundred or more lower level State Dept. staffers for the same crime, and that was something the Obama administration was never going to do. Hillary was too big to jail.

    1. There was also the "problem" with Obama also knowing and using her server. He would also have to have been indicted along with the others. (And I would also guess he sent classified info over the server as well.)

      One of the things I did notice about the Clinton email scandal...While HER electronic devices were searched, her closest aides devices were NOT. (Anthony Weiner's laptop was searched only because emails were found by someone else...and he was not one of her aides, just the husband of one.)

    2. James, you're right that Clinton's electronic devices were searched- at least those that weren't smashed into bits with hammers, or which had been "bleachbitted" into nothingness, that is.

      Not that that's indication of a criminal mind eliminating evidence, no no no!

      Why, I'm sure the thought never occurred to her, and has nothing to do with her outburst after losing the election when she screamed, "We'll all hang by nooses!" Pure coincidence, I'm sure!

  8. My theory is that Comey wasn't "insubordinate". He was the firebreak between the FBI and Lynch/Obama. By pretending they had nothing to do with and were unaware of Comey absolving her, Comey got a book deal of $8 million. Of course, at the time, they never expected Trump to win so it was SOP to limit recourse to the top.

    Since then, Comey has probably gotten a lot more to keep his mouth shut - including no jail time.

  9. Today McConnell said he felt that the end of the Muller probe was overdue. I see this as important because it is only the Senate that can approve a new IG. His statement was a message to Muller, Schumer, Sessions and even DT that he is confident in holding the majority or increasing it and that if DT should want to fire Sessions and bring in a real IG with loyalty to him, destroy Muller and give the finger to the impeachmenters, he will support him. Media howling would only improve DTs chances in 20, and even give our humorless troll more photonic energy. The IG report is also good campaign fodder. In addition to being deplorable those who voted for Trump are POS. I'm sure the voice over job for that ad is already being auditioned.
    An interesting question is: who created the deep state? Was it suis generis or was there a God of Selfishness and Contempt? I really don't know as my connection to it has been broken for many years. It was not present under Bill Clinton. I can say that with some certainty

  10. Say goodbye to the old Boss.
    Say hello to the new Boss.
    No new Bosses after this if struggle to regain a government for the people by the people fails.

    1. Your confidence is as underwhelming as your cynicism is overwhelming.

  11. This particular release/version was heavily redacted by Rosentstein. It is not the complete report. True, there were a few nuggets of gold in it, but redaction is not merely "blacking out a word or name," but subtly changing sentence structure or injecting or removing certain key words, as Comey did with "intent" in absolving Hillary. Comey knew the law did not permit "intent" as a criteria,

    I consider yesterday's release as the final nail in Rosenstein's coffin. Good. He can follow his buddy McCabe to their joint fate. Plus - it gave the media and commenters something to chew on for a week or so. Beyond that, not too much to be gleaned from it.

    I might also add - Those who wrote the Overdraft - from which the media and many others are drawing, was not written by Horowitz. And if one reads the entire report, even though in redacted form, one can see how the writers of the Overdraft tried to soften or contradict that which followed in the actual body of the report.

    Gives me time to stock up on popcorn and brewskis for when the UNredacted copy is finally ordered by VSG.

    Then, I will break out my party hat and party horn.

    That will be the show which I have been awaiting.

  12. A long patient wait, and it still drags on. When do the citizens form a "posse" and do our own "Citizens

    1. Papa88 -

      Our President and his team have worked long and hard for 15 months to undo 50 years or more of this fecal matter. What is 15 months or so set in those terms? Not much.

      You can be sure that no one is more impatient than the King of Impatience - The Donald. Yet observe his patience. He could have seriously interjected himself in this whole process months ago, but he chose to let his team do the work. He may have been "behind" the building of his various properties around the word, but others do the actual construction.

      Besides - consider - not only does he want an airtight case against the perps (since this is probably our only chance of ever effectively dealing with the deep state), he wants to get ALL the perps he can. That requires shrewd planning and patience.

      I more than believe Donald has earned our trust (and our patience!) thus far on that account! All the best . . .

    2. Yes, your right. Got out of control. Then thinking that the Attorney General, took on a staff and from them pick his trusted staff. 8 years of Obama's to pick from. What a challenge that would and will be.

  13. President Trump is not one to let bygones be bygones. His modus operandus is to strike back at enemies who have wronged him. So I don't think that Huber is going to let these scumbags off the hook. YMMV

  14. Only if Jeff Sessions wants it -- but I don't believe he really wants it. McCabe & Comey will be considered enough. And 2 slices are better than nothing, tho ... I want the whole loaf. Do the American people, like those who voted for Crooked Clinton, really deserve better gov't?

    The dirty FBI deserves more cleaning.

    1. And is Christopher Wray up to the task?
      Does he even believe it necessary?
      President Trump seems to thinks so.