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Friday, June 22, 2018

“I wear his ashes in a locket. That is how I get to hug my son.”

“I’m one of your legal immigrants,” Sabine Durden told reporters at the White House today.

A German, she married an American soldier and gave birth to Dominic Durden in Nurenberg more on January 22, 1982. The family settled in California, and her son became a 911 Dispatcher for Riverside Sherriff’s Department, saving lives.

An illegal alien killed him on July 12, 2012, by driving a truck into Durden's motorbike.

The homicide devastated his mother. The media largely ignored her plight. She was his best friend. The killer got nine months in jail. Durden had to fight to get him deported. The county is a "sanctuary city."

"Dominic was recognized on numerous occasions for his work in the community receiving 87 letters of recommendations along with 111 school and work award certificates, some of which were awarded to him by former President Bill Clinton and Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbra Boxer," a tribute page to him said today.

But it was Donald Trump who saved her son's memory and her life.

"This is my only child. I have no family. That’s it," Durden said today.

"The public needs to know and they deserve to know that this could happen to each one of you at any second.

"Thank God our president and vice president … they rallied behind us,” she continued. “They were the only ones and gave us a little light. I was gonna end my life — I had no purpose. But President Trump coming down that escalator that day and talking about illegal immigration stopped me in my tracks and I had no clue at that point that I would ever be at the White House.

"Make sure you get our stories out. I wear his ashes in a locket. That is how I get to hug my son."

Her support of President Trump drew anger in 2016.

"I’ve been called racist, Nazi, Hitler," she said.

Her husband (the father of her only child) was black.

But the news media by and large ignores the real tragedy of open borders. Time magazine's cover of Trump and a crying girl was Fake News. The child cried because she was tired and thirsty, according to her mother, an illegal alien who was never separated from her.

 An illegal alien separated a mother from her son. Time should put her on its cover. Both sides of the story need telling, and we have heard quite enough from one side.


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  1. The Daily Caller: "Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) called for mass immigration to the United States during a speech Tuesday declaring it a “human right” for all North Americans."

    That is a declaration of war. Gird your loins. Deploy the military. Shit just got real. - Elric

    1. It's not a human right when you cross the Mexican border, is it?

  2. Bravo. We need these stories.
    Death to the Enemedia.

  3. Obrador, you can place your mouth around my Johnson. That’s a despicable, disgusting statement. You’re right Elric - these wets are getting out of control. Decline all wedding invitations to Mexico, and arm up.

  4. "An illegal alien separated a mother from her son. Time should put her on its cover. Both sides of the story need telling, and we have heard quite enough from one side."

    Thank you, Mr. Surber. As a christian, I am called to love God with all of my heart, to love my neighbor like myself, and also, to respect the laws of the country I live in. Thus the balance.

    There are immigrants who come here illegally, trying to seek a better life for their families. I would do the same. And, there is a lot of them. What do we do? Not a simple question.

    And, there are a lot of folks who come here who are the dredge of their societies, criminals, gang members, terrorists who wish to filter in to cause us harm. I am all for building a wall to protect us. But, what to we reasonably do about those who are here illegally, but would otherwise make good citizens. That is what the president is trying to solve - God Bless Him.

    The left? They are evil. They don't give a damn about these folks. Just another prop for them as usual, and they will spit them out when they are no longer useful.

  5. Getting fat on popcorn.

  6. Are the fences and walls along our porous southern border electrified? If not, why not?

  7. And booby-trapped and connected to a central monitoring system. - Elric

    1. Gotta think combined services.

      Shrikes, sharks, shrews. All mutant, naturally.

  8. There’s a strange synchronicity between the situations in California and Germany.

    You know, back in the 1980s, the assumption of the Palestinians was that they would soon win by outcompeting the Israelis demographically through having a much higher birthdate.

    Then the Soviet Union fell, and large numbers of Soviet bloc Jewish folk emigrated to Israel, thereby throwing a monkey wrench in that Palestinian plan.

    Western nations may find something similar happening soon with waves of first Swedish and Dutch refugees, followed by Germans, French, etc, fleeing the growing Eurabian anarchy.

    Doubtful those refugees will be fans of the Democrats’ open border policies.

    One also wonders whether known anti-American Euro-trash activists realize that they’ll automatically be the last in the queue.

  9. Bring on those Skandie babes, Dave! Woo Hoo!

    1. I still have the hots for Agnatha Faltskog.

  10. I don’t know how the 2018 elections won’t be a red wave, short of democrat cheating.

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  12. Bob Clark, the Director who brought us A Christmas Story, along with his son were killed by an illegal alien drunk driver.