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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Happy Flag Day and Birthday, Mister President

Happy Birthday Army, Too. You survived 3 1/2 years of Specialist Surber!


  1. Gotta hang my flag out. Only three of us flag wavers in the neighborhood, one a retired Marine. Always a pretty sight when the breeze catches it and spreads it out.

  2. My Army. 243 years of tradition unhampered by progress. Loved it and irritated by others in it for 20 years, 1967-1994 (Yes, break in service. Glad I went back in. Hated working at IRS.)

  3. Five years of age.

    When you learn your letters, you learn your numbers, and you learn not to let her touch the ground.

  4. The Army survived Little Big Horn, Pearl Harbor, the Confederate Army, and Zippy, so the odds were with it, but, yes, to the greatest fighters in the world.

    Happy Birthday. And to that Grand Old Flag it defends.

  5. Today I'm flying the Betsy Ross flag (thirteen stars in a circle) over top of my Gadsden flag (rattlesnake coiled and "Don't Tread On Me").

    Added Bonus: My daughter took her Oath of Enlistment yesterday.

    - Elric

    1. Elric, wonderful news!

      Congratulations to your daughter from this old USAF vet! May she always have clear skies and soft landings!

  6. At our family reunion campouts, we do a flag-raising. It is my privilege to teach the younger folks the proper way to do a color guard and how to fold it.
    As an AFROTC cadet in 1972 I marched a color guard at a ceremony honoring Jimmy Doolittle and got to shake his hand afterward. My little touch of history.