Sunday, June 10, 2018

Experts vs. Trump on Singapore

They got the Republican nomination wrong.

They got the election wrong.

They got Russian collusion wrong.

Let us turn to our experts for guidance on this week's summit between President Donald John Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Richard N. Haass is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and author of "A World in Disarray."

"The unraveling of G-7 summit works in NK’s favor as @realDonaldTrump will not want to bust up 2 summits in a row lest people conclude he is the problem. Increases incentive for Kim to up his asks and limit his compromises and for Trump to do the opposite. Hardly the ideal context," Haass tweeted.

Well, the summit was a failure for someone, but it wasn't for Donald Trump.

Haass did get this right, but for the wrong reason, "Whatever you think of ⁦President Donald Trump⁩, the reality is that when it comes to foreign policy and trade he represents a radical departure from every other American president since Truman.  He aims to disrupt not preserve the world order he inherited."

It failed. We are trying the Trump Doctrine now.

Brian Klaas, DPhil from Oxford, and author of "How to Rig an Election" and a Washington Post columnist, tweeted, "Keep in mind during the summit: Kim Jong-un is a monster. He starves his people; jails, tortures and kills those who defy his ruthless regime; murders dissidents by burning them alive with a flamethrower or blowing them to bits with an anti-aircraft gun — for his viewing pleasure."

So we should just shun him and let him keep the nukes.

The spin if President Trump wins comes from Professor Michael McFaul.

"Tomorrow, the entire world will be treating Kim Jong un as a global leader, on stage with the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Human rights, assassinations abroad, etc. will unlikely be mentioned. That is a tremendous achievement for North Korean diplomacy," he tweeted.

And where would we be without the polls?

"Asked which factor they viewed to be most important in influencing North Korea’s stated willingness to negotiate the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, 38 percent of Americans said it was a perceived tough line, including pressure and threats, taken by the Trump administration, while 29 percent said North Korea feels it has strong negotiating leverage after its success in developing and testing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM); 31 percent thought a bigger factor was international efforts, such as U.N. sanctions and Chinese pressure," Politico reported.

Yes because the polls are always right, and polls are how we determine the truth.

Of course, experts wrote the summit off last month. Consider this from Julian Borger, the Guardian's world affairs editor.

"The short, turbulent history of the Trump-Kim summit, from its surprise announcement in March to its abrupt cancellation on Thursday, is the chronicle of a trainwreck foretold," he wrote on May 24.

After Trump uncancelled the summit, there New York Times, citing imaginary White House sources, said holding the summit was now impossible.

Now the Times has taken a different Debbie Downer approach.

"As President Trump prepares to meet Kim Jong-un in Singapore, the focus is rightly on nuclear weapons. But let’s not forget something else: North Korea is by far the most totalitarian country in the world. Trump should make clear to Kim that what makes a nation 'modern' is not just McDonald’s franchises, but also an end to torture and a measure of freedom," Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times wrote.

Goalpost moving is what the Times does best.

But it is a sign that Trump is winning.

And that the experts may be wrong.



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  1. May be wrong? I wouldn't give them that much credit, especially when discussing the Donald. These "experts" are the ones who got us here. They are less reliable than the polls. And the polls are not worth the breath it takes to mention them. -- BJ54

    1. "Find out what the experts think, then do the opposite."

    2. Expert:

      Ex - A has-been or also-ran. No longer involved

      Spurt = A small drip under pressure.

  2. I believe President Trump sent Un the message that he won't be afraid to walk if he doesn't get a satisfactory deal.
    That should weaken un's position rather than strenghten it. But, what do I know. I'm not the "expert."

  3. If the price of peace in Korea and an end to the Nork nuke threat is stroking Lil' Kim's ego and giving Pyongyang a Mickey D's franchise, that would be a steal.

    Everything we've tried for the past 70 years has failed. How could Trump do any worse?

  4. I'm working on a Liberal Exploding Head Splatter Shield (TM). If President Trump succeeds in bringing a reforming North Korea into the international community sales will go through the roof. - Elric

    1. patent it and sell the rights. You'll make a fortune!!

  5. “The unraveling of G-7 summit works in NK’s favor as @realDonaldTrump will not want to bust up 2 summits in a row lest people conclude he is the problem.”

    I don’t get that vibe at all. Quite the contrary.

    Firstly, Trump will kick over as many card-tables as need kicking, and not lose a minute’s sleep over it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is closing their eyes at midday, and insisting that the Sun has set.

    Secondly, It’s in Kim’s interest now to be the anti-Justin. Kim has the opportunity to be the smooth, mature, reasonable negotiator before the world. Not at all like that Canadian man-child that Trump just wasted his time on.

    The serious North Korean main-feature film that follows the Canadian cartoon, as it were.

  6. Experts be damned. Ordinary North Koreans are desperate for change. Trump may be their last hope for a long time.

  7. I would think the first American delegate in the room would be Rodman. Mr. T will stay outside. They’ll chill, smoke a door together (Worm’s trip is being paid for by Potcoin, BTW) and then by the time Mr. T arrives, all he’ll have to do is mention the Golden Arches and Rocket Man will be putty in his hands.

  8. Oh, shit. Smoke a door? A doob.

    1. So, hold off on the print-run of the creepy Jim Morrison packaging labels then?

    2. Yeah, pretty much. F—-ing spellcheck.

    3. Riders in the Storm.

    4. doobie doobie door...

    5. I dunno, I kinda like "Riders on the Door."

      It has a certain je ne sais quoi, if you dig my meaning, if you follow my drift!

  9. “The short, turbulent history of the Trump-Kim summit ... is the chronicle of a trainwreck foretold.”

    And yet, the train’s still rolling down the line.

    The only expert this “turbulent history” needs is the one who sang about keeping your hand upon the throttle, and your eye upon the rail.

  10. I remember the wonderful Victor Davis Hanson's advice to Trump after the 2016 election:
    "Open the NY Times every day and read Bret Stephens' column. Then, do the opposite of what he advises."

    Maybe this "pay attention to the experts" is the secret to Trump's success!

  11. In cancelling, Trump established who needed the meeting more, Kim. I have a feeling that some things are going to get hashed out and that some kind of framework for moving forward will be established. I doubt that anything earth shattering will come out of this. If they simply come out and say that further meetings will be held, that will be a success. If Kim walks out we have lost nothing. The nuke probram is already gone, and there will be other opportunities in the future.

    One thing we have in our favor is the behavior of China after the transfer of Hong Kong. NK is probably getting to the point it can't stand on its own much longer, and Kim is looking at the possibility of either being annexed by China, or developing a working relationship with the South and the U.S. in a transition toward unification that could end up taking decades. Blood is thicker than water. I don't think Kim wants to put his neck on the line with the Chinese.

  12. I've already ordered my commemorative medallions for this confab from the White House Gift Shop.

  13. The real fun will be watching the experts trying to declare whatever transpires as a disaster for the US and for PDJT.

    1. Well, if the Norks want their night soil (I.e. human shit), they can have their night soil. Or, a large order of McD’s fries. Their choice.

  14. Ron in Ohio Sez:
    Too far down to get much reading, @ 11:30 PM I just read your very insightful compilation Don - But - I gotta' tell ya Don, the 20 comments ahead of me may be "Me-Too's" - But - I think that this time they Trumped (No pun intended) your original 6:10 PM posting.

    You, and ALL of the commenters were GREAT!

  15. The unraveling of G-7 summit works in Putin's favor. Don "the John" Trump knows where his bread is buttered. Still probably hopes for that Trump tower Moscow.

    1. Sure.

      That's why that Blue Wave is now a dribble.

    2. I'm always amazed- and amused!- to find that people even more clueless than John Kerry actually exist.

      Keep those damp squibs coming, Anon!