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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dancing FBI agent faces felony charge

Chase Bishop got drunk, lost his gun while dancing, pulled the trigger while picking it back up,and shot a man in the leg.

Now Bishop faces a charge of second-degree assault in Denver. It doesn't matter that he's an FBI agent.

Results of a blood alcohol content test may result in additional charges, District Attorney Beth McCann said.

Second-degree assault is a felony in Colorado; a conviction would cost him his right to own a gun. GOOD.

Does anyone trust this loser with a gun?

In fact, do we really need someone this irresponsible in law enforcement?

CBS News in Denver reported the victim, Thomas Reddington, suffered a serious injury. Looks like taxpayers will have to pay for this mistake in civil court.

One of the arguments against concealed carry in bars is that idiots like Chase Bishop will get drunk and start shooting up the place.

While the shooting was unintentional, it was not accidental. Booze+irresponsible person=stupid stuff will happen. In this case, B+IP=SSWH was multiplied by a gun.

CBS reported, "The FBI is conducting an internal investigation into the incident. Among the options are termination, suspension or reprimand."

The first option sounds right to me. Thank him for his service but he is too dangerous to be in the FBI.


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  1. Semi-auto with a round in the chamber. Stupid. Just go back to issuing revolvers.

    1. Many semi-autos can be carried quite safely with a round in the chamber.

      "While the shooting was unintentional, it was not accidental." It was negligence. - Elric

    2. Never saw this kind of accident before it was common to carry those, and after modern firing mechanisms in revolvers (Hammer guard over firing pin). Recently had an acquaintance shoot himself in the leg with a Glock.

      I'm not saying people shouldn't be allowed to have these. I just think revolvers are safer. Especially in the hands of people who use handguns infrequently, and that would include FBI agents.

    3. "I just think revolvers are safer. Especially in the hands of people who use handguns infrequently,..."

      I definitely agree with that statement. - Elric

    4. Could have been arrested for DWI - Dancing While an Idiot. If dancing was a crime, was there enough evidence to arrest him? JC

    5. "Glock leg" is common, partly because so many police departments issue Glocks, and partly because the only safety they have is a trigger safety.

      Mostly someone shoots their own leg while putting the pistol in the holster, and the trigger gets accidentally pressed.

      Whatever the weapon was, he should have known better than to pick it up with his booger hook on the bang switch!

    6. All semi autos are supposed to be carried chambered. The data show no increase in negligent discharge over revolvers. Several large departments show the only real danger is first year or two after switching types of guns, not the type itself. People trained on glocks don't have higher rates of ND, but people trained on glocks and switching to revolvers and visa versa do have higher rates for a year or two after th switch

  2. Drunk, dancing, off-duty...why is the taxpayer on the hook?
    If I'm a store clerk at the local supermarket and get involved in such irresponsible behavior off duty, does that make my employer liable?
    True as a member of a law enforcement agency he rates an in house investigation as well.

  3. Wait ... the same laws that apply to us are also being applied to them? Sounds like a step in the right direction. Now move up 3 or 4 levels.

  4. If a "round in the chamber" is a problem (which it should't be, but just for argument), then revolvers aren't a solution, as they ALWAYS have a "round in the chamber" (unless one "chamber" is left unloaded). Sorry, there's just no substitute for proper gun handling, no matter what hardware is involved.

    1. Agreed. When he picked the gun up, his finger should not have been on the trigger. Operator error. Guilty as charged.

    2. Not going to argue about gun handling, but just take any empty double action revolver, put it down and pick it up with your finger on the trigger. It isn't heavy enough to cycle the hammer. most have a 3-6 pound trigger pull. Two pounds is very low, but seen occasionally. In other words, the trigger pull is usually much more if not many times the weight of the gun.

      The mechanics of them are just safer.

      It's astounding that there's any argument about this at all.

      If that agent had been carrying a revolver there's almost zero chance the same event would have occurred.

    3. Unfortunately, most people when picking something up will grip with more force. Weight of the gun isn't the largest factor, especially since he was trying to snatch it up fast.

    4. Talking real world her. Not theory. Replace the pistol with a revolver. No accident.

    5. @doc;
      Stick to what you know. Weapon management is not one of your areas of expertise. BTW, Bing is your friend.
      But thanks for playing.

    6. I've spent my whole life around and using all kinds of firearms. I know what I'm talking about, both from a clinical and practical standpoint. I have NEVER seen a person accidentally shoot themselves or anyone else with a revolver. Plenty with semi-autos.

      I think all of the argument I'm getting is from people who love their semi-autos. I have nothing against them owning them. I am simply stating the facts as I see them.

      Thanks for playing.

    7. One more thing.

      How many times have you seen a guy say, "Oh, nice gun. Can I take a look at it?" And the other guy takes out the magazine and the one in the chamber, leaves the chamber open and then hands it to the other guy.

      How many times have you seen anyone in the same situation stop and take the time to unload a revolver before letting a buddy look at it? Not too many, I'd bet. It's not as dangerous.

    8. @Tea party doc, Except revolvers do NOT have lower ND rates.

  5. Being a bad dancer isn't a crime, but it should be.

  6. Saw the following responses on twitter:

    "That one of them there good guys with a gun NRA keeps talking about?"

    "Nope. That's one of them "only government should have guns" you talk about."

  7. Saw the vid. The dude tried to do a flip, gun fell out, picked it up, boom.

    If we had a serious FBI, this guy would’ve been shitcanned. Reprimand? Are you kidding me???

  8. “The FBI is conducting an internal investigation into the incident.“

    Conclusion: “Carries like a d***head, and dances like a duck”.

  9. Don. Believe Sanford deserves to be added to your list.