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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Conservatives school NYT

Before the Internet, conservatives just had to sit back and take the false narratives and disinformation.

Not anymore.

The New York Times editorial board thought it could frame the Supreme Court decision in Trump v. Hawaii -- a challenge to his travel moratorium in 2017 -- as racist.


In the 21st century, conservatives call limousine liberals you out on their profound ignorance of the law, the Constitution, and basic facts.

On Twitter.

Which absolutely hates conservatives!

Even with the most conservative president since Reagan, we cannot underestimate the importance of conservatives pushing the Fake News and False Narratives back. The vigilance must be constant and the support mutual.

I should leave it at that with the best tweet, "I didn't know North Korea and Venezuela were Muslim countries."

But then, Brit Hume got in the act.
The media may not read comments, but we do.


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  1. Legal rules? How about statutes? The US Code. Next the NYT will be writing about "thingies" or "what you call its". These people have the nerve to call themselves the premier news organization in the United States. I know nine year olds that understand the concept of law. Unfortunately mental and emotional as well as educational six year olds work for the NYT.

  2. The Democrats conveniently forget that a lot of them voted for these laws. They at least partly, if not primarily, responsible for them. But I think President Trump has something up his sleeve. Abraham Lincoln said something like the best way to get rid of a law is to enforce it. Then who will write the new one? - Elric

  3. Islam isn't a race.

    Besides, by the criteria the left uses, race is a social construct, doesn't exist, which would seem to make racism a logical impossibility, but there exists in the world one actual race, that of white people, that besides being the only "definable" race on earth, is also the only one that can be racist, and that for any other named race, which cannot, of course exist because race isn't real, it is impossible to be racist, because this inherent character trait is only present in the white race, which, of course, doesn't actually exist.

    Got it?

  4. Libralism and logic don’t mix.
    Liberalism and the rule of law don’t mix.
    Liberalism and sanity don’t mix.

    1. Liberalism in power always degenerates towards Marxism.

      And the Marxists in power are always just one execution away from Utopia.

    2. And the first thing they do is kill off the intellectuals and revolutionaries. After, who can trust those people?

  5. It all depends on what your definition of legal rules is.

  6. BTW, this issue is by no means over. It now goes back down to the lower courts for reconsideration as to the ban's Constitutionality. Meanwhile the ban will remain in place.

  7. "The media may not read comments, but we do."

    Comments are where the real story is at.

    I don't waste my time clicking on links to any site that doesn't have a comments section.

    Can't help but notice that that includes increasingly high % of liberal sites, and virtually no Conservative ones.

  8. The internet changed everything. That's why the EU wants to shut it down.

  9. Meanwhile, Merkel’s Germany is now censoring survivors of the former East German secret police.

    That explains a lot.

  10. The New York Times is one thing... But what is really frightening is that 4 members of the Supreme Court agree with the Times' assertions here.

    1. God help us if the Dems regain any control of the Federal or state governments. Even if it's close, the eGOP will not fight them over what matters!