Monday, June 11, 2018

AP declares Kim the winner

Hours before President Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un, Eric Talmadge of the Associated Press declared Trump no match for the North Korean.

"Analysis: Wit, wisdom are likely tactics from Kim’s playbook" read the headline.

Talmadge wrote, "Dry wit. Disarming humility. An appreciation for wiggle room, and lots of it.

"After six years of self-imposed isolation from the world stage, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has demonstrated a surprisingly well stocked toolbox of negotiating tactics in high-stakes summits with the presidents of South Korea and China over the past two months."

President Trump meanwhile has only met with those two men several times plus the heads of state of three dozen other countries, as well as the pope.

Kim has the element of surprise, Talmadge wrote.

"Kim also wowed the South Koreans with his seemingly unexpected willingness to sit and have a leisurely chat with Moon as the two took a stroll through the DMZ," Talmadge wrote.

"His meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping, meanwhile, had a strong element of surprise to them as well, at least to the outside world. Trump has suggested even he didn’t know ahead of time about the second one, and expressed frustration over whether Xi might have tried to use that meeting to throw a monkey wrench into the Singapore meeting."

Not mentioned by Talmadge was Kim's shock when President Trump canceled the summit last month. Kim had to beg The Donald to take him back.

"Trump can expect Kim to be well informed and well versed in his talking points. He will almost certainly know more about the United States and its history than Trump will know about North Korea," Talmadge wrote.

How does Talmadge know this? Is the Associated Press now carrying water for someone besides the Democratic Party?

On and on the cheering went.

"Kim is, of course, the boss," Talmadge wrote.

No, that would be Bruce Springsteen.

"Ambiguity can be awesome. Expect Kim to deploy it often," Talmadge wrote.

He was gushing by then.

Talmadge is the only Western reporter in North Korea, which may explain why he is deferential to the Kim regime.

However, what purpose does it serve anyone to have a bureau in Pyongyang if all he does is cheerlead a dictator?


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  1. As Talmadge delivered his profession of love for Kim, a cry of “Hold the front-page!” rang out.

    “And hold it straight!”, added the Nork security official as he snapped Talmadge‘s photo.

  2. Didn't I read this exact same article multiple times during the 1980s? Only instead of "Kim" it said "Gorbachev" and instead of "Trump" it said "Reagan."

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Well, that's what we would say if we weren't stupid idiotic opioid-addled Trumpsters.

  3. Kim's already ahead. Trump legitimizes a brutal dictator without any commitment to inspections. Clinton could have showed up for photos. Though in Trump's defense, there's only so much he can legitimize a dictator as an illegitimate president.

    1. Go back to your troll master and get some better talking points. Those are stale and weak.

    2. Anonymous, that you imagine that the person elected to office under the rules given in the U.S. Constitution is "an illegitimate president" tells us all we need to know about the worth of your opinions.

    3. Just Anon anon-ing. His usual schtick.

    4. Brutal?

      I'll bet you didn't say that when Willie designed the Agreed Framework.

  4. “Kim’s already ahead.”

    Never bet against Donald John Trump. That was the last line in a damn good book I read.

  5. We should ask Nick Kristoff, remember him gushing about NoKo pizza a while back?

  6. Kinda like AP whining about OH being able to purge its voter rolls by SCUS.

  7. Talmadge and the AP are using CNNs Iraqi playbook. Fake news.

  8. Our local, crappy newspaper laid off most of its staff years ago. Now most articles are from the AP. I buy it whenever I want to read Democrat talking points.

    1. "I buy it whenever I want to read Democrat talking points."

      Hey, I never buy my local paper either! Same reason.

  9. These people always think in terms that there has to be a winner and a loser. They think it is a zero some game. Both sides can win.

  10. All I know is the guy on top had to pay for the other guys hotel room just so he would show up. I'm not sure how a moth eaten,panhandler can best a billionaire. Go home AP you're drunk.

    1. Wrong. It was reported yesterday that Kim's hotel was comp'd by the government of Singapore. Anyone paying attention knew this would happen. The Singaporeans aren't dumb. They know how to play this here game.

  11. I see Mr. Tallmadge's time was well spent being indoctrinated into the reclusive dictatorship of North Korea. I am sure that AP appreciates the training received and will keep you employed for not for his skill or talent but because he supports the agenda of stupidity.

  12. Bootlicking of dictator Saddam worked for CNN; none should be surprised some journo thinks it will work for AP.

    But I'm sure Trump is willing for the elites to all claim Kim wins, as long as Trump gets what he thinks is best for America.

  13. "Talmadge wrote, 'Dry wit. Disarming humility. An appreciation for wiggle room, and lots of it.'"

    Huh. You'd think a snake would know more about wiggling, wouldn't you?

    Talmadge must be one of those fangless ones; I guess they wiggle differently. Good thing Trump's dealt with the poisonous variety and knows how they twist!