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Saturday, June 16, 2018

After North Korea, Pakistan

President Trump's pacification of North Korea -- getting Kim Jong Un to denuclearize -- has a ripple effect.

In Pakistan.

The story in the New York Times -- "U.S. Drone Strike Kills Leader of Pakistani Taliban, Pakistan Says" -- was progress. Drones took out Mullah Fazlullah, who terrorized the countryside in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"Mr. Fazlullah has been the most-wanted militant in Pakistan for years. His organization has carried out hundreds of attacks against both Pakistani security forces and civilians, including an assault on a school in Peshawar in 2014 that killed 145 people or more, including at least 132 children," the Times said.

For a few years, he was Mister Big.

Now he is gone.

As a certain Pig In A Pants Suit said, "What happened?"

From the Times, "The American drone strike came as a long stretch of tension between the United States and Pakistan seemed to be easing.

"The Trump administration had been increasing pressure on Pakistan until recently, accusing the country of doing too little to help stop the Afghan Taliban’s long insurgency. But in recent months, officials say, the two countries have been cooperating more in hopes of persuading the Afghan Taliban to join peace talks."

The drone strike came two days after President Trump's Singapore Thing with Kim.

Actions have consequences.

Inaction, too.


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  1. That's why I'm beginning to think Trump will run for a second term. De-nuking the world may take up to 8 years.

    1. I don 't think there was ever any doubt.

  2. Peace through strength, baby.

  3. During President Trump's second term there will be a movement to rescind the 22nd amendment.

    1. Better to repeal the 17th amendment and return to the intention of the founders for the first 125 years of the republic. Need to research what led up to the 17th amendment. JC

    2. That 17th Amendment has caused no end of mischief, and makes our Republic into much more of a democracy, in the "mob rule" sense.

      I'd be in favor of repealing it, and going back to something like we once had, a system which recognized that states as entities need representation to better withstand the pressures that federation puts upon them.

      As things are, "we the people" are not well represented, nor are the states that many of us reside in. The Federal government has taken everything over.

      As far as the 22nd goes, that's one I have often thought about but can't decide. The thought of 3 or more terms of Obama fills me with dread, and could have led to the dissolution of our country; but 3 or more terms of Pres. Trump may be just what we need.

      The danger of electing a "dictator for life" sways me to keeping the 22nd just as it is.

    3. Yes, the problem is that such an Amendment would typically exclude the present office holder. Besides, PDJT will be what, 79 in 2025? He may be a little tired from all the winning, and need a rest.

      What we need is to find who can carry on his legacy, having been shown the way.

  4. Pakistan has been watching what's happening to Iran. They are in the cross hairs and the President plans to have a deal with them by Thanksgiving. Once Iran is taken care of, Pakistan is next. No more sponsoring the Taliban.

  5. Gotta love them drones, man. At least for me, that would be a job that didn’t feel like a job.

    1. I hear you, zregime- and tend to agree, it's also something that doesn't kill our own troops, which is commendable.

      But that wee small voice in the back of my head says, "Obama just loved killing people with drones. Wedding parties, women & children, blow 'em all up & call it victory."

      I just hate that wee small voice, but it's right. We usually have to do things the hard way, or risk killing the wrong people.

      Killing people via video-game just isn't right, and things like this are a major reason why our country and the world are as screwed up as they are.

    2. I think it helps a LOT if the adults are playing the video games. They know how to use the intel and the technology to git 'er done!

  6. The bad guys are catching on. No one wants to come under the close attention of The Donald. It is likely that the info that led to the monster's death was provided by the Pakis themselves. Kind of like a fruit basket to someone they don't want to p^%s off.