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Friday, June 29, 2018

84% say report illegal aliens to ICE

The Democratic Party came out of the closet in favor of open borders -- for the United States. Not Mexico. Not Canada. And certainly not Cuba.

The American people are not cool with that at all.

Mark Penn, a former Clinton pollster, said 84% of Americans believe you should turn illegal aliens in to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Democrats want to abolish ICE.

"I asked them, ‘Do you think notifying ICE would in fact increase crime because it would inhibit people from reporting crimes or does it decrease crimes because it takes criminals off the street,’ and they overwhelming said ‘decrease,’” Penn told Hill.TV's “Rising.”

This comes after years of the media hectoring us about racism, xenophobia, and diversity. I guess our public schools failed in their mission to indoctrinate us.


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    1. Don,get this ad link nummy off your site.And bad English too boot.

  2. If the recent ballyhooed bump in Trump's numbers (from Haavahd, no less are real, The Donald has about a 1/3 approval among Hispanics. Between that and his good numbers with blacks, it ought to keep the DNC awake night for the next 4 months.

  3. The democrats are on the wrong side of every issue and they keep on digging. MAGA

  4. This shows how well Trump nailed the immigration issue prior to running.

    It also brings into question the lack of sincerity the citizens of this country were getting from the Republican party and the conservative commentariat prior to the arrival of Trump on the scene.

    I can remember reading pro immigration propaganda going way back from conservative media, and can now see, in retrospect, how it ran in concert with the left, and the few against it who spoke up were ostracized as racists, etc.

    The framing of the argument was very good. Unions were all Democrat or socialist, the best way to break their power was to bring in cheap labor and push industry to right to work states in the Sun Belt and, if necessary, overseas.

    But then, when the unions began hemorrhaging membership, the drum roll never stopped. It kept on beating for more cheap labor nonstop. For open borders.

    Then the ruse became obvious when we became aware of the problem and the commentariat didn't change with the opinion of the constituency. We saw that what had been presented to us as a strategy was in actuality an ideology, and it mattered not to them whether we were hurt by it or benefited from it.

  5. The liberals, Hollywood and the Propaganda Media have all chosen the wrong side of every argument that the American people care about. They will cry, whine and pay for being so far apart from the reality that is America.

  6. You ask me, voters of various ethnicities that the Dems thought they had an eternal hammer-lock on are tuning in to Trump rallies out of curiosity.

    They find themselves nodding at what he says, then he says something else that gives them their first “Hell, yeah!” moment.

    Mulling over the rally later with a contemplative brew, a thought starts to form.

    “Hell, I LIKE the guy.”

    1. Dave - that is just about how it does happen!

      "I like the guy, he makes sense!"

    2. Yep! Those new attendees also have that moment of recognition, when they realize for the first time that the media has been lying to them all along!

      Not just little no-count lies either, but big fat whoppers, over and over!

      So it's no wonder that they get themselves a MAGA hat, and enthusiastically jump on the TrumpTrain!

  7. YES to Trump rallies - yes to MAGA hats. And actually Trump is a LOT more likable, and real-feeling, than most politicians. Both in person (? reportedly) and on TV.

  8. Keep rolling that Train, Mr. T. Still plenty of good seats available!

  9. It still bothers me that people refuse to see that illegal aliens are here illegally and need to be deported pronto. What part of illegal don't they understand? - Elric