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Monday, June 18, 2018

5 in 6 murders in Chicago go unsolved

So we are to look down our American noses at London because their cops solve only one in 20 burglaries or robberies.

Not so fast. What about Chicago?

"In 2017, the police solved 114 of the 650 murders that occurred in that same year — just 17.5 percent," the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The Democrats who run Chicago don't care because most of the murder victims are young black males.

"The picture is even worse for solving shootings that didn’t end in death. According to the University of Chicago Crime Lab, the Chicago Police Department cleared 11 percent of non-fatal shootings in 2013, 10 percent in 2014, 7 percent in 2015 and just 5 percent in 2016," the newspaper reported.

Instead of having the police crack down on this violence, Democrats are using this carnage to justify the confiscation of weapons across the United States.

Since Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's chief of staff, became mayor of Chicago in 2009, police have cut back on efforts to solve these crimes.

"In 2008, the police department had 1,252 detectives — and only 922 of them in 2016. In September 2016, Emanuel promised to hire 200 more detectives over the next two years, but those ranks won’t actually rise by that full number because of retirements," the newspaper reported.

Fewer detectives, fewer murders solved, more murders. This is madness. This is how fascists operate. They create a crisis so they can solve it through draconian measures.

My advice to young black men in Chicago is move. The Democrats want you dead because your death will make it easier to cancel the Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, Bungling Bobby Mueller and two dozen Democratic FBI agents and lawyers are still looking for a crime to pin on President Donald Trump. Democrats have their priorities.


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  1. Getting a déjà vu vibe with Mueller this week.

    Remember how Joe McCarthy wound up?

  2. Why are you surprised Don? Chicago is a Democrat run dynasty with corruption at its heart. Any honest cop that was employed there see this and applies for employment any where else, which just leaves the corrupt, uninterested members and lasy left and even then without the political support of the city.
    Stacked deck that can't be won on by anyone but the gangs, criminals and street punks. I am surprised every Monday after the weekend death toll is announced why the citizens of Chicago aren't lynching the politicians and senior cops for incompetence.

  3. I once worked in a level one trauma center that took in all kinds of shootings and stabbings. Sometimes a car would drive up and a body would be pushed out the door and the car would drive off. Some would die and those that lived would always say that they were just minding their own business and... whatever.

    I saw tons of crap and was never interviewed by a single detective or cop. They don't want to know.

  4. Perhaps Herr Mueller's team could better employ their investigative and prosecutorial skills in Chicago. - Elric

  5. In 2016 the University of Chicago sent an acceptance letter which said, in summary: this is a place for grown ups. No safe spaces. Snowflakes and SJWs had best stay away.
    I do not understand the massive divide between the institution that can take that position and the city that is teetering on anarchy.

  6. Remember Rahm is the dude who said, "Never let a crisis go to waste." - GOC

  7. Rather than move, all black men should be looking for a single black woman to marry and have children with, and stick around to raise them.

    Those who care about black lives know that out-of-wedlock sex, before and outside of marriage, is the single biggest cause of continuing black poverty.

    The Dem PC-bullies don't want to hear this, and don't want anybody to say it. Yet it remains true -- and the truth has a way of not changing when not honestly identified.

  8. After Baltimore, what cop sticks his neck out?

    Especially for dindu nuffins.

  9. It’s a criminals paradise knowing you can plunder and kill and most likely get away with it.