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Monday, May 28, 2018

Worse than Watergate

Watergate alumnus John Dean has one job. Anytime the media declares something a Republican presidential scandal, he is to go on CNN and pronounce it worse than Watergate.

Now we finally have something that is worse than Watergate.


Paging John Dean.

Michael Barone, one of the few fair-minded pundits in Washington, wrote a piece for the New York Post, "Obama’s spying scandal is starting to look a lot like Watergate."

He has them dead to rights.

"'F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims,' read the headline on a lengthy New York Times story May 18," Barone wrote.

This Times story was leaked by those who spied on Trump. This was an attempt to soften the blow.

Barone was having none of that.

"So much for those who dismissed charges of Obama administration infiltration of Donald Trump’s campaign as paranoid fantasy. Defenders of the Obama intelligence and law enforcement apparat have had to fall back on the argument that this infiltration was for Trump’s — and the nation’s — own good," Barone wrote.

By the way, the Times knew Obama spied on Trump at least a year ago. On January 20, 2017 -- Trump's inauguration -- the Times published parts of the transcript of wiretaps of Team Trump.

For 44 years after Watergate, political spying was verboten.

Obama used the FBI to spy on Trump -- and likely Romney.

"The crime at the root of Watergate was an attempt at surveillance of the DNC after George McGovern seemed about to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, just as the government misconduct in Russiagate was an attempt at surveillance of the Republican Party’s national campaign after Trump clinched its nomination," Barone wrote.

"In both cases, the incumbent administration regarded the opposition’s unorthodox nominee as undermining the nation’s long-standing foreign policy and therefore dangerous to the country. McGovern renounced the Democrats’ traditional Cold War policy. Trump expressed skepticism about George W. Bush and Obama administration policies on NATO, Mexico, Iran and (forgetting Barack Obama’s ridicule of Mitt Romney on the subject) Russia."

We have a constitutional crisis.

Our federal government is trying to undermine our president.

This should not stand.

Watergate was uncovered by the FBI.

Obamagate was created by the FBI.


  1. Plouffe forgot that "That which does not destroy me makes me stronger".

    1. I prefer:"That which does not destroy me has committed a tactical error."

  2. If there was ever a time to consider it appropriate to say it, they are hoist on their own petard. Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are dead.

  3. When asked who first suggested the Watergate cover-up Dean replied, "Actually, I don't think anyone ever suggested that there not be a cover-up."

  4. Who will expose these lies and the truth behind them? I don't see anybody willing to do so now and there may never be. Nixon was attacked and destroyed by the very 'establishment' that now refuses to help Trump. That they will look into their own malpractice is unlikely, the press never ever. Sessions' reputation will never be any higher than Holder's.

  5. Nobody came out of WG smelling good, but the most odious of all is JD III. Note the source . . .

  6. John dean joins the Sergeant Shultz’s In the media and the political class. Traitors all.

  7. "Obama used the FBI to spy on Trump -- and likely Romney."

    Maybe we'll find something out if Trump wonders aloud about it on Twitter.

  8. "Obama used the FBI to spy on Trump -- and likely Romney."

    It occurs to me that Romney's collapse in that debate, after he'd successfully put Obama on the mat in the previous round, may have been due to blackmail.

    It certainly seemed weird, that Romney had Obama on the ropes but then abruptly backed off; very puzzling at the time, but this would explain it!

  9. Romney lost because he wouldn't punch back twice as hard!

  10. Not Obamagate.

    SPYGATE, just like the media calls it (when they actually do mention it).

    And in all caps.

    1. I prefer Obamagate since it deservedly and blatantly stains Sotero.

  11. "just as the government misconduct in Russiagate was an attempt at surveillance of the Republican Party’s national campaign after Trump clinched its nomination,"

    ATTEMPT? They succeeded! The FISA warrant allowed them to spy on Carter Page AND every he ever met AND everyone anyone Page had ever met had ever met.

    Two degrees of separation. In effect, literally everyone that worked on the Trump campaign. They renewed those FISA warrants every three months for over a year - so they spied on the transition team and at least the first 6 months of his Presidency.

    The "unmasking" scandal then enabled thousands of federal employees to access all of the data collected, ensuring it would reach Hillary's campaign and the press - who published some of it.

  12. The criminal Dems in Deep State were planning on legal warfare against Trump.

    Just like Crooked Hillary was planning on avoiding all FOIA requests for info in setting up her illegal server.

    Trump should use the already gained evidence against Hillary and find a reasonable prosecutor who is willing to indict her ... and all those who obstructed justice / destroyed evidence.