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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What do we do with NSA and the FBI after Mueller?

As usual, Glenn Reynolds was succinct and accurate in giving the reason for Obama spying on and wiretapping Donald John Trump.

"Why spy on Trump when everybody expected Hillary to win? I think the answer is that they wanted to gather dirt they could use to destroy him and discredit his supporters after the election was over," Reynolds wrote.

I agree with him that the politics of personal destruction would be a head piked to serve as a warning to other rebels who dare challenge the Deep State.

Reynolds said, "An awful lot of people involved in this should wind up in jail, disbarred, and unemployed."

That's nice.

But what do we do with the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

No one holds these agencies accountable, which allows them to ignore the law.

As honorable as the people on the front lines may be, decades of corrupt, politicized leadership has turned them into rogue agencies. I wonder how much dirt they have on congressmen and senators because legislative oversight is non-existent.

Given that we have 17 intelligence agencies, the NSA's work could be reassigned. My preference would be to reassign their line personnel to others, while ditching all the support people including human resources.

The FBI is out-of-control. Its ability to initiate investigations of politicians has given us Abscam, the persecution of Ray Donovan, and even Obamacare when it blocked the re-election of Republican Senator Ted Stevens.

Federal prosecutors succeeded in smearing a beloved war hero as corrupt, withholding evidence that would have exonerated him. No one was fired, disbarred, or otherwise penalized for this crime against democracy.

End this now.

Strip the FBI of its ability to initiate investigations. Make its mission as strictly a supportive role for local and state law enforcement.

My plan would continue to have the FBI handle gun background checks, perform lab work, and train officers at the FBI academy. State crime labs have spotty records due to funding problems. Running training programs would make good use of the nearly 100 years of experience in law enforcement the agency has accumulated.

Or maybe not considering how abusive of power the FBI became.

But the bottom line is we need to rid ourselves of the redundant NSA, and we need to rein in the FBI.


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  1. Agreed. When you have a bad boar you castrate him, fatten him up a little, and send him to the butcher.

    Do the same with the FBI.

  2. They are too busy covering for each other to actually do their jobs! -- BJ54

  3. The FBI has been a corrupt organization since the days of J. Edgar Hoover. It's long past time to dismantle that beast. Keep the forensics lab and farm the good agents (and there are many) out to state and local agencies. We'll need to build another prison to hold all of the bad ones. Perhaps the Hoover Building in Washington could be repurposed...

  4. What do we do? What we should've done with the ATF after Waco and Ruby Ridge, disbanded them, tried their leadership for murder and violation of civil rights and fired every agent therein.

    1. ATF & FBI are Un-American. Delete them.

    2. ATF would be a great concept for a chain store, especially if they have a drive-thru.

  5. “What do we do with NSA and the FBI after Mueller?”

    Put ‘em in the longboat till they’re sober?

  6. Total reassignment (firing) of all senior career employees in the corrupt agencies. Merge agencies where appropriate to eliminate redundancies (can be done gubment wide).

  7. You know, they talked about riding the tiger, because if you try to get off, you get eaten.

    Trump is the first to come up with a third choice ... reach for your side-arm, and plug that striped varmint through the back of the head.

  8. The problem with the FBI starts with the DoJ, which has been given too broad a mandate by Congress. There is a need to narrow the range of activities the DoJ is empowered to undertake. Congress should narrow the responsibilities and authority of the DoJ, and the work of the FBI will then become more focussed.

  9. Change the FBI maybe.
    But the NSA has saved us from foreign threats which due to the secret nature of their mission we never get to hear about.
    FBI is domestic so reign them in. NSA should be prevented from abusing their watchdog and listening tasks in domestic situations. For example, if they learn something having to do with citizens who are not criminals or terrorists then they are not allowed to act on it or share it.
    Mike A.

    1. You're correct, Mike. Also, NSA's mission isn't something that can easily be distributed amongst the other intelligence agencies.
      From what I'm guessing, though, it probably wouldn't hurt to move the place to Omaha and lose many of the SES-level folks.

  10. Rework the FBI. No permanent agents, NONE. Agents would be nominated by their local Chief, then assigned for a five year term. The only extension would be if they were a critical player in an investigation, such as an undercover.
    At the end of their term, they would rotate back to regular LEO. After a period of five years, they could again be nominated for a supervisor role in the FBI for another five year stint. The final opportunity would be if nominated by a member of congress or the President to serve in a deputy position such as a regional or Washington post.

  11. What Trump *should* have done on Day 1, is what he still *ought* to do after the Mueller fiasco wraps up:

    1) Fire 100% of the people occupying political appointee positions.
    2) Replace them with solid Conservatives with a mandate to CLEAN HOUSE - get rid of the radical careerists by any and all means.
    3) Abolish FBI HQ - that's the problem, not the field offices. Different as different can be - HQ is entirely Liberal and entirely political, and it has a completely separate career path to the field offices that are focused on solving actual crimes. Recreate an FBI HQ that consists ONLY of political appointees (since its going to be entirely political no matter what, at least make it so that R Presidents can completely restaff the day they take office).

  12. What he should have done on Day 1 was appoint someone other than Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Not only did he get an incompetent AG but the Stupid Party lost a Senate seat in Alabama. - GOC