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Friday, May 04, 2018

Trump's great week

President Donald Trump had a great week. On Saturday he again skipped the White House press dinner. This has caused the dinner to fall on hard times. Just a few years ago it attracted the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and scores of other hot Hollywood celebrities.

This year, Kathy Griffin was the only celeb to show up at the dinner, and that's because she hadn't eaten in three weeks.

Trump sees his enemies in the press driven before him, and hears the lamentations of their women. Unfortunately, they are a screechy lot.

On Monday, President Moon of South Korea nominated Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. This has the left in fits because they are rooting for Kim Jong Un.

The meeting between Trump and Kim is is more of a surrender party. I don't think Rocket Man has any rockets left. Don't forget the tunnel under Mount Mantap where he makes his nukes collapsed in September.

It may be Mother Nature. May be Mother Navy SEALs. Part of the Art of the Deal is to remove the other guy's bargaining chips.

Also on Monday, Benjamin Netanyahu hauled a half-ton of papers from Iran that prove Iran is cheating on its nuke agreement. That means a lot of people in Iran helped Israel get that information. I would not be surprised if Israel's new BFF -- the Saudis -- had a hand in it. Once again, Trump's right and the swamp is wrong.

On Tuesday, special prosecutor Bobby Mueller leaked a bunch of questions he wants to ask President Trump. None of them have anything to do with Russian collusion. I don't think Mueller's jumped the shark. I think the shark jumped him. Everyone is bored with this stuff.

On Wednesday, Ukraine stopped cooperating with Mueller. It doesn't have time for his nonsense. Ukraine wants American missiles and is tired of the game. Mueller has nothing on Trump. He's making it difficult for Trump to govern, which may be Mueller's goal. We'll see.

Also on Wednesday, Kim Jong Un released three American prisoners. This is another sign of peace and not World War 3. Once again, Trump's critics were wrong.

Meanwhile Kanye West is riding a Trump high. West has a crush so bad that I think he's going to give Trump one of Taylor Swift's music awards.

Give Kanye credit. He married a Kardashian and did not wind up a drunk, fat, or a woman.

Today, a judge threatened to revoke Mueller's fishing license for casting in the wrong stream. Mueller is trying to get Paul Manafort to roll over on The Donald. The judge may roll over The Mueller.

Unemployment hit a 17-year low. And wages finally are rising above the rate of inflation.

Things are going so well that Barack Obama is posing for a selfie with the economy. Dude, you didn't build this.

All in all, Donald Trump had a great week. He's still president. He's still a billionaire. He's still married to a model. And he's making America great again.


  1. I talk to people at work- apoliticals, Republicans, (semi)reasonable Democrats and Left wing nutjobs- and NO ONE knows about the "incident" at Kim's missile facility. I tell them, "Don't worry about him launching any nukes. His nuke factory was destroyed," and they say, "Huh?"

  2. Lordy Mae, Don, you're in rare form this afternoon! Have a great weekend.

    1. He’s always happy when he gets to put the top down on that sweet S197 Red Stanger GT.

  3. And...the markets woke up after this morning’s numbers. MAGA, baby. MAGA.

  4. What scares me is there are millions of people in this country who still think that Mueller is gonna prove that Trump colluded with Russia and that Hillary will be POTUS after Trump is impeached.

    In reality, Hillary should change her name to Cleopatra because she is the queen of denial.

    1. I don't argue with Leftists anymore because crazy people can get violent if you challenge their delusions..

    2. Wasn't Cleopatra an exotic beauty? Hillary should look that good. Instead she does look that old.
      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will be here all week for your reading pleasure.

  5. “Today, a judge threatened to revoke Mueller's fishing license for casting in the wrong stream.”

    Stormy Daniels went fishing with a bunch of FBI guys, and all she got was a red snapper.

    1. Uhh, yeah Dave, I get ya...I think.

  6. In am hearing rumblings that the three guys from NK may be fake news. We'll have to wait until we actually see them to be sure. Unless, of course, something has changed since this morning.

  7. This post tells me that the US of A had a great week too.

  8. To all my fine friends south of the 49th have a great weekend. Don you're in exceptionally fine form this afternoon...thanks for the breezy synopsis on the week's high points. MAGA!

    America IS doing good under the Donald...I could wish for such achievement up here in canuckistan but we appear to be going through our own Obama stage right now.
    I guess you've gotta hit bedrock hard before you can come back up!

    Sam C

  9. Saturday Bonus. Check out the most recent and the "shock poll" at 49%. Maybe the tide is going out on that blue wave.