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Friday, May 25, 2018

Trump schools foreign policy experts

"Trump Has No Idea How Diplomatic Deals Work," Foreign Policy magazine declared in a headline on Thursday.

The piece was written by Ilan Goldenberg. The magazine described him as "a senior fellow and director of the Middle East Security program at the Center for a New American Security. Previously, he served as chief of staff to the special envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, supporting Secretary of State John Kerry’s initiative to conduct peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians."

In short, an expert.

Which is to say a credentialed man who never accomplishes anything he sets out to do, and often the result is the opposite of what he set out to do. Think Bill Kristol, a credentialed conservative.

After Goldenberg reduced his CV to a single lead paragraph, he wrote, "Based on these experiences, what was stunning to learn about the China trade negotiations was how at every step of the way, U.S. President Donald Trump’s economic team did precisely the wrong thing. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Director of Trade and Industrial Policy Peter Navarro, Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross executed a textbook case study in how to not conduct international negotiations."

Of course Goldenberg was stunned. He should be. He's a creature of habit, and those habits led to the creation of a $370 billion-a-year subsidy -- trade deficit -- that keeps Communist China afloat.

Goldenberg guessed that Team Trump was in disarray and that President Trump did not do his homework and was ill-prepared for the task. This is projection and fantasy on his part.

"This is the precise opposite of what we saw from former President Barack Obama, who, especially on the Iran nuclear negotiations, was deeply engaged in the details. Some might justifiably argue that at moments this led to micromanagement. But U.S. negotiators usually knew where the president was, and they knew how far they could go and when they needed to ask for more guidance," Goldenberg wrote.

The Iran deal involved the United States giving Iran money for terrorists and permission to build nukes. I have yet to see evidence that we received any concession from Iran.

Nor did we receive any concession from Cuba in exchange for ending the embargo and agreeing to turn away Cuban refugees.

Goldenberg ended his piece, "what is clear is that if you do not do the very simple, basic things right, there is no way you will even get close to a major international breakthrough. The fiasco that was the China trade negotiation should leave us all very concerned. For an administration that was on the cusp of holding a high-stakes nuclear summit with North Korea, has walked away from the Iran nuclear agreement, and is still trying to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, there is no indication that Trump and his team have any clue what the 'art of the deal' is about when it comes to international diplomacy."

We have gotten the "basic things right" on China, Iran, North Korea, and numerous Israeli-Palestinian initiatives, only to wind up with bigger trade deficits, nukes in North Korea, and Hamas in Gaza.

The goal by the experts in each case was to have a deal regardless of how much damage it did to America.

They failed. We elected Trump. It will take years to convince our enemies and adversaries that they can just wait his presidency out. The resistance doesn't help.


  1. "Trump Has No Idea How..." full proof way to start any sentence. About the only way you can go wrong from there is "Trump has no idea how to negotiate with creditors in a bankruptcy" or "Trump has no idea how to launder mob money".

    1. Seems like you might need a bit of grammar help. Probably you wanted "fool" proof not "full" proof.

      Let me guess: you're a political liberal? Can't spell, can't reason, no knowledge of history or human nature, lack of critical thinking skills, ....


    2. JNC: Isn't that a little harsh? Oh, never mind. Couldn't happen to a nicer liberal (really) low information idiot. I hope I spelled everything right.

    3. Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

  2. Trump's intellectual prowess and actions run circles around his critics. That is the trouble with the left; they think they know everything while the reality is that they know very little.

    1. "It's not that liberals are ignorant it's just know so much that isn't so." From Ronaldus Magnus. -- BJ54

    2. People look at Trump's public persona (loud, brash, braggart, etc.) and think that is the real man. Trump wears that persona like a disguise so that people will underestimate him. He is intentionally unpredictable.

      He also knows how to get what he wants while giving as little in return as he can.

      But his real skill is in manipulating people. Look at what he has done to the media - they despise him and they yet they can't stop giving him coverage. He's like a matador with a bull. The media lunges and charges and hits nothing but empty air. Then, when they are exhausted, he dispatches them with a single thrust of his sword.

  3. It still amazes me that anyone thinks that Obama ever had any idea whatsoever on how to do anything but roll a doobie. I'll bet he was a real expert in that!

    "This is the precise opposite of what we saw from former President Barack Obama, who, especially on the Iran nuclear negotiations, was deeply engaged in the details." What rubbish!

    Barry's actual experience in anything but smoking dope & bathhouse etiquette? None, nada, zero; there isn't any. He couldn't sell Girl Scout cookies to a starving man, not even Thin Mints!

    Yet these well-credentialed morons passing as "experts" think he's "micromanaging" complex foreign policy. No, he's just giving away the farm, and it doesn't take any expertise to do that!

    1. I'll bet Wee Widdle Barrie had to use a roller; rolling a spliff by hand was beyond his ken.

    2. Obama was absolutely brilliant. He could speak fluent Austrian! Ask any corpse-man. He was so brilliant he knew we could not increase our oil supply by drilling for more oil. Only a dolt (like Sarah Palin!) would think that! Obama was so brilliant that he could have a tenure-track faculty position at a major law school without ever having written a scholarly article, not even when he was editor-in-chief of the Harvard Law Review. He sometimes even could speak a complete sentence without the use of a teleprompter. Once I even heard him extemporaneously utter a complete sentence that involved less than seven ummm's.

      (I believe that there was nothing in the above paragraph that was not 100% pure unadulterated sarcasm. I could be wrong.)

    3. No, you nailed it, brah.

  4. Goldenberg is a pompous douche. Best to keep his mouth and pen shut and thought a fool than speak or write and prove he is one.

  5. Credentials in anything beneath the hard sciences are practically meaningless. What's the standard? Regurgitating progressive slop.

  6. Micromanaging, my ass. They had to call him back from the golf course to watch Osama get aired out.

  7. Obama had one goal : temporal self glorification. Quality of product was not an issue, only that the shine on the shit he produced should be as buff as possible for the cameras, hence his annoying "micromanagement".
    In my former business we always said about poor substrate "you can't shine shit" but like Mr Goldenberg, who was one of many He hired to do it, Obama didn't agree. Hence Iran, Egypt,Libya, Obamacare, Fast and Furious,Spygate, mass European migrations of Muslim kulture cancer, and, I am sure a multitude other covert, but still shining piles history will unveil and revile.
    Trump has had some success already in foreign affairs with out advice from the self procalimed experts. Isis took a real beating, the military is being slowly reconstructed so China is on notice and has made some steps to be less greedy, the Norks are no longer setting off bombs and firing missiles over our allies, the middle east is already a different and better place than Obama left it, with Iran weaker and Israel stronger, all in less than 18 months, all in the face of determined opposition from a seditious media and its lovers in the Democrat Party who hope to build a servile empire on the ruins of the free market.
    I personally do not hold Trump in awe but I know he is not in this game for personal glory like his predecessor nor for uncountable riches like the person he defeated. Presidents do not always have the people or the press behind them in foreign confrontation. Roosevelt, for example, faced great opposition to helping Europe before the war and was aided in doing so only by Hitler's personal stupidity in declaring war on the US. Trump will have some tough calls to make and has no stupid adversaries( still alive) but I believe he will do better to keep the advisors he has and be true to himself rather than seek out men like Goldenberg, whose job it has been to help real incompetents shine their shit for a living.

  8. Goldenberg M.O. seems to be:

    Something must be done.

    This is something.

    Therefore, we must do it.

  9. Clowns like Goldenberg have been signing lousy deals for generations.

  10. "The goal by the experts in each case was to have a deal regardless of how much damage it did to America."


    The goal was to manage the crisis. Solving the crisis, getting a deal - that was all irrelevant. Managing the crisis, keeping it there, sometimes hotter, sometimes cooler - that was the goal.

    If you manage the crisis then you have a guaranteed career for thirty years; if you solve it you have to wait around for a new task to be assigned to. Think of the perks you miss by solving problems as opposed to perpetuating them!

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Nailed it!

      Add to that what Rahm Emmanuel said: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

      So you get a crisis (or make one, the media's in your lap helping,) then keep that crisis boiling, and voilà! An endless crisis, which allows you to do anything you like in the name of "solving" the crisis!

      It even helps in re-election: "Don't replace me now, there's an ongoing crisis!"

      Come to think of it, this concept is behind most of our government mismanagement!

  11. Trump has ALREADY been more successful at diplomacy than Obama plus his useless idiot experts.

    Reality, and results, are better than theories that, when tried, haven't worked. No matter how smart the excuses are by the "experts" for why the theory failed.

    Obama was a disaster, Trump is already regaining respect from other leaders. Not yet from many useless idiot experts.