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Monday, May 28, 2018

Trump Made America Great Again

Donald John Trump is a man of his word. As president, he is fulfilling campaign promises, something few politicians do.

President Trump is fulfilling his No. 1 campaign promise to Make America Great Again.

"U.S. Leapfrogs Singapore, Hong Kong to Win World’s Most Competitive Economy," Bloomberg News reported.


We also leaped over Switzerland as we went from fourth to first.

It took President Trump a single year to reverse the polarity of the anti-capitalist economic policies of Obama.

Mind you, Mike Bloomberg, owner of this news service, hates Trump because Trump did not back him for mayor of New York City.

"The U.S. dethroned Hong Kong to retake first place among the world’s most competitive economies, thanks to faster economic growth and a supportive atmosphere for scientific and technological innovation, according to annual rankings by the Switzerland-based IMD World Competitiveness Center," Bloomberg reported.

"Hong Kong, scoring first in categories for government and business efficiency, held an edge over regional rival Singapore, which kept its No. 3 spot from 2017. Rounding out the top five were the Netherlands, which jumped one spot, and Switzerland, which tumbled three slots as it endures a slowdown in exports and concerns about its potential relocation of research and development facilities."

In its press release, the center said, "The return of the United States to the top is driven by its strength in economic performance (1st) and infrastructure (1st)."

Trump gets credit -- all the credit -- because upon winning the presidency, he did not take a vacation in Hawaii. Rather, he turned Trump Tower into the White House for the president-in-waiting on November 9. 2016. He called business leaders around the world to get them to invest in the United States again.

Small business confidence is at an all time high, as is consumer confidence.

Obama was terrible.

"The US economy lost its long-time competitive lead in 2016, when it fell to third place, and even to fourth place one year later," Deutsche Welle reported.

"The 2018 survey now has found the US to be especially attractive because of its dynamic economic development, easy access to financing and a business-friendly environment in general."

Capitalism is back, and it feels good.


  1. Methinks there is more than one reason for Bloomberg to hate Trump.


  2. he turned Trump Tower into the White House for the president-in-waiting on November 9. 2016

    And he didn't have a lot of signs made saying Office of the President-Elect.

  3. I have a question for Don Surber, how much is Joe Manchin paying Don Blankenship?

  4. Capitalism is a method. The mindset is entrepreneurialism. While capitalism was stifled the most perni ious effect was the near halt in entrepreneurialistic activity and investment, which are peripherally related to capitalism. I think this is an important distinction.

    A person who starts a business is not necessarily engaging in capitalism. If he turns that business into a massive enterprise by making full use of the division of labor, mechanization, and outside investment in order to expand into other markets, he is engaging in capitalism.

    Sure, a lot of what is going on is capitalist, but a lot of it isn't, either. A local brewery is not a capitalist enterprise. It is when it ceases to be local.

  5. Infrastructure? Oh hellz yeah. Right now they’re doin work on the Route 9 bridge over I-81, and then major work on the 81 bridge over the Potomac, widening it to three lanes both ways. West Virginia’s hoppin, y’all.

  6. All fine and well, though there is no private ownership when your country is $21T in debt, or well over the value of everything in it.
    That's LIABILITYism, and sooner or later, the globali$t BanKHAZAR$ will call in their marker & crash it.

    1. Why should I give a shit? If you’re really from this country, then go out and vote for the candidates that support Mr. T. I’ve got two mill in the IRA and a CZ. Congress runs the budget anyways. Blame them, you moron.

    2. Yes, Congress runs the budget always, and going by the lack of action against illegal migration, the money still flowing to CCI to move & settle turd-worlders among US & the susceptibility of Beavis-&-ButtHead-Americans to ZIOmedia jingoism, Donny is likely to be facing a Congress full of leftist KHAZARocRAT$ following this November.
      I hope this forecast is wrong, but history weighs heavily in favor of it:
      They used to come here for the freedom, now they come for the freebies.

  7. One error in this post. “Obama was terrible”. That is too kind and an understatement.

  8. Correction. Obama was neither "terrible" nor incompetent in any way. He advanced America in so many ways to an Orwellian society as outlined in "1984." The Judges in England show exactly where we were headed, with the Alphie case deciding who can live or die, and the Robinson case deciding what one can say. As Hyack pointed out in the 1940s, once in power Hitler was able to easily do terrible things because the laws permitting this already existed.

  9. “East bound and down, loaded up and truckin',
    We're gonna do what they say can't be done...”