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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Time magazine is the Bamboo Lounge in "Goodfellas"

As I read the New York Times tribute to the collapse of Time magazine ("An oral history of how the pre-eminent media organization of the 20th century ended up on the scrap heap") I thought about the Bamboo Lounge in the movie "Goodfellas," a ruthless depiction of the ruthlessness of the mafioso.

For all their talk about family and loyalty, the gangsters turn on one another in the blink of an eye.

The Bamboo Lounge (portrayed in the movie by the Hawaii Kai restaurant, which closed in 1989) was a hangout for the mobsters, who ran up large tabs but never paid their bills. Eventually, to get out of debt, the owner asks the mob for help.

The gangsters take over the place, run up even bigger tabs buying merchandise such as booze on credit, and then turning around and selling the booze and the like at a discount. Eventually, when they can no longer borrow money and have bled the restaurant dry, they burn it down for the insurance.

This is how liberals operate.

David Burge tweeted on November 10, 2015:
1. Identify a respected institution.
2. kill it.
3. gut it.
4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect
And so it went with Time magazine.

Ed Driscoll of Instapundit wrote of the New York Times piece, "Curiously missing from the New York Times article: how Time magazine quickly went far to the left in the wake of the 1967 death of its center-right founder Henry Luce, and alienated itself from the very readers Luce originally pitched the magazine to when he created it."

Of course they did. But they were not interested in running a magazine. They were using its line of credibility to peddle ideology out the back door, just as the Goodfellas used the restaurant's line of credit to peddle booze out the back door.

That liberals were able to do this for more than half a century is a testament to Mister Luce's journalistic success. Time was so credible that it took nearly three generations of losers to destroy it.


  1. Only took about 5 years to kill Life, though.

  2. Time. Newsweek. Life. National Geographic. Used to get them all on subscription years ago until I got tired of the leftist nonsense.

  3. Fifty years to lose all credibility is the problem. It came in small doses over those 50 years. Just think, in the 90's we rejected climate change. Twenty years later, under Obama, climate change was all the rage. Twenty five years ago we rejected Hillarycare. Under Obama, the country embraced Obamacare. Climate change issues and universal health care will raise their heads again in the next twenty years - and it will end up being permanent. The big gold star is going to be gun control. When that's gone the USA will be gone too.

  4. Nice analogy. Libs are destroying many things so it seeems as if Bamboo Lounge is a chain.

  5. Terrific analogy, and I certainly had not thought about it that way. It sure fits the MO though.