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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Thomas Wictor explains Trump Effect

Novelist Thomas Wictor took to Twitter last night to explain the downfall of Eric Schneiderman.

Wictor began with the September 11, 2013, tweet in which Donald Trump predicted Schneiderman's fall from grace a la Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer.

Wictor: "Trump knew about Schneiderman in 2013, right? That means that EVERYONE in New York knew about Schneiderman. I knew about Bill Cosby in 1993. They haven't told you the worst of it. I'm amazed that it's not in the news."

He told a story a boring story to make this point: " Leftism is all about LIP SERVICE. By SAYING you won't have cake, that gives you the right to have FIVE TIMES AS MUCH CAKE. Because you're such a GOOD PERSON."

Wictor: "I have no doubt whatsoever that @VP NEVER thinks of himself as a 'good person.' And he certainly NEVER gives himself a REWARD for paying lip service to ideals.  I'm not religious, but I understand the religious mindset. We have flaws. We battle to overcome those flaws."

Wictor is a word person. I am too. His next tweet was solid gold: "Leftism, on the other hand, is about SAYING the right things. As long as you SAY the right things, you can beat up women to your heart's content."

Actions speak louder than words. He went on about boarding the Trump Train.

Wictor: "I knew that Trump would be our greatest president, and I realized that he's a touchstone and a diagnostic tool. If you HATE him, you're insane.

"I understand The Donald not being your cup of tea, sure. But if you HATE him, the problem is with YOU, not HIM. I think he's exactly what the doctor -- God -- ordered."

Now then, a non-religious person reached the conclusion that I reached, and I perhaps many evangelical Christians, Jews, Muslims, or any other believer in God reached.

Trump is here in part by design.

Wictor then explained the Trump Effect brilliantly: "And these pathological rinky dinks are going to implode one after another."

Schneiderman imploded last night.

We are seeing these people for who they are. Rosie O'Donnell was not the Queen of Nice that she pretended to be when she had her talk show. She got away with it though. Then she feuded with Trump. We now know she is a miserable, abusive woman.

Bill Kristol is not an erudite conservative. He is a phony who is tied to the Deep State of unaccountable and unelected power brokers inside the government.

And so on.

Trump studies everyone in the room. He observes. He sizes them up. He finds their weaknesses. Alpha males do that.

He doesn't drink. They do. He knew Hillary is a drunk. That 9/11 collapse by her showed she had too much wine the night before. Probably got too little sleep.

"What's there to hate about Trump? He represents improvement. If you hate him, you're insane," Wictor tweeted.


  1. You know what all these Leftists are the victims of?

    Sympathetic detonation.

    1. I'm not sympathetic at all. Nor am I a simp.
      But they are pathetic.

  2. My wife used to work for NBC and had friends at the Today show. 20 years ago EVERYONE knew about Matt Lauer. Katie Couric is lying.

  3. I think the biggest problem is they know that liberalism is insane, and they just don't care. Anyone with a "D" after their name is an great human being even after they are caught being nimals.

  4. "I understand The Donald not being your cup of tea, sure. But if you HATE him, the problem is with YOU, not HIM. I think he's exactly what the doctor -- God -- ordered."

    Yup, in a nutshell ;~)

  5. One thing I noticed about libs early on was that they go around saying that people are basically good and then treat half of them as if they have no right to exist because they have wrongthink disease.

    This goes right along with the idea that they license themselves to engage in license.

    1. They love The People and hate people.

      -Mikey NTH

  6. They are lazy too. Every lib I have ever known spends tons of emotional energy convincing themselves how good they are instead of doing ANYTHING remotely good or dealing with their own miserable relationships, work lives, economic situation, or mental problems. They do the easy and never the hard of anything.

  7. Michael Savage bailed it with “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder”.

  8. Ya, those filled with HATE for Trump, can barely even talk clearly about what they hate about him.

    His Tweets? I'll bet they don't read his tweets! I do, now, after previously "not liking" them. Now, I don't love them, but I mostly like them and think some are great.

    Those who hate Trump hate the reality that America, with her flaws, is great and getting greater. Without hypocritical elites and PC-bullies leading.

  9. Regarding chained tweets. It might be better for y ou to go to Thread Reader for Wictor: