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Saturday, May 05, 2018

The taco bowl that saved the world

Today marks the second anniversary of the taco that saved the world. This brave little taco faced media fact-checkers, and drew the wrath of Miss West Virginia. Even President Obama had to recognize it.

And according to Donald John Trump, it was delicious too.

Two days after Trump won the Indiana primary which assured his nomination, he tweeted a picture of himself about to enjoy a taco bowl, writing, "Happy Cinco de Mayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!"

The American media was apoplectic. Fact-checkers descended on the bowl like ants at a picnic.

"The taco bowl, however, was nowhere to be found on the Trump Tower Grill’s online menu — but a Thursday special called the Taco fiesta! was available at the Trump Tower Café, according to its website," Daniela Silva of NBC News reported.

Aha! Donald Trump lied. Taco bowls died.

"First: The taco bowl is an American creation. Secondly, Trump attempted to promote Trump Tower Grill…but the Grill doesn’t sell taco bowls. Presumably, he meant the Trump Tower Café which is selling the bowls, just for today," Candace Smith and Katherine Faulders of ABC News reported.

How can we trust such a liar with the nuclear football?

Phillip Bump of the Washington Post listed fourteen reasons why Trump’s taco-bowl tweet was wrong. They included, "No. 1. I have not had the taco bowl at the Trump Tower Grill, a restaurant situated on the ground floor of Trump Tower. But in my experience (credentials: lived in California for seven years; wife makes it frequently, passed down from family), the best Mexican food comes from places where the focus is on Mexican food, not places where you could get a taco bowl or you could also get the lobster ravs or the Ivanka’s salad."

With sphincters this tight, does anyone in the Washington press corps ever have a bowel movement?

Their dry, humorless approach to a fun tweet showed America just how clueless they were.

The Daily Mail quoted Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza, who tweeted, "Eating a taco or wearing a sombrero doesn't cut it w/our community in 2016."

But it was former Miss West Virginia Andrea Mucino who really made a fool of herself, as she tweeted, "Too bad a taco bowl isn't Mexican, the Trump Tower Grill isn't either, you're not eating taco bowls from New York because you're in WV today" and "Cinco de Mayo isn't a Hispanic holiday it's a Mexican one, and you are the same color as the taco bowl shell. But I digress!"

Given that West Virginia is the Trumpiest place on Earth, I wonder just who she represented.

Dave Schilling of the Guardian also argued with the joke, writing, "The picture raises important questions as the undecided voter begins to weigh his or her options for the next president of the US."

But Josh Barro of Business Insider wrote, "How Donald Trump's bizarre taco-bowl tweet can help him win votes."

At a press conference, a reporter asked, "Mr. President, what is your message to Democratic voters who have yet to cast their vote, who may be hesitant to vote for the Democratic front-runner, because of the ongoing e-mail scandal and investigation? And also, did you see on the trump’s taco bowl tweet? And your thoughts on it?"

Obama replied, "I have no thoughts on Mr. Trump’s tweets. As a general rule, I don’t pay attention to Mr. Trump’s tweets. And I think that will be true for, I think, for the next six months. So, if you could just file that one."

The press corps laughed.

The taco bowl tweet was a joke the press corps didn't laugh at, which exposed to America the bias and the lust to diminish Trump.

Six months and three days later, America went to the polls -- and showed them what they thought of the press, and the taco bowl tweet.

Thank you, little taco bowl. I devoted a chapter to you in "Trump the Establishment." You nourished President Trump, and you indeed helped elect him.


  1. Amazing that they spent time on the "not on the menu, Trump lied!" theme when in fact we have an existence proof: a photo of the Taco Bowl right there in the tweet.

  2. Interesting the MSM missed or purposely ignored the WIKILEAk of the DNC calling the Hispanic vote the "taco bowl" voters. Trump tried to be sweet=MSM crime, HRC demeans Hispanics with a slur=not reported

    1. There's no limit to what the MSM misses or purposely ignores.

  3. The lack of any discernible sense of humor is a symptom of insanity.

  4. We took a cruise to Mexico many years ago, and happened to be there on May 5th. We discovered that very few people in Mexico celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Our guide for the day was rather ho hum about the whole thing.

    1. Cinco de Quatro started in LA and, much like St Paddy's Day, drifted back to the Auld Sod.

      And, yes, Cinco de Quatro is the Mexican St Paddy's Day. You have an excuse to go to a party, get plastered, sing songs you don't know the words to, and yell stuff like, "Viva Zapata", or, "Erin Go Bragh" (not to be confused with, "Erin, go get a bra").

  5. To be funny you have to respect the audience and trust them. Trump did fine stand up for the NRA, really great, gags and all.
    The press hates it's audience or at least half of it. So humorless, bitter, boring. People in general are warming to Trump. They understand sincerity of feeling, even if it's about a good bowl of Taco stuff. As for Philip Bump, I was born and grew up in SoCal, had many Mexican friends, ate Mexican food as a staple, and never heard of a Taco bowl. Next time I'm in the city I'll drop by Trump's and try one, whatever it is.

    1. Wow! Had Taco bowl for the last 35 yearrs in midwest. At Ole and Paco's Mexican Village.

    2. Usually, it's a taco salad inside a large flour tortilla toep fried in a frame that holds it in the shape of a bowl.
      You can eat the salad, then have tortilla chips pre-wetted with salad dressing by breaking apart and eating the bowl.
      Delicious and fattening!

  6. ANOTHER great troll moment from the Grandmaster.

  7. Cinco de Mayo seems to be (at least where I live) a frat boy drinking holiday. I doubt if one out of ten of the kids celebrating it in the bars could give you anything like an accurate explanation of what the holiday is supposed to be commemorating--even if they were sober.

    1. The whole idea us not to be sober.

    2. Not too popular in France.

    3. I'm told it is to commemorate one of only two victories for the Mexican Army, the other being the Alamo.

  8. A friend of mine went home for his high school reunion before the election. His home town is an old mining town very close to the Mexico-Arizona border. He said quite a few of his old Mexican-American classmates were pro-Trump. Of course Jack's old classmates are working people unlike those commies in La Raza. .

  9. Tight assholes indeed. No sense of humor.

  10. Thanks for having the whole Tweet by The Donald. It was fine, and he was eating a taco bowl, or whatever they called it on the menu, so the Dem media was lying about ... Trump lying.

    It would be good to copy more of Trumps actual tweets, rather than so much of what the Dem media says about the tweets. Lots of NeverTrumpers seem to not like the tweets, and saying so, without giving whole tweet examples of why they don't like them.

    Most of Trump's tweets are somewhat like this -- he's doing something he likes with some group he thinks are good people. He thanks and/or complements the people.

    He often insults some enemies, especially the Fake Dem news. They even more often fully deserve the insults.