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Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Iranian revolution will not be televised

"Iranian truck drivers angered about rising business costs have maintained a strike for a ninth day in several parts of the country, defying a state media blackout on the enduring protest movement," Voice of America reported.

The state media includes CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and all the over-the-air broadcast networks.

But they exist to misinform the public, so why would they not follow the lead of the Islamic Republic News Agency.

"Video clips posted on social media, dated Wednesday and verified by VOA Persian, show large numbers of idled trucks left by striking drivers in the provinces of Isfahan, Kermanshah and Razavi Khorasan," Voice of America reported.

This eerily mirrors the previous Iranian revolution 40 years ago. Barbara Walters, Walter Cronkite, and other elitist media types celebrated the 2,500th anniversary of the Peacock Throne, a dynasty that actually had been in power for 25 years, having been installed by the CIA.

A westernized nation quickly covered itself in a burka, in a theocratic takeover of a corrupt Persian government. Just as quickly, it spread its Islamic faith through violence and terrorism.

Now the counter-revolution is upon us two generations later. And out media is silent.

"Mobilized by social media, Iranian truck drivers began the strike in seven Iranian provinces on May 22, according to earlier images and messages sent to VOA Persian. Since then, the drivers have displayed signs complaining of stagnant wages as they face rising costs for insurance, road tolls, commissions, repairs and spare parts. The participation of gasoline tanker drivers in the strike has caused shortages at gas stations in some parts of the country," Voice of America reported.

The truck drivers can and are shutting down the nation.

But American are more informed about a tweet from a comedian off her meds than a revolution that could bring peace to the Middle East and stability throughout the Muslim world.


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  1. What does everyone expect from PravdAmerika? All propaganda, all the time. We might as well watch Russia Today.

    An aside: When did we stop using the words actress and comedienne? Is the masculine form now the default for everyone?

    - Elric

    1. From Actor / Actress to Male Actor / Female Actor.

      All that did was shift from gender inflexions to gender adjectives.

  2. Iran is a prime example of why I oppose allowing our government to engage in covert ops. It never ends well.

    1. I agree. I wasn't aware of this truck strike, but since it isn't "students" I would bet that this isn't one that is drummed up by our guys, especially since they seem to be devoting all their attention to a more proximate attempt at a coup.And seeing how that is going, perhaps the world would be better off if that was their permanent assignment.

  3. Unfortunately in Iran the government has all the guns, not just some of them. A revolution from within is unlikely unless there is armed resistance from the military, which is under control of the islamic "Revolutionary Guard", all of whom are chosen for their ignorance and Islamic fanaticism. They are well fed for now although DTs sanctions could produce some turmoil. The Mullahs also have a lot of support among the more religious people in Iran.
    Obama had a chance to inject arms into the equation years ago when the people were in the streets, but he failed to do so for personal reasons: He didn't want 'another Iraq'. Instead he gave the Mullahs money to arm themselves further and spread disaster everywhere. He was then and is today a plague spot on freedom. The Iraqis just had an election that was more fair than in Iran. That dirty Bush, you know... Maybe someday a war with Israel will provide the arms and support they need or DT will come to the rescue from his own sanctions by dropping tanks and SEALS instead of food, and CNN corespondents with defective parachutes.
    The 2A will be our ticket out of similar circunstances someday.

  4. I work nights and spend 3-5 hours each shift reading the news. Every imaginable source, regardless of ideological bias.

    This strike is 10 days old, really could trigger events that end in regime change, and the Daily Wire article I read just now is the first I've heard of it.

    Media blackout on this is nigh impregnable.

  5. You are still under the impression that todays media care about America. The only thing the care about is their bruised and battered egos and the lefts liberal agenda.
    If there reporting doesn't soothe their oversized ego or help the DNC they are not interested.
    They know they are losing the people everyday and just don't care as long as the liberal elite continues give the orders.

  6. Where’s Dan Rather when you need him?

    Hahahaha. Damn I crack myself up sometimes...

    1. Brian Williams will be reporting from the cab of one of the trucks. He will probably be driving it to its place of rest during the strike avoiding land mines along the route.

  7. It's just as well that the busybodies are busy elsewhere. Also, the GCC is putting the hurt on Iran/Kerry anyplace they have been causing trouble outside of Iran.

  8. Forget students and intellectuals.

    This is how revolutions really start.