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Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Great Never Trump Hope

Brandon Lee is the news anchor on 3TV News at 5, 6, 9 and 10 pm in Phoenix.

Upon President Trump pardoning Jack Johnson, Lee immediately thanked -- John McCain.

Johnson was the first black world heavyweight boxing champion. He had a black wife and a white mistress. Eventually the federal government prosecuted him for having a white mistress. He was sentenced to a year in prison.

So Lee tweeted, "Jack Johnson was the first ever black heavyweight boxing champ. In 1912, he was sentenced to prison for dating a white woman. Senator John McCain has been fighting for a post-humous pardon. Here's my special report."

I tweeted, "John McCain talked and talked. @realDonaldTrump got the job done."

Lee tweeted, "Not true at all. It’s only because of @SenJohnMcCain that the posthumous pardon was given. The only reason. It was @SenJohnMcCain who lead the effort. Don’t forget that."

I tweeted, "The pardon was signed by @realDonaldTrump at the behest of Stallone. Sorry."

Lee tweeted, "You are choosing not to actually do research .... that’s ok.... I did it for you. Watch and learn buddy"

He linked his story.

I tweeted, "Watch and learn what? There was no President McCain to pardon Johnson. I get that he talked about it but when it came to doing it, @realDonaldTrump did it. I credit men who take action, not men who talk and talk and talk."

Now then, McCain was one in a long line of people who thought Johnson deserved a pardon. We call such people normal. In the century since the government committed this judicial farce, many people have spoken out.

Ken Burns did a documentary on the guy.

James Earl Jones did a fictionalized bio in a play and later movie called, "The Great White Hope."

But President Trump was the man who corrected the record.

And some people refuse to give him credit.

It's like belling the cat. Except in this version, it ends with Trump putting the bell on the damned cat.

And the media credits Felix the Cat for thinking it was a good idea.


  1. It's the inverse of the emperor's new clothes. If they keep ignoring him, he's not there.

    Seen on the net: I've yet to hear one Trump hater offer one reason for their hatred that is not either a false accusation or an absurd exaggeration of something irrlelvant or trivial.

  2. And McStain couldn't get his Kenyan/American BFF to take care of this issue. Politicians talk, talk, talk. Working Americans do.

  3. Strange that Sotero did not grab this low hanging fruit or that McCain was not promiently calling for it during those long 8 years. Guess there was nothing in it for them.

    As usual, PDJT is a man of action and does what is needed to be done.

  4. John McCain poisoned whatever working relationship he might have had with Trump, and so I very much doubt Trump would have given any weight to what McCain wanted or asked for. Does Lee provide any evidence that McCain and Trump talked face-to-face about a presidential pardon for Johnson? He doesn't mention it in his writeup. Did McCain play a significant role in recruiting other supporters of the pardon who may have swayed Trump, like Stallone? Lee doesn't say. McCain raised the issue with Bush and Obama, but apparently wasn't the least bit convincing to get them to take this trivial feel-good action of pardoning a man who's been dead for many years. What does that say about McCain and his influence? Probably that he has never been very much liked by his colleagues or those from whom he has sought favors.

  5. Wow. How you managed not to tell Mr. Lee to take McCain's diseased and atrophied **** out of his *** or mouth so as to type something intelligent shows an amazing amount of restraint. (Asterisks in original) Mr. Lee could've non-controversially thanked McCain for his (extremely limited if any) role in getting the pardon into reality, but to say that McCain was "only because" evidences delusion beyond what is normal and makes you wonder how Mr. Lee can bathe and feed himself (especially with McCain's you-know-what in his you-don't-want-to-know-where).

    Sorry not sorry for the bad language.

  6. It's true that President Trump righted that wrong, of Johnson being prosecuted where a white man wouldn't have been, for transporting a woman over state lines for "immoral purposes."

    But under the new rules that #MeToo has established, we have to rescind that pardon, because shut up!

    Women are not to be looked at, touched, made love to or noticed in any way (unless they want to be, and God help the man who overlooks a woman who wants to be noticed!)

    Ironically, #MeToo literally translates to "pound me too." No further comment!

  7. Why did it come down to President Trump being the one to do it? Certainly you would think that the first somewhat black pResident would have seized the opportunity to right just one injustice. Nope, the left need their victims. Never mind that Johnson was a victim of the democrats.