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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The derp state

If anyone wants to know why the Deep State of the nation's intelligence and law enforcement services missed 9/11, they should read Victor Davis Hanson's column, "The Trump Land Mine."

He makes the argument that in trying to get The Donald, they made the mistake of not knowing who their quarry was.

"If the deep state really wanted to dismantle and disarm Donald Trump, it would have been wise first to carefully learn how he was constructed and wired — and thus why he was especially dangerous to them. Then to disarm him, elites would have had to offer superior agendas to his supporters, while engaging in reasoned debates and alternative visions — working with him when they found common and shared solutions, playing the loyal opposition when there did not," he wrote.

Instead they were reckless, arrogant, and easily trapped by an astute, sober man who sizes up every man when he enters a room. They thought he was dumb and erratic. He is cold and calculating,

Apply their performance in this attempted coup to the performance of their actual jobs.

Obviously, President Trump was not the first world leader these saps misjudged. They got rolled by Iran, by the Muslim Brotherhood, and by the Castros.

The deep state is the derp state that is run by elitists who think they are elite when they are ordinary. And below average.

The public watches the straw grasping each day. Even people who are casual about politics are beginning to laugh at these Keystone Kops.

But I wonder how many died due to the hubris of the swamp in Washington. Fortunately, President Trump is draining the swamp.

It is about time.

Once in every generation, Drāno in every drain in D.C.


  1. I admit i wasm't aboard the Trump Train
    initially. But when Cruz BeBecked himself and the debate where Jebi ran behind Barbra "Mommmy!! Twump is saying bad things about you!" I knew he fell into the trap. Trump was looking for a VP in my opinion, what he wanted was:"Hold my coat, Marco .""You can't say that about my family! " "Step outside!" (It's a Scot thing believe me.) Jebi wimped out and lost.
    Trump is not stupid, everything he does he does with thought as to what the results will be..
    He is a Lion-and not a tame one..TG

  2. Hanson is great but in this case the planning he said should have happened never would have happened because the elites had already consulted their personal never wrong Delphic Priest Nate Silver. There was no need to prepare, said Nate. Even at 930 on election night he appeared on ABC to give HC 78%.
    Also contempt is a powerful acid to prudence. History is full of examples as Hanson knows.
    Unfortunately the past doesn't predict the future. It is Trump who needs to be careful now and prepare well against a myriad of enemies, not all of whom are stupid or over confident.

    1. They live by creditialism. Silver is creditialed. As are the elites. Creditials have meant nothing for 20-30 years as it is based upon not only what Ivy one attends but that only "elites" can even be admitted through rigged processed, legacies, and carefully selected minorities to make sure they are NOT accidentially smarter than the elites who attend.

      They are dumb. They are lazy. And they are carefully ignorant.

    2. underestimating your adversaries is a death sentence.

  3. VDH is always worth reading, but I wish he'd write for a decent site. Every time I follow a link to NRO I feel like I'm blindfolded & walking barefoot in downtown San Francisco; there's just too much chance of stepping in something loathesome.

    I am not sure that the Deep State (or Derp State, as you so aptly put it,) really got "rolled" by Iran, the muslim brotherhood and so on- it seems to me that they're actually supporting those regimes against America. I'm just thankful that they are (derp! hic!) so incompetent about doing their evil!

    Barry Soetoro did an enormous amount of damage to this country, as did his fellow travellers in the Deep State throughout the government; just imagine how much damage they all could have done if only they'd been competent!

    We have so much to thank God for, and top of that list is President Donald J. Trump!

    1. I will read VDH on townhall or other sites. Not National Review.

      Bathhouse Barry Sotero got rolled by a lot of people, but I agree with you here. He wanted Iran to prosper and destroy Israel. He was working against the US.

    2. Soetero got rolled by everyone but the members of the Stupid Party in Congress. - GOC

  4. Arrogance + insularity + elitism= Achilles heel up to the elbows. Ask HRC.

  5. VDH is leading the NeverTrumpers of NRO to be at least more in support of the good that Trump's doing.

    Too bad there's no easy way for such silly Reps to regain face they've already, deservedly, lost. Maybe it's not so bad; good riddance...

  6. As my hero Judge Judy once opined, politicians are pretty mediocre people. As one who competed and won brilliantly in the cut throat and competitive market of real estate world wide, Trump eats mediocre for breakfast.

  7. He swam with the sharks-as he is the
    Great orange shark...
    Something missed on his detractors..

  8. This puts the whole article in context and the video on the article page showing Kerry coming off the airplane,
    "Indeed, the Mueller investigation would likely lose so much public support "This should read media support

  9. I just go to and follow his link. I never step in anything accidentally.

  10. Time was when a loyal opposition was the short you used to get before the main feature at the movies.

    Nowadays, they’re more like the cartoon.