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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Thanks to voters, it's not Blankenship

Seldom have I been as glad to be wrong as I am tonight about the West Virginia Republican primary for the United States Senate. I thought Don Blankenship would romp.

But West Virginia Republican voters did not let their nation down. They had 29 reasons to say no.

And they did.

It was a beautiful day in Poca and I had a nice lunch at Bob Evans in Cross Lanes. I may have more about that in a few days.

In the morning, I drove to the school to vote, but turned around and went home. On the way back from The Bob, I went in and voted for Congressman Evan Jenkins. That was the only slot I voted for. School board and the executive committees do not interest me.

I had the political obituary for the West Virginia Senate race written. In my head. A victory by Blankenship would show a party out of touch with the electorate. Republican voters have every reason to be ticked at the party. We finally elected a Republican Legislature after 84 years and what did we get? Record tax increases. An illegal teachers strike. And a governor who does not pay his taxes.

Their disappointment is mine.

But Republicans had 29 reasons not to show that outrage by nominating Blankenship.

As CEO of Massey Energy, Blankenship is responsible for the deaths of 29 miners killed in the Upper Big Branch mine explosion in April 2010.

We can argue about the misdemeanor conviction all we want. The prosecutor wanted to use it to build his political career. I get that argument.

But even if that prosecution were shady, that does not absolve Blankenship of responsibility.

Voting for him was tempting. He's not an opportunistic politician. I have his T-shirt.

But he is something worse.

Jennifer Duffy just tweeted, "So much for the Blankenship surge. Republicans dodged a ballistic missile tonight. And for the record: no, he cannot run as an indie or as a 3rd party nom (see:sore loser laws). Yes, he can campaign against the GOP nom, which makes even less sense than his candidacy."

As for Blankenship's staff, they are good. Tonight's winner, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, should try to hire them. Defeating Joe Manchin will take every cannon Morrisey can muster.


  1. The odds of an R winning the WV senate race increased substantially. I just hope you West Virginians did not nominate a (Jeff) Flake (which still would be better than Sen. Epi-Pen).

  2. Congrats. Now I hope that Mississippi is not stupid next month.

  3. Don,
    Remember the email I sent you.And you said POTUS Trump's tweet about not voting for Blankenship would do no good,well sir I think you were wrong and do not have much faith in the people of your state.And no we do not need his staff or the polls you were looking at.

  4. Don, thanks for being quick to honestly say you were wrong. I thought Trump should have picked one to support, but now I think I was wrong about that, too. Trump will likely campaign a bit for Morrisey, and if he goes with supporting Trump's policies, he'll win. (I hope, but also think).

  5. I voted for Morrissey. Jenkins would have been fine too. Trumps tweet did help (believe it or not). I think Morrissey will do quite well out here in the Eastern Panhandle. I'm pleased as punch.

  6. Weird, man. We voted first and then went over to Momma’s Country Kitchen in Hedgesville for breakfast. Came highly recommended, and didn’t disappoint. Wife and I went Blankenship and mom in law was Morissey. I don’t know, Big D - saw the victory speech and there’s just something inauthentic and fake about Patrick. His wife is no Melania either. But ya gotta ride the horse you got. Let the mudslinging begin!

    1. Inauthenticy is sadly inherent in most professional politicians.

  7. I believe you got the analysis for this primary right in your previous post
    The number of undecideds in the polls made any pre-election prediction no better then guesswork or casting bones or consulting the Magic 8 Ball.