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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sustained outrage is for losers

As I read the report on the Democrats by Caitlin Huey-Burns of Real Clear Politics, I thought, uh-oh, they are catching on.

Then I realized Democrats are a bunch of snobs who haven't had a new idea since LBJ was president, and I relaxed.

"Democratic campaign operatives have acknowledged that running against Donald Trump and the White House controversy du jour -- at the expense of more substantive policy issues -- could weaken their advantages heading into November’s midterms," she wrote.

The daily droning of invented scandal has, after three years, immunized President Trump from a real scandal should one occur. Given that he did not take the job for fame or fortune -- he already had those in ample supply -- Satan has his work cut out for him in coming up with a good temptation.

What Huey-Burns overlooked is that Democrats have no "substantive policy issues," as she put it.

Equal pay? The law since 1963.

Civil rights? The law since 1964.

Voting rights? The law since 1965.

Gun control? The law since 1968.

Might as well out for ending the draft and repealing Prohibition.

She said they are considering promising to raise taxes. The law since time began.

"Party congressional campaigns are pushing, for example, the message that the GOP tax bill gave away more to corporations than to average Americans," she wrote.

"But efforts to explain the party’s plan to 'revisit' the tax law if elected to the House majority underscore the difficult question Democrats are trying to answer: How do you talk about the economy when the economy is good?"

Don't worry. President Trump and the Republican Party will show America how to talk about the economy when the economy is good.

And North Korea.

And Iran.

And the embassy in Jerusalem.

And trade negotiations.

Maybe even health care.

Democrats made a big mistake in not accepting Donald Trump as their president. They mistook Hillary's plurality win in the popular vote for a mandate, and Trump's decisive Electoral College for a gerrymandered, illegitimate victory.

They have used the media to gin up one dumb idea after another. They wanted Electoral College voters to vote their consciences. They did. This made his lead bigger.

They charged him with violating the emoluments clause, as if a billionaire ran for public office to enrich himself. He is not taking a salary as president.

There is the Russian dossier, a hooker named Stormy Daniels, and a steady stream of outrage over every joke he tells.

President Trump has shown Washington for what it is: a superficial swamp populated by America's refuse.

They attack his style while he delivers substance. The rest of America gets it.


  1. Actually they have made some hay out of running against (canabis) prohibition. They like to get it on the ballot as a state initiative during big election cycles to drive their voters to the polls.

  2. G. K. Chesterton

    “How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win.”

    Brilliant fellow, G.K.

  3. Lie a lot, promise more is the plan. They never change it. Until recently it worked pretty well, just as it had for about 2000 years.
    Trump is pretty much alone. If he gets some NAFTA agreement, some NK positive thing, border stability, etc he could surprise even himself. The Democrats are now the party of sedition, personal selfishness, and white slavery. These messages are no longer even subliminal.
    Meanwhile, this week invitations to a 100000$ a table Clinton Foundation event have been issued in Manhattan. Another message.

    1. Nothing like mixing in atheism with politics,
      "Lie a lot, promise more is the plan. They never change it. Until recently it worked pretty well, just as it had for about 2000 years. "

  4. Don,I hope you do not believe that the illegals in CA voting ,are credible,as to this statement.
    "They mistook Hillary's plurality win in the popular vote for a mandate"

  5. The Dimocrats will run on their usual issues of abortion, $15 minimum wage, open borders, open bathrooms, and gun control. Even if these may be significant issues during presidential elections, they are losing issues in a mid-term election. The only issue they have that will energize their base for the upcoming election is the Trump impeachment issue through control of the House. I would guess if the DoJ IG's report comes out by the end of the summer (and I am not convinced it will be released any sooner than next year), people will be so sick of calls for Trump's impeachment the turnout of Democrat voters will sink to historic lows.

    1. For Representatives and Senators in the mid terms, defecrats won't be running on any of "their" issues. They'll be running as conservatives to get elected. Then they'll try and implement their agenda - if they win. Actually, that's how it is every election. And not just defecrats but RINOs as well.